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Chapter 954: What a Righteous Man
Translator: WQL Editor: Aleem

As for all the human knights in the pyramid, they didn't realize something was wrong until the battle qi tornadoes of Mountain Lifting Hermit and Old Monster Qi rose at the top of the main peak of Weapons Mountain.

Battle qi tornadoes of earth knights were very eye-catching. Additionally, they were released on the top of the main peak of Weapons Mountain. Therefore, when the two battle qi tornadoes shot into the sky, all the other human knights were shocked as they stopped what they were doing and watched the top of the main peak for quite a while.

Many people even thought that Mountain Lifting Hermit and Old Monster Qi were fighting over there.

When Lu Zhongming's battle qi smoke rose up, many people thought that there was some conflict between the black iron knights; someone even guessed that perhaps Lu Zhongming was sending a signal to his wife Lin Huanxi as they were chasing after the same virtual image of the silver secret item. At that moment, nobody could imagine that an earth demon knight had entered the hieron.

However, when the battle qi tornadoes of two earth knights rose up, many people realized that something was wrong.

In a few minutes, Old Monster Qi had started to grab the crystal ball. After that, he controlled the temperature and air supply in the pyramid. At that moment, all the black iron knights in the hieron changed their faces greatly.

Given the suddenly "dropping" temperature and the suffocated air supply, the pyramid was slowly close to icy vacuum. In this state, even black iron knights started to feel bad. Like fish out of water, they could barely stand too long in this state. Even Gong Ziyao and Zhou Shufan started to panic. Someone even ran out of the Weapons Mountain and prepared to leave the hieron.

What happened later made them confused. As a result, they didn't know what to do.

The suffocated vacuum state in the Pyramid only lasted less than 10 minutes. After that, the air supply in the pyramid recovered its sufficiency while the temperature inside recovered normal at once, which even felt comfortable. Such a sudden change stopped the black iron knights who were escaping away from the pyramid.

Before the other human knights recovered their composure, the battle qi signals of Zhang Anguo the grand elder of Tianlu Palace and Lu Zhongming rose up at the foot of the Weapons Mountain at the same time.

'Was Zhang Anguo fighting Lu Zhongming?'

The other human knights were puzzled by these weird things. They just felt that everything had gone chaotic in the past 1 hour. They didn't know what happened at all.

When they saw Zhang Anguo and Lu Zhongming rushing towards the top of the main peak, all the other black iron knights in the hieron almost rushed towards the top of the main peak at the same time out of deep doubts, restlessness and curiosity.

At the top of the main peak, they saw Mountain Lifting Hermit and Lin Huanxi who were severely wounded.

Through Lin Huanxi, Zhang Anguo and Mountain Lifting Hermit, they all knew what happened on this mountain over the past 1 hour.

An earth demon knight stealthily slid into the hieron and raided the couple. As a result, Lin Huanxi was severely wounded and was robbed away by the earth demon knight. Lu Zhongming released his battle qi smoke and chased after the demon knight; however, he was screwed by the demon knight's trick, enticing the three earth human knights to leave the top of the main peak of the Weapons Mountain. As a result, the earth demon knight gained a chance to enter the hieron's hall on the top of the main peak.

Before the earth demon knight grabbed the crystal ball that controlled the hub of the hieron, Cui Li grabbed the crystal ball away at the risk of his life for the first time.

Later on, Mountain Lifting Hermit and Old Monster Qi returned to the top of the main peak when they found the open gate and a demon knight. They then rushed inside to fight the demon knight. However, Mountain Lifting Hermit and Cui Li had not imagined that Old Monster Qi was a member of the demon's Three-eye Association. At the critical moment, Old Monster Qi raided Mountain Lifting Hermit and Cui Li. As a result, Mountain Lifting Hermit was severely wounded and Cui Li's crystal ball was robbed away by Old Monster Qi. The situation deteriorated at once.

When Old Monster Qi and the demon knight ruled everything in the pyramid, they closed all the exits of the hieron and wanted to kill all the human knights here. However, Cui Li launched a counter-attack and killed Old Monster Qi, relieving the life-or-death crisis of everybody else.

