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Chapter 772: Cultivation

Translator: WQL Editor: Aleem
At the sight of this fruit of redemption, Zhang Tie knew that Paul must have found the channel to buy and release golden uangs.

He had not imagined that Paul could do it.

If not emergencies, Zhang Tie could have had so many fruits of redemption of golden uangs 6 years ago.

Fruit of redemption of golden uangs was the earliest fruit of redemption on the small tree. Although having appeared on the small tree for so long, it grew ripe at latest.

When Zhang Tie set up Samira in Blackhot city, he gained a lot of golden uangs which were used to produce all-purpose medicament. As those golden uangs were useless to Zhang Tie, they were set free by Zhang Tie. Zhang Tie had not imagined that he could have a new powerful fruit—— Fruit of redemption due to that. Zhang Tie was also thrilled by discovering the mystery of setting free animals.

Later on, Zhang Tie bade for 4 groups of golden uangs in the auction house of Kalur City. Previously, Zhang Tie intended to set them free; pitifully, before those golden uangs arrived, the whole clan of an elder of Karol Federation Pharmacist Union, who was the supplier of golden uangs, was cleared by Three-eye Association overnight.

That elder's clan was the only one that mastered the techniques of raising golden uangs across Blackson Humans Corridor. The sudden extermination of this pharmacist's clan was a great strike to all the pharmacists who needed golden uangs to produce medicament. From then on, no golden uangs would be sold in batches across Blackson Humans Corridor. If anyone needed golden uangs, they could only capture them in the wild one after another.

Therefore, Zhang Tie's wish to taste the fruit of redemption of golden uangs was destroyed.

Until Paul settled down in Taixia did Zhang Tie start to think about having him set free golden uangs once again.

Although there was no golden uang in Blackson Humans Corridor, it didn't mean that there was no golden uang in Taixia Country either.

——After taking this fruit, Castle Lord's strength could increase by 71.5 kg.

——Golden uangs could lift an object which is 1800 times heavier than itself. Therefore, the small tree could at most produce 1800 fruits of redemption. Each fruit would activate 1/1800 of the same gene fragment in the body of Castle Lord.

——The current number of fruits of redemption——4

After skimming over the above words, Zhang Tie burst out into laughter.

Although each fruit of redemption could not increase too much strength for Zhang Tie, it was uneasy for a knight to increase 71.5 kg through normal means or secret methods in a short period. One's strength could be increased by taking some senior medicament; however, that senior medicament could only work limited times on one person. Additionally, people might become immune to the same medicament if they always took it.

By contrast, the fruit of redemption of golden uangs would not face such a problem.

The effect of 4 fruits of redemption was equal to increasing 286 kg' strength for Zhang Tie himself. Although such a bit increase in strength was trivial for a knight, if he ate the next 1796 fruits of redemption one after another, he would make a stable improvement in his strength along with his battle force.

Zhang Tie felt that all of his cells were so excited as if they were going to sing a song.

Zhang then hummed.

"When the sun rises, I go up the mountain"

"When I reach the top, I want to sing"

"My song drifts to my younger sister"

"She giggles all the way"

"All blossoms in the spring"

"My younger sister and I, hand in hand"

"When we come to the top of the mountain"

"We see red azalea all over"

" Yohoyohoyo 1 "

" Lang li ge lang 2 ..."


As he sang, Zhang Tie picked a leakless fruit and bit it. With full fragrance in the mouth, he continued to hum.

This leakless fruit turned into an extremely pure energy and flew into the hot sun in the void of Zhang Tie's qi sea, adding a bit more heat to the hot sun...


Two days later, with a faint smile and a deeper look, Zhang Tie reappeared in the underground palace.

Zhang Tie then directly came to a cultivating room in the underground palace and took out the elements gathering tower and earth-element crystals from Castle of Black Iron before starting the cultivation of his 2nd chakra.

Earth-element crystal was like a crystal peak completely composed of earth elements in elements realm. It was surrounded by all sorts of gleaming geometrical element crystals.

In different sizes, some crystals flew as rapid as meteors, some were doing an irregular Brownian movement like how fine particles always did.

This was a vast ocean of elements.

Four elements annihilated and came into being constantly.

At this moment, a huge hand composed of Zhang Tie's spiritual energy appeared in the elements' realm and started to tightly grab the earth elements above that crystal peak one after another; after that, it returned to the material world and threw those yellow crystals into that huge rotating millstone-shaped chakra...

That huge knight's chakra kept devouring, grinding and converting the yellow crystals to the purest energy of earth elements and transmitted them into the second chakra of Zhang Tie.

