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Chapter 957: You Cannot Die
Translator: WQL Editor: Aleem

In Waii Subcontinent, Zhang Tie had witnessed so many people's tragic and hopeless lives under the rule of demons.

In the underground mountain cave of Misty Wood in Selnes Theater of Operations, Zhang Tie saw that demons and Three-eye Association forced people to eat people alive. In the swarthy and gloomy underground cave, human skeletons were piling up as high as mountains, sending out stink...

Many cities in dozens of human countries in the north of Selnes Theater of Operations deteriorated into empty cities or cities being covered with corpses due to demonized puppets disasters. When the night fell, many pye-dogs, wild wolves and rats who had eaten so many human corpses started to wander in the cities and the wilderness near the cities while radiating bloody, green eye light...

Even in the territory of Three-eye Association, most humans were as cheap as draught animals. The grave-tower demons devoured and converted batches of humans into demonized puppets; demonized puppets ate a lot of humans. Numerous male, female, old and young people would deteriorate into the lowest-level bloody slaves, which were actually food of demonized puppets being raised by demons.

In the eyes of the demon general, hundreds of millions of human lives were nothing but sh*t. As long as it sent an order, the puppet worms would kill hundreds of millions of humans and turn them into the walking dead.

After witnessing and experiencing all this, no demon was qualified to be sympathized by Zhang Tie.

Now that demons could treat humans as draught animals, Zhang Tie could also treat a demon as a draught animal, the most damned draught animal.

In Zhang Tie's eyes, although the demon baron was a powerful demon knight, it was just a powerful draught animal with sharp fangs, claws and a big bloody mouth, who would eat people at any time.

'When the demon baron entered this hieron's hall, it was ready to eat and kill people. If I don't appear timely, all the human knights here would be the sacrificial offerings of the demon baron.'

Therefore, Zhang Tie didn't pity the demon baron at all. He would have no mental burden even if he treated the demon baron in the cruelest manner. Zhang Tie treated all this as a matter of course——an eye for an eye, an ear for an ear, a tooth for a tooth.

Of course, Zhang Tie was not just airing his grievances by drawing out two thick tendons from the demon baron's arms; he was not that boring. Neither was he interested in the physiological anatomy of demons. He didn't mind using the cruelest means to punish the demon. His penalty methods were purposeful; instead of pure entertainment.

The demon baron deserved to die; but not now. This demon was pretty valuable; especially in this bloody sacrificial hall.

After cutting off the two thick tendons on the arms of the demon baron, Zhang Tie's hands became bloody like that of surgeons who were operating a surgery.

Of course, surgeons wore disinfectant rubber gloves when they operated a surgery; however, Zhang Tie didn't.

The demon baron had passed out.

Squatting down, Zhang Tie patted the demon baron's face by his bloody hands as he received no response. Zhang Tie then touched its neck and poured some all-purpose medicament into its mouth.

Zhang Tie really didn't want this guy to die so fast.

The all-purpose medicament soon took effect. In less than 2 minutes, the demon baron had slowly opened its eyes while it immediately shrieked miserably like being dragged to the hell due to the extreme pain.

"Kill me...kill me...kill me right away..." The demon baron roared towards Zhang Tie with red eyes.

At this moment, the demon baron knew that it had fallen in the hand of a divine dominator. In this place, it had no chance to survive at all. Therefore, it could only beg for death, which was also a moksa for it.

The demon baron thought that Zhang Tie was just torturing it.

" way!" Squatting in front of the demon baron, Zhang Tie played with the gold-eaten tri-edged dagger as he exposed his white teeth to the demon baron, which looked gloomy and icy, "I have something to ask you. Tell me about the bloody sacrifice in the bloody hall."

"Kill me...kill me..." The demon baron shrieked loudly as it ignored Zhang Tie's question.

Zhang Tie let out a sigh, "It seems that it's not painful enough. Given your performance, you're not sincere to communicate with me. I hate to repeat the same question. Now that you don't answer me, I could only aggravate your pain..."

Zhang Tie had already stood up and walked to the feet of the demon baron. He picked the broken shin below the demon baron's one knee and stabbed into it with his gold-eaten three-edged dagger from the back of its knee. After that, Zhang Tie raised his dagger and moved the thick and black tendon out of the demon baron's fleshes. Zhang Tie then stepped onto the demon baron's lower abdomen as he caught this main tendon and forcefully drew it, curling up the demon baron's one foot.

The demon baron's shriek was earthshaking; it almost tore apart its throat. The main tendon on its leg was as hard as the steel bar. Due to its hardness, the demon baron became more painful when being harmed.

"There's a bloody sacrifice furnace...right below the joss of the God of Bloody Sacrifice. There's a groove matrix on the altar which is used to trigger bloody sacrifice awareness and bloody sacrifice furnace...You can drop your blood into that pattern to establish a relationship with the God of Bloody Sacrifice...Then, the bloody sacrifice furnace will work...after throwing living beings into the bloody sacrifice will be able to hold a bloody sacrifice rite..."

The demon baron realized that it was meaningless for it to go against Zhang Tie any longer; it only sought for death as soon as possible. If Zhang Tie could throw it into the bloody sacrifice furnace, it would have its dream come true. What it told Zhang Tie were not deep secrets. As long as Zhang Tie spent some time to study the usage of the bloody sacrifice furnace, