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Chapter 806: Prelude to Extermination

Translator: WQL Editor: Aleem
2 leakless fruits which could reinforce the battle qi in the void of his qi sea, 3 iron-body fruits which could make him stronger, 1 fruit of redemption from the appreciation of golden uangs which could increase his strength, 1 fruit of brilliance which contained the spiritual energy of 13 late Three-eye Association knights, 4 fruits of judgment which advanced Zhang Tie's soul fixing skill, cracking skill and tracing skill to super level and his super binding skill to master-level binding skill. It took Zhang Tie 6 days to digest all the above fruits.

It took Zhang Tie 5 days to digest that extremely powerful fruit of brilliance. After digesting it, Zhang Tie's spiritual energy surged to an unimaginable level.

After eating these fruits, Zhang Tie's potential battle strength and fundamental battle force rose to a new record. Zhang Tie then left Castle of Black Iron.

When Zhang Tie was recovering in Castle of Black Iron, the new year of Black Iron Calendar had arrived. When Zhang Tie left Castle of Black Iron, it was already over 9 pm, January 8th, the 899th year of Black Iron Calendar.

After exiting Castle of Black Iron, Zhang Tie reappeared in the underground space where he fought the demon general.

The place remained unchanged. The magma lake was still gurgling while the space downside there was not full yet. The demon general's corpse was still lying on the ground in two halves. Whereas, the moisture and blood of the demon general's corpse had been evaporated completely. As a result, the demon general's corps shrunk greatly. It looked like a broken, dried, salty fish. It had lost its previous dignity completely. As for Quintin, his corpse had almost disappeared, even though its ashes remained.

A tiny, fiery lizard was tearing off the demon general's corps. It seemed that it regarded the corpse as a rare, tasty food. When Zhang Tie appeared out of the void, the tiny lizard was scared too much that it instantly turned around to escape.

'Is this the 8th year since the holy war broke out?' Zhang Tie sighed with complex moods as he exited Castle of Black Iron and watched this familiar place.

The tiny lizard had already broken and disordered the demon general's corps. Zhang Tie noticed a piece of sparkling thumb-sized remote-sensing crystal which had broken into two halves in the broken armor of the demon general. It seemed that the piece of remote-sensing crystal had been damaged when the alchemist's bombs were detonated. At the sight of the broken remote-sensing crystal, Zhang Tie realized that Three-eye Association clans might not have known that their demon general had been killed by me yet.

'It's possible.'

'It was actually very transient and chaotic since the alchemist's bombs were detonated to the time when the high-temperature magma poured down and filled the entire space. The demon general's remote-sensing crystal had been damaged the moment the bombs were detonated. The other Three-eye Association knights were all striving for surviving themselves. At the critical moment, very few of them would consider sending a warning to Three-eye Association clans. Even though some of them did that, they could only brief it; they had no time to predict or clarify anything happening here. They could not clarify how were they, whether the demon general was still alive and the situations facing the other kights of Three-eye Association clans.

Therefore, those Three-eye Association clans might still be in chaos and waiting for the message of the demon general and the other Three-eye Association knights.

'God bless me.' Zhang Tie became spirited.

Closely after that, Zhang Tie left this space and rushed upwards.


In less than half an hour, the black-robe Gorath with a gloomy face had flown out of Dragon Cave. After suspending in the sky for a short while, he flew towards Huaiyuan Prefecture like a legendary vampire facing the moonlight as fast as a ghost.

Zhang Tie arrived at Qihai City first.

Qihai City was pitch-dark all over. Looking over it from the air, this city had been filled with demonized puppets both inside and outside. Additionally, many places had traces of being burned.

It seemed that demonized puppets had just occupied Qihai City. The four city walls had been damaged to a certain degree. There were at least 300,000-400,000 corpses outside the city.

As it was built by Huaiyuan Palace, it was matched with powerful city-defense equipment which could kill more demonized puppets.

Millions of demonized puppets were wandering among the corpses inside and outside the city. They were tearing off bloody flesh from those corpses like wild beasts, making the city a hell.

Zhang Tie didn't see any camp of Three-eye Association clans or humans' trace across Qihai City.