At the same time, another hand gradually came into being and started to chase those distributed earth element crystals in the material realm.

The two hands just did their own jobs respectively in the elements' realm and the material's realm like being controlled by two people at the same time.

If other knights caught sight of this, they would be dumbfounded. According to common sense, each knight could only form one hand of all of their spiritual energy. Actually, what knights could "see" in elements realm were the senses of that hand of spiritual energy in elements realm. It was easy for people to use their hands in the reality; however, in elements realm, unless having extremely powerful spiritual energy, nobody could control two hands of spiritual energy to capture the elements in the elements realm at the same time.

What happened next would make the other knights even more amazed.

Because when the 2 hands of spiritual energy were working independently, the 3rd hand gradually came into being and started to catch those earth elements.

Only after a few minutes, the 4th hand of spiritual energy came into being...

The 4 hands had distinctive jobs. One of them was carrying that fixed crystal peak, the other 3 were traveling freely in the elements realm and capturing those yellow crystals. Occasionally, the 3 hands of spiritual energy would coordinate with each other and capture those yellow crystals like how hounds captured rabbits...

Zhang Tie's cultivating efficiency was 4 times than that of common knights...

He kept cultivating in this state in the underground palace...


On December 23rd, soon after the Winter Solstice, the yang qi started to rise from the ground while the yin qi started to descend from the sky.

On this day, the last batch of Hua people of Huaiyuan Prefecture had left Waii Sub-continent. Meanwhile, Huaiyuan Palace returned to Taixia Country formally.

Due to the wuthering north wind, the waves in the open waters of Yiyang Harbor were surging, which appeared insignificant in front of those million-ton passenger liners coming from Taixia Country.

It was a bit solemn in Yiyang Harbor as soldiers of Hurricane Corps filled the harbor.

Elder Muen and Elder Muyu were standing at the prow of a million-ton passenger liner and watching the Yiyang Mountain in the distance with an intricate, reminiscent look.

Elder Muray and Elder Muan had left with two earlier fleets in November in advance. This was the last fleet, which was escorted by Elder Muen and Elder Muyu.

Over 100 trucks drove out of Huaiyuan City and entered the huge warehouse of a huge passenger liner and disappeared. After that, the hatch of the entrance of the warehouse gradually closed.

After these trucks entered the huge passenger liner, nobody could be seen across the dock except for those soldiers of Hurricane Corps.

"If I knew that I'd feel so reminiscent to leave, I should have gone in November on behalf of Elder Muray. It feels so intricate!" Elder Muyu let out a sigh.

"Nothing to be reminiscent of. Elder Mushen said he believed that Huaiyuan Palace would have a bright future and new knights would complete their rotating chakra ceremonies in the Shrine Palace of Huaiyuan Palace one after another!" Elder Muen smiled.

"Yes, it seems that Elder Mushen didn't come here today..." Elder Muyu asked.

"He's been to Hurricane Corps last month. He held a conference for those commissioned officers and drew three lines on the map. After that, he has been cultivating in the underground palace of the base of Hurricane Corps till now!" Elder Muen said with full of admiration. 'A young knight who can calm down and seek for the truth in his heyday after holding his rotating chakra ceremony for 7 days while ignoring sex, power and wealth is qualified to be a clan elder of Huaiyuan Palace. Compared to this, it's nothing even if Elder Mushen didn't come here today! With such a person in Huaiyuan Prefecture, it's the best farewell for everyone else.'

"Hoho, I remember that after my rotating chakra ceremony, I kept drinking and making love with 10 women for 3 months. I released all of my depression that had been accumulated in the dozens of years' lonely cultivation. By contrast, Elder Mushen is indeed much better than me!" Elder Muyu also sighed.

After promoting to knights, these clan elders had been used to drinking and sex. As they had experienced too much of that, they disliked it. They felt that drinking tea and listening to the wind sounds much easier...

"People become knights due to reasons!" Elder Muen revealed the proverb in the knight's world. After that, he looked at Yiyang City in the distance and said, "Let's go. Just leave this place to youngsters..."

"I can't wait to see the look of Elder Mushen when he returns to Youzhou Province of Taixia Country!"

The two elders smiled at each other before returning to the cabin.

Half an hour later, the fleet left...

One hour later, the three new garrisons armies under Hurricane Corps took over Yiyang City, Stars Viewing City and Golden Sea City.

Zhang Tie's age arrived at the southernmost corner of Waii Sub-continent...

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