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Chapter 802: A Fatal Strike

Translator: WQL Editor: Aleem
Zhang Tie remembered a thing called film among the rich entertainments of humans before the Catastrophe.

If what happened today was made into a film, Zhang Tie had already got a name for this film——Crossfire——Fight of Caged Beast.

After 2 hours, Zhang Tie had already reached over 100 miles under Dragon Cave while being closely followed by the demon general and the 14 knights of demons and Three-eye Association.

Zhang Tie had almost been encircled more than once. However, whenever that happened, he would reveal his extremely sharp side and find a chance to break out their encirclement.

The demon general thought that he was right. In such an underground environment, knights' flying ability was restricted to the complex terrain; therefore, they had to fight on the ground. The black-robe Gorath became more tricky and terrifying; with the unpredictable moving skill and high speed, Gorath was able to enlarge the distance between him and all the other knights of demons and Three-eye Association except for the demon general. If not the demon general, Gorath would have escaped once again this time even though he was chased after by over 10 knights.

Gorath had broken out of their encirclement twice. In the first time, Gorath showed his powerful hidden weapon skill and wounded a knight. In the second time, he showed his terrifying poisoning skill, which scared all the other knights so much. Even the demon general was shocked by that black-robe Gorath's battle force. At the same time, the demon general became more decisive to kill Gorath.

In the eyes of all the other knights, Gorath had been heavily wounded after breaking out of their encirclement twice as his black robe had been soaked by his blood.

Zhang Tie was truly wounded; however, his wound was not as severe as was imagined by others. A small part of those blood was caused by Zhang Tie himself. If he was indeed making a film, Zhang Tie felt that he could be regarded as a movie king due to this trick.

Right then, Gorath showed his sharp, fierce temperament like how a caged beast would do. His attacks were more terrifying and weird in a life for life way.

Except for the demon general, all the other knights were afraid of losing their life at this moment; otherwise, it would be a great misfortune.

After breaking out the secondary encirclement, Zhang Tie confronted the demon general's another punch and spurted out another mouth of blood. One of his sleeves was burned into ashes by the demon general's battle qi. At the same time, he staggered faintly.

"Gorath will be over soon..." The demon general roared, "Watch out, he might have other tricks!"

If one or two knights were still killed by Gorath while so many knights were chasing after the latter, the demon general would feel very shameful.

As Zhang Tie accelerated on the ground, he swore inside; meanwhile, he became shocked. He had not imagined that the trap that he set for the demon general could be available to 15 knights at the same time. In another word, Zhang Tie had not imagined that those knights of demons and Three-eye Association hated the role black-robe Gorath so much and would kill him the moment they got a chance.

The role Gorath was really a success.

It was the second time for Zhang Tie to be chased in Dragon Cave as embarrassed as a stray dog since the last time when he was chased by that b*stard of Zhen Clan. When he recalled that despaired dilemma, Zhang Tie's performance became more vivid.

None of the other knights realized that Zhang Tie had been camouflaging since the beginning.

Zhang Tie rushed downwards in a flurried way. After a few minutes, he passed a distant, low underground tunnel, closely followed by the demon general and the other knights of demons and Three-eye Association.

That tunnel was too narrow and a bit risky even for knights. When the demon general entered it, it hesitated a bit. As it was vigilant about Zhang Tie's tricks and ambush, the demon general kept his eyes closely on Zhang Tie. After passing that tunnel safely, the demon general found that nothing happened; therefore, he became completely reassured.

After rushing out of that distant tunnel, the demon general felt pretty bright in front of its eyes. It was a space behind that tunnel. Although it was not spacious, it could almost cover two football fields. Besides this tunnel, there was no other way out of here.

Watching Gorath rushing out of this tunnel with a dumbfounded look, the demon general burst out into laughter while an unspoken cool sense spread over its body, "Hahaha...Gorath, keep going!"

At this moment, all the other knights rushed out of that narrow tunnel.

Gorath turned around and threw a fierce and forlorn glance at the demon general before flying into the air once again.

All the other knights flew off and started to besiege and intercept Gorath from all directions.

After a short, close combat, Gorath's moving space kept shrinking while more and more wounds appeared over his body.

Gorath released a fierce boa-shaped battle qi towards a knight of Three-eye Association. After that knight of Three-eye Association dodged away, the battle qi hit a piece of rock wall on the top of this space. As a result, that piece of rock wall collapsed and exposed a cave.

At the sight of that cave, Gorath shot out a shrewd eye light; almost at the same time, he poured in a vial of medicament. Closely after that, he roared and grew berserk as he immediately released over 20 fierce boa-shaped battle qi, causing an undifferentiated large-range attack. When his opponents' movements were delayed, he darted towards the cave as fast as a meteor.

After breaking the surrounding fierce boa-shaped battle qis, the demon general also noticed that cave on the top of this space. It became shocked inside. At the same time, it accelerated towards Gorath.

In the eyes of the demon general, Gorath had been an arrow at the end of its flight and had no more tricks. Of course, it would not let him escape away at such a critical moment.

After entering the final cave, Zhang Tie let out a deep sigh.

That cave's entrance was less than 2 m in width. After extending upwards for less than 100 m, it came to a dead end.

Floating in the air, Zhang Tie leaned against the wall on the top of the cave and panted heavily as he watched the demon general moving closer with a grim look.

At this moment, the demon general was not anxious anymore. After coming to the point over 50 m away from Zhang Tie, it also floated in the air as it watched Zhang Tie who was quivering all over in a commanding, brutal smile, "I was always wondering where did you come from; from now on, I will not be curious about you as I will draw out each bone, each piece of muscle and your guts from your body. I will chew you alive. You should feel honored to be the first human knight being eaten alive by me in this holy war."

