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Chapter 744: An Encounter between Enemies

Translator: WQL Editor: Aleem
10 am, October 10th, 100 representatives from Ice and Snow Wilderness and Ewentra Archipelago respectively gathered on the airship base outside Navyblue Castle. They then embarked on the airboat of Golden Roc Bank with various moods.

Besides Zhang Tie and the two elders, the three heads of the wild bear tribe, fire bear tribe and sea bear tribe also joined in the side of Ice and Snow Wilderness. The sea bear Tribe arrived at Navyblue Castle yesterday, which indicated that the sea bear tribe, which had always been hesitating, finally fixed its stance in this crisis which was involved with the entire Ice and Snow Wilderness.

After Zhang Tie showed his battle force and gentle strength as a knight, the scale slowly tilted towards his side. Plus the sea bear tribe, Zhang Tie had 5 of the 8 bear tribes across Ice and Snow Wilderness on his side——the huge bear tribe, iron bear tribe, wild bear tribe, fire bear tribe and sea bear tribe. Because of this, the heads of mountain bear tribe, black bear tribe and demon bear tribe who followed the mace muling of Sacred Light School and the other representatives of major clans of Ewentra Archipelago in the airboat looked embarrassed.

"Peh..." The old wild bear spat on the ground with a disdainful look at the sight of the three heads and the mace muling of Sacred Light School.

The mace muling of Sacred Light School watched Zhang Tie with a grim look. Given that Zhang Tie sunk his flagship to the bottom and the casual reply, of course, he didn't look good today.

Watching the mace muling's look, Elder Turin narrowed his eyes while bad-tempered Elder Gouras' battle qi almost boiled.

"Today, all the animosity and contradictions between the two parties will be handled by the two fleets. Everything depends on the result of this duel. After boarding the airboat, Golden Roc Bank expects you to not make any obsessive movements. Nobody in the airboat is allowed to find troubles!" Manager Xu Tao hurriedly stood in the middle of the lounge and clarified the rules so as to relieve the intense atmosphere.

"No problem. Our clans across Ewentra Archipelago will fully respect Golden Roc Bank's judgment on the result of this duel!" Connar, the head of Rainard Clan revealed a smile generously as he threw a glance towards Zhang Tie.

After promoting to a knight, Zhang Tie didn't pay attention to those who were below knight, especially among the opponents. Those who were below knights were as trivial as ants. Even though some of them were a bit powerful, they were still as weak as chicken or dogs. After calmly glancing over the heads of mountain bear tribe, black bear tribe and demon bear tribe, Zhang Tie finally focused on the face of mace muling of Sacred Light School.

The mace muling wore a whole set of the religious ceremonial robe which was as eye-catching as a peacock. His robe was embroidered with all sorts of patterns such as sun, moons and stars. Additionally, he wore a high golden religious crown which looked like a fish head with a golden mace in hand. It looked like that he was going to preach his religion.

"Was that you who found trouble in Ice and Snow Wilderness and instigated some idiots to plunder the Tribal Axis Railway?" Zhang Tie put it straight.

After hearing Zhang Tie's words, everybody else became quiet.

"Ice and Snow Wilderness has been covered with evil and dark forces. As long as the sunshine can reach there, I will spread the halos of the God of Brilliance over there. I will lead people out of the dark!" The mace muling explained with a sacred look while he raised his mace, "Peter, what you've done yesterday has offended the dignity of the God of Brilliance. As long as you could confess in front of the mace, the God of Brilliance will purify all of your guilts; otherwise, you will have to face the scorching copper pillars and sulfuric flames in the hell. You will wail mournfully in the hell for 10,000 years ."

Narrowing his eyes, Zhang Tie directly pointed at the mace muling with one finger while his tone grew sacred like making a judgment, "The God says you're the blasphemer. Your head will be chopped off today. Your fresh blood will spray over the waves of the ocean. Your blood and flesh will be the food of fishes and shrimps. What guilts you've made will be judged today!"

