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Chapter 956: The Tragedy of the Demon Baron
Translator: WQL Editor: Aleem

As the old saying went, a fighter would pluck up his full courage in the first attack; as for the second time, his courage would decline; as for the third time, he would lose his courage completely. The demon baron had tried to approach to the central axis of the hall many times. Being besieged by the three weapons under the control of Zhang Tie, the demon baron didn't break through the central axis until it fell down.

When the demon baron was attacked by the spearhead, it was like a wrestle between a wild wolf and a mad buffalo. Under that circumstance, the demon baron still had a chance to launch a counter-attack towards Zhang Tie although being bitten by the wild wolf. When the other two parts of the abyss battle spear joined the battle, the number of wild wolves rose to 3. This buffalo would gradually become fatigued, sluggish and finally fall down no matter how mad and fierce it was at the beginning.

The demon baron was shedding blood through the wounds. The constant strikes and pricks gradually weakened the demon baron's battle strength. When bearing the constant strikes, the demon baron's protective battle qi undulated more and more fiercely and became increasingly thinner, causing more and more harms to the demon baron...

Facing such a fierce attack, even an iron sheet would fuse, not to mention flesh.

As the demon baron had not fought a divine dominator before, it was not sure whether all the divine dominator could control many weapons independently at the same time as granting those weapons with lives and intelligence.

The sharp spearhead pierced through the central positions also the key body parts of the demon baron as fast as lightning bolts.

A part of the spear fiercely slashed the demon baron's head and shoulders like being held by an invisible knight floating in the air. Wherever the demon baron was, the stick would always follow after it and fiercely slashed it.

The third part of the spear kept sweeping the demon baron's legs fiercely from 10 cm above the ground. Whenever the part of handle touched its protective battle qi, the tremendous strength would pass to its legs, causing a sharp pain. It seemed that the part of the handle would never stop until breaking its legs.

All the counter-attacks of the demon baron were blocked by the shield in front of Zhang Tie.

The three parts of the abyss battle spear struck the demon baron's heart, head and legs ceaselessly like worms gnawing at its bones.

After another 10 hours, the demon baron's protective battle qi finally collapsed together with the demon baron's physical strength and the battle will.

After fighting a divine dominator in such an extremely disadvantageous environment like being mistreated over 20 hours, the demon baron finally collapsed.

The demon baron thought that it would die right away while its heart would be penetrated through and torn apart by the spearhead; however, it didn't.

The spearhead didn't penetrate through its heart but broke the qi sea below its lower abdomen.

The iron stick which had always been hovering above its head didn't smash its head either; instead, it broke its two arms, breaking each bone on its arms into numerous smaller pieces.

The iron stick that was responsible for attacking its legs battered its shins and knees.

All the strikes almost occurred at the same time.

The sharp pain caused the demon baron to kneel down and utter a painful shriek unconsciously.

When it shrieked constantly, a part of the abyss battle spear suddenly stabbed into its mouth. With a simple stir, all the sharp teeth of the demon baron were broken apart.

The demon baron fell down while looking up at the roof; its mouth was filled with bloody ice scums; its limbs were twisted like noodles. At the same time, it spurted out blood-bubbles. The moment the blood left its body, it had started to get frozen. The demon baron completely lost its strength to resist and struggle and just waited for the arrival of the final moment.

This was the result of the battle between the demon baron and the divine dominator. The demon baron stood over 20 hours; however, the battle came to an end in less than one second.

When the demon baron fell down, the temperature in the hall suddenly recovered to normal. If not, in such an extremely low temperature, the severely wounded demon baron would die in 10 minutes.

Zhang Tie stopped his attack. He then slowly walked towards the demon baron followed by the shield and the crystal ball in the air.

In the spacious and tranquil hall, Zhang Tie's caligae stepped onto the ground, causing extraordinarily silvery and loud sounds, "Kaka", which was especially impressive in the hall.

At this moment, Zhang Tie had a bizarre, surging feeling, which contained pride and great excitement. As a result, Zhang Tie became a bit thrilled.

'Is this the feeling of defeating an earth demon knight?' Zhang Tie asked himself inside. Undoubtedly, Zhang Tie had made a great, symbolic breakthrough in this battle, during which process, he defeated an earth demon knight in a head-on manner. It was an outstanding success. When in Waii Subcontinent, the demon general who had almost promoted to an earth knight could topple over the entire Waii Subcontinent. Count Long Wind would make every move after mature consideration had just promoted to an earth knight and stabilized his position as the provincial governor of Youzhou Province. Therefore, Zhang Tie knew the power of an earth knight.

In this age, many small subcontinents didn't have an earth knight at all. Even in major human countries like Taixia Country, an earth knight was always unrivaled in one region as a provincial governor and cheji general of a province. Therefore, it was epoch-making for Zhang Tie to defeat an earth knight in a head-on manner.

Unlike Old Monster Qi who was killed by Zhang Tie in the trick, the earth demon knight was defeated by Zhang Tie by force in a head-on manner.

Zhang Tie came to the front of the demon knight. Lowering his head, he watched the earth demon knight who was lying on the ground.

Zhang Tie felt pretty satisfied as a conqueror when he overlooked an earth knight who was defeated by him.

"Just kill me..." The demon baron mumbled as its teeth had been knocked out. However, Zhang Tie could still understand its meaning basically.

"No way..." Zhang Tie sneered as he drew out his gold-eaten tri-edged dagger. At the same time, he stepped onto one shoulder of the demon baron and squatted down. After that, he picked one arm of the demon baron and gashed the chakra of the muscles and bones on the demon baron's arm. Then, he seized a black thick tendon on the demon baron's arm and drew it forcefully by hand. As a result, the demon baron's eyes almost popped out as it shrieked miserably.

Knights would also feel pain. Additionally, due to the strong body, knights' muscles, tendons and bones were much more powerful than that of commoners. Facing such a cruel torture, knights would feel much more painful than commoners.

Therefore, the moment Zhang Tie drew its main tendon, the demon baron couldn't stand to shriek miserably.

Due to Zhang Tie's movement, the demon baron's claw and arm twisted in a weird manner.

When a light flashed by, Zhang Tie directly chopped off the main tendon from the arm of the demon baron by his gold-eaten tri-edged dagger...

Zhang Tie held the main tendon and watched it for a while. After that, he threw it aside like littering. He then picked himself up from the ground and came to the other side of the demon baron. Like how he treated the earlier arm of the demon baron, Zhang Tie cut off the main tendon on the other arm of the demon baron.

As a result, the demon baron almost passed out due to extreme pain...

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