Zhang Tie was indeed quivering at this time; however, it was not because of fear or weakness as was thought by the demon general; but because of the excitement in Zhang Tie's heart which almost drove him to howl.

If possible, the demon general could only hear one repetitive sentence in Zhang Tie's mind——f*ck, I'm rich, I'm rich...f*ck, I'm rich, I'm rich...

Zhang Tie watched the demon general as he erected his bloody middle finger towards it and swore, "F*ck you!"

Closely after that, Zhang Tie disappeared right in the eyes of the demon general like a bubble that suddenly broke out and disappeared in the air...

For the time being, the demon general had not figured out how Zhang Tie disappeared in front of its eyes. Before it revealed a dumbfounded look, its body had been reached by shock waves of the terrifying explosion...

The other knights who had just entered this cave were also pushed out of this cave.

After hearing the loud explosion, those knights who had not entered the cave were so scared that they hurriedly moved backward.

Two explosions occurred at the same time, one from that cave at the top of the space, the other from the long and narrow tunnel from where they entered this space...

Due to the violent explosions, the entire underground space vibrated heavily while a lot of rocks fell off the surrounding walls and the dome, which was really frightening...

"F*ck, it's alchemist's bombs. We fell into an ambush..." A knight shouted as it kept moving backward quickly.

"Is demon general okay?"

When the 8-9 knights who were not affected by the first round of explosions changed their faces and appreciated for being lucky, they heard a strange sound from above their heads.

A knight looked up and saw a thick, red waterfall flushed off the dome of this space while radiating a white brilliance.

That was the high-temperature magma in the underground space. In less than 10 seconds, more and more caves and walls over the entire space collapsed while hundreds of billions of tons of magma poured down, making the entire underground space hotter and hotter and increasingly crowded...

The knights of demons and Three-eye Association started to shriek miserably like flies in bottles which was being filled with boiling water...


In Castle of Black Iron, Heller was standing in front of Zhang Tie with a set of clothes in hands. Instead of putting on that set of clothes at once, Zhang Tie slightly raised his head and closed his eyes, allowing his blood to drop off his body. Meanwhile, he was sensing the situation in the space outside Castle of Black Iron.

Zhang Tie knew what would happen after those alchemist's bombs were detonated as all this was designed by him.

3 alchemist's bombs were used to collapse the long, narrow tunnel leading to this space while the remaining 6 alchemist's bombs were buried in the tunnel in the dome. When the 6 alchemists' bombs were detonated, the demon general, who followed him into the tunnel in the dome, would be heavily wounded. More than that, when the 6 alchemist's bombs were denoted, they would break the dome of this space and cause that huge magma lake in the dome to pour down. In 10 minutes, the high-temperature magma would fill this space and turn it into a hell...

Zhang Tie had tried it himself. In such a high-temperature magma, black iron knight's protective battle qi could at most stand 3 minutes. None of those black iron knights who had entered this space could escape from this space in half an hour, upward or downward.

The terrain here was like a gourd which was placed upside down. Its upper space was larger than its lower space. However, a greater part of the upper space was filled with magma which was about 1,000 degrees Celcius.

What a dragon cave! What a dragon cave of Huaiyuan Palace...

All these had been calculated precisely. Many parameters had been considered, such as the sizes of the upper and lower space, the temperature of the magma, the capacity of the space, the velocity and impact force of the magma flow, knights' bearing capabilities, escaping time, time to detonate the alchemist's bombs and the locations of the alchemist's bombs, etc....

Through precise calculation and design, it took 800 elites of the engineer troop of Hurricane Corps two months to accomplish this trap according to Zhang Tie's request. After that, Zhang Tie either changed or wiped off the memory of this task of all those who had participated in this task. In the memories of those engineers, they indeed had been dispatched to execute a confidential task by Zhang Tie in Hidden Dragon Island; however, it was not setting a trap using alchemist's bombs in Dragon Cave, but building a secret place for soldiers of Hurricane Corps to hide and some supplies storage bases which could be used at crucial moments in Hidden Dragon Island.

Soon after they accomplished this task, those people had been transported away from Waii Sub-continent by Zhang Tie. Except for Zhang Tie, nobody else knew that he had set a trap for the demon general inside Dragon Cave.

In this trap, both the destruction caused by the alchemist's bombs and the impact force of the high-temperature magma were fatal to common knights.

In the beginning, Zhang Tie only thought to blow up the demon general using alchemist's bombs; however, the engineer troop of Hurricane Corps posed a plan that could exert the destructive power of alchemist's bombs to the utmost. Zhang Tie immediately adopted the optimal plan which could strike his enemy for two consecutive times.

This trap was set for the demon general. However, 15 knights were trapped, including the demon general, 4 of them were demon knights, 11 of them were from Three-eye Association. As long as Zhang Tie thought about this, he would quiver all over due to the extreme excitement.


After half an hour, Zhang Tie put on a new set of clothes and poured in a vial of precious, senior recovery medicament. After that, he told Heller, "Let's start pumping!"

Heller replied with a faint smile as a waterfall of magma started to dive into the Abyss of Chaos.

As long as it was a liquid, it would be pumped into Castle of Black Iron, whether it was sea water or magma.

Only after a few minutes, Heller had nodded towards Zhang Tie while the waterfall of magma came to a stop.

"Watch out!" Heller reminded Zhang Tie.

Holding a long sword, Zhang Tie took a breath and walked out of Castle of Black Iron...

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