An icy eye light flashed across Zhang Tie's eyes when he watched those demonized puppets. Like a black ghost, he descended to that place with the most corpses and released a black smoke over there only by waving his hand.

With Zhang Tie's manipulation, that wisp of smoke swayed for a short while in the air before charging at those corpses of demonized puppets like how a gundog discovered its prey.

Zhang Tie was surrounded by dense demonized puppets. However, being affected by Zhang Tie's super hiding skill, those demonized puppets seemingly treated Zhang Tie as a demonized puppet and ignored him completely. They just sought for food from the corpses; they would bite their partners and growl occasionally.

Zhang Tie silently watched his black smoke drilling into a corpse of a demonized puppet.

Only after two minutes, that corpse had started to decompose gradually while excreting out black pus. The first bubble came into being on the corpse. When the first bubble broke, more and more surrounding corpses started to decompose and excrete out black pus. Silently, more and more disgusting bubbles came into being on the corpses of those demonized puppets...

However, none of the surrounding demonized puppets had noticed that.

This was a ptomaine miasma, which, after being mutated, could be taken as a terrifying biochemical weapon. It was ten times more destructive than its former species. Over the past years, through the cultivation of Heller, Zhang Tie had gained over 1,000 mutated species of the ptomaine miasma. However, not all of them were more destructive and practicable than their parent species. The ptomaine miasma that Zhang Tie released was the most destructive and terrifying species which was cultivated by Heller with over 20 mutated ptomaine miasmas in Castle of Black Iron.

Its infection and propagation were silent without any omen. Besides direct contact, this ptomaine miasma could also be spread through the air. Additionally, its viability was more shocking.

'It's more like how a ghost was released!' Zhang Tie felt calm as he watched the silent change in the surroundings.

'Go get them, kill them all, turn this sub-continent into the most terrifying forbidden zone for living beings; turn all the living beings with dirty blood into corpses and dust over the ground; turn all the cities over the continent into invaders' tombs. Go, go get them, go destroy them. You're my soldiers. From today on, Waii Sub-continent will be your paradise...'

Zhang Tie issued an order to those microorganisms which could not be seen by commoners...

As a response to Zhang Tie's command, all the bubbles over the surrounding corpses broke at the same time.

All the living beings had spirits. As for those terrifying mutated ptomaine miasma, Zhang Tie was their creator, their God and absolute ruler.


Zhang Tie flew off once again. 'Qihai City has been occupied. If those Three-eye Association clans are not here, they must be in Yiyang City.'

If they occupied Yiyang City, the southernmost part of Waii Sub-continent, it meant that they had occupied the entire Waii Sub-continent. According to the demon general's plan, Yiyang City was where he held a banquet to celebrate their victory and award those Three-eye Association clans.

Zhang Tie was right. The moment he arrived at Yiyang City, he had caught sight of the tents of those Three-eye Association clans, including that super demon corps.

Those guys had taken Yiyang Mountain as their encampment arrogantly. The largest tent was placed where the former Shrine Palace of Huaiyuan Palace had been in. Given his current battle force, even if Zhang Tie was above the main tent silently, he would not be noticed by anybody as the opponents had no knight left.

The main tent was crowded. All the heads of the remaining 11 Three-eye Association clans across Waii Sub-continent and some LV 15 battle spirits of the demon corps were in the main tent.

As was predicted by Zhang Tie, a fierce quarrel drifted from the main tent.

After the demon general and all the knights of Three-eye Association had gone missing for over 10 days, these Three-eye Association clans became flurried. The entire demon corps lost their leader. Nobody knew what was next.

Some proposed to dispatch someone to seek for the demon general and those knights. However, some insisted on waiting for the demon general's return. Some even suggested the army to evacuate right away...

All the LV 15 battle spirits of demons kept silent.

Zhang Tie had thought about killing all of them. However, after considering it for a while, Zhang Tie gave up this thought...

Right then, a plan with which he could clean up the entire super demon corps and all the Three-eye Association clans occurred to Zhang Tie's mind.

Zhang Tie's weird, powerful, hidden spiritual wave of "soul capture skill" gradually spread over the main tent...

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