Finally, Cui Li voluntarily served as a hostage on behalf of Mountain Lifting Hermit and Lin Huanxi with the crystal ball in his hand. He had to stay in the hieron's hall together with the demon knight and couldn't leave until 3 days later.

The other human knights had not imagined that they could meet such a dramatic plot.

If not Cui Li, all the human knights in this pyramid would have been like the fish on the chopping board.

Unconsciously, Cui Li had saved all the human knights here twice.

After knowing what happened, all the other human knights were shocked. After thinking about it for a short while, many people even oozed sweat. However, they didn't know that they almost couldn't leave the pyramid anymore just now.

"What a dauntless and smart man! How righteous brother Cui Li is! How righteous he is..." The grand elder of Zhang Clan in Tianlu Palace let out a deep sigh which was full of emotions as he looked up at the sky.

Zhang Anguo had not experienced most of the part of this process. After listening to the explanation of Lin Huanxi and Mountain Lifting Hermit, Zhang Anguo finally knew what righteous deeds had Cui Li done.

This time, Cui Li saved Lin Huanxi and Mountain Lifting Hermit in front of Zhang Anguo and saved all the other knights of Tianlu Palace.

Zhang Anguo had not seen such a righteous figure!

"Elder Zhang, can't we open the gate of this hall?" Gong Ziyao asked anxiously, "Brother Cui and that earth demon knight are still inside..."

"The gate of this hall has been set by brother Cui, it will not open until 3 days later. If not, that earth demon knight would not agree to brother Cui's condition. This hieron's gate is very firm. It could not be rocked by knights below heavenly knights!" Zhang Anguo sighed, "If I were close to Tianlu Palace, I could notice the clan and have Elder Anjin who's cultivating indoors invite the powerhouse in Taiyi Fantasy Sect to give a favor to Tianlu Palace. As long as they knew that brother Cui had saved so many people of Zhang Clan, Zhang Clan of Tianlu Palace would never ignore my proposal; however, even if I notice them, it will take the heavenly knight of Taiyi Fantasy Sect at least 2 weeks to arrive here. It would be too late by then..."

Hearing that only heavenly knights could rock the gate of hieron's hall, all the human knights outside the hall became silent.

There were very few heavenly knights across Taixia Country. Even the top clan Zhang Clan of Tianlu Palace didn't have one, not to mention the others——besides Xuanyuan Hill and the top seven sects in Taixia Country, there were very few heavenly knights across Taixia Country. In front of any heavenly knight, any people at present was junior. They were not qualified to sit together with a heavenly knight, not to mention inviting one at their wills.

"If so, can we ask for a favor from the heavenly knight in the Lion Fortress?" Filton who had treated Zhang Tie as a bosom friend asked loudly.

"There's indeed a heavenly knight in the Lion Fortress. However, each movement of the heavenly knight in the Lion Fortress is concerned about the safety of the Lion Fortress and would arouse the corresponding responses of demons in the Earth-element Realm. Unless a very important event that was involved with numerous lives of humans or receiving an order from Xuanyuan Hill, none of us could have the heavenly knight in the Lion Fortress save brother Cui!" Zhang Anguo revealed a bitter smile.

"What should we do then?"

"The reason that brother Cui agreed with the demon knight to open the portals in this hieron 3 days in normal temperature is to not let us come here in vain. We should understand brother Cui's intention. Therefore, in the following 3 days, we should seek for our own fortunes so as to live up to brother Cui's sacrifice and contribution. 3 days later, we will leave the hieron and wait for brother Cui outside the gate!" Zhang Anguo said.

The others at present became silent as they had understood the intention of the grand elder of Tianlu Palace, namely, if Cui Li didn't come out or the demon knight was the last one who came out, they could only revenge for brother Cui Li.

"I believe that Cui Li will definitely come out!" Filton loudly spoke, "We will wait for Cui Li outside the gate of the pyramid 3 days later. I'm waiting to have a drink with him! Now, don't waste the time that Cui Li has fought for us."