The mace muling of Sacred Light School instantly changed his face as he replied with a cold voice, "Is Ice and Snow Wilderness declaring war towards Sacred Light Empire?'

"The God says the entire north water would become the tombs of all those people who made evil things and profaned deity in the name of a deity. All the blasphemers will be cursed and punished by the deity after entering the north water. The deity will display his fury in the sea."

All the onlookers became silent, including the major clans across Ewentra Archipelago. The dialogue was the collision between Sacred Light School and Ancient God School. Religious conflicts and wars were cruelest and most terrible. Nobody dared involve themselves and their family members into religious wars.

"I'd like to see who will be the winner today and whom the ocean will lose its temper to!" The mace muling of Sacred Light School revealed a grim smile as he walked upstairs on the gangway with full confidence.

Zhang Tie also boarded the airboat from the other gangway.

Nobody would like to miss such a rare chance to witness a historical event by the airboat. Zhang Tie spared 10 people for both Bell Clan and Fein Clan. Ten elites and major figures were elected respectively by the two heads and boarded the airboat...

Ms. Olina, Sabrina and the 6 women from Spencer Clan also followed Zhang Tie in.

All the major figures on Olina's side and Navyblue Castle Business Group were so excited about boarding this legendary airboat.

Zhang Tie was also full of curiosity as it was also his first time to board an airboat.

The inside of the airboat was really spacious. Due to the complex design of pipelines, turrets and waterproof cabins, even battleships' inside space was not spacious. However, the inside of this airboat was completely like a spacious theater and steel fortress. All the passengers were shocked. They just looked around out of curiosity. Golden Roc Bank might have known about the mentality of these people who boarded airboat for the first time. Therefore, they arranged for some people to show them around in the airboat, causing exclamations constantly.

Such an airboat was really much safer than airships. When they saw clouds moving outside, they realized that the airboat had already taken off. The whole process was quiet, comfortable and steady.

"How did it take off?" The old wild bear touched here and there before asking that question.

It was Donder who showed Zhang Tie's party around. Seeing that guy's solemn look, Zhang Tie felt very hilarious. 'Apparently, Golden Roc Bank arranged Donder to get close to me. From then on, nobody would doubt it even if someone found Donder being close to me later on.

"The airboat is driven by a special metal in the deep underground world which is called air-floating metal. All the resources of air-floating metal are in the hand of the military and the royal households of Taixia Country!" Donder introduced seriously.

"Can we buy an airboat in Taixia?" The old wild bear asked while licking his lips.

"Of course you can. But it's strictly limited in Taixia. Only after meeting some conditions could you buy it!"

"What conditions?"

"Generally, positions above prefectural governors and commanding generals, titles of nobility above marquis, royal members and major chancellors are qualified to purchase it. Some airboats will be gifted by Emperor Xuanyuan in Taixia Country. As it's a symbol of honor, stricter requirements are made on common major clans!"

"How strict?"

"Only when those major clans paid the tax of more than 100 million gold coins per year consecutively for 20 years could they purchase airboats!" Donder replied seriously.

'What? After paying the tax of more than 100 million gold coins per year consecutively for 20 years? What the f*ck! Even the total of revenue of the 8 bear tribes across Ice and Snow Wilderness might not reach 100 million gold coins per year. However, in Taixia, this figure is just one year's amount of tax payment of certain major clans.' All the passengers became dumbfounded by the wealth and prosperity of Taixia Country.

Right then, exclamations also drifted from the party of Ewentra Archipelago. Someone might have asked the same question.

Zhang Tie knew that one of the purposes of this airboat was to have the wealthy and prosperous image of Taixia Country deeply rooted in the heart of those people from both Ice and Snow Wilderness and Ewentra Archipelago. It was a seed, which would sprout sooner or later.

The airboat flew much faster than airships. Only after a few minutes, it had already reached above the water where the two fleets were going to fight over 100 miles away in the west of Saint Herner Island...

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