After saying that, Filton bade a farewell to Gong Ziyao and Cecilia before rushing away from the top of the main peak.

The remaining black iron knights exchanged glances with each other. Most of them soon left no matter what they were thinking about.

Under this circumstance, even though they all wanted to help Cui Li, they couldn't. Therefore, they had to seize the opportunity to get a silver secret item as soon as possible instead of just standing here. If Cui Li lost his life, they could have a greater probability to revenge for brother Cui Li 3 days later.

Some of them chose to stay near the top of the main peak. When they looked for the virtual images of secret items near there, they observed the hieron's hall.

Gong Ziyao and Zhou Shufan stayed near the top of the main peak. Lu Zhongming brought Lin Huanxi who had not fully recovered back to the place where they had been raided by the demon baron at the middle part of the mountain. Because they had found a virtual image of a secret item over there. Within 3 days, as long as there was no accident, the couple would gain a silver secret item for sure.

Zhang Anguo stayed on the top of the main peak near the hieron's hall. Mountain Lifting Hermit who was severely wounded also stayed there after taking a few vials of recovery medicament. Right beside Zhang Anguo, Mountain Lifting Hermit sat down with crossed legs and recovered his physical strength. At the same time, he kept his eyes closely on the gate of the hieron's hall.

After being replaced by Zhang Tie, Mountain Lifting Hermit became more silent.

After coming to the top of the main peak, Bai Suxian the young sister had been standing at the gate of the hieron's hall and watching the gate with a silly look. Until everybody else left did she flash away...

Nobody knew what the young sister was thinking about at that moment. However, Zhang Anguo caught sight of her tear stains when she left the top of the main peak.

The gate separated the two people!

Those outside the gate could never imagine what was happening and what would happen inside the gate.

Everyone was concerned about Zhang Tie. However, they had not imagined that the one who was worried after they left was actually that earth demon knight.

Because the earth demon knight had been screwed by Zhang Tie since the beginning.

1 day later, the demon knight who felt something was wrong launched an attack while Zhang Tie exposed his second trump card in a solemn look...

When the combat in the hieron's hall was extremely fierce, all those outside the hall were worried about Zhang Tie.


If it were in the normal outside environment, even though Zhang Tie exposed his trump card, he was still not sure that he could defeat an earth knight. Because even though the earth demon knight could not defeat him, it could at least fly away. However, in this enclosed space, the earth demon knight could not fly at all. Therefore, each step became difficult for it. The demon knight could not fly away. Even though it could run fast, it would always be scared of Zhang Tie's frightening striking ability. Additionally, it was very cold here, the demon knight's battle strength would be restricted in this space. Furthermore, part of the demon knight's battle strength had been consumed in advance. By contrast, Zhang Tie's battle strength was almost not influenced by that.

Since the beginning, the demon knight had fallen into Zhang Tie's trap. After that, it gradually made a compromise to Zhang Tie, losing its dependence and becoming weaker step by step.

The demon knight voluntarily jumped into the trap because it had a malicious intention to reverse the situation.

The demon knight was too confident due to the sharp difference in ranks between an earth knight and a black iron knight. The demon knight had been used to overlook all the black iron knights. However, it had not imagined that this black iron knight might be a lion in the skin of sheep.

Divine Dominator was such a lion in the skin of sheep.

'As I've gained all the favorable conditions on time, geographical position and human relationship, if I can still not beat an earth demon knight, I should go die...'

Zhang Tie was confident to win the battle. The confidence originated from his great battle strength, his crystal ball and Castle of Black Iron. The three strengths determined that Zhang Tie was destined to win the battle the moment the gate of the hieron's hall was closed...

Whereas, the demon baron didn't know anything about Zhang Tie's strengths at all. It still thought that it had a chance to win. It was still struggling, roaring and releasing its battle potential as it dreamed of killing a human-divine dominator in an unwilling fear...

How many divine dominators could practice with an earth knight?

Therefore, Zhang Tie also treasured this chance very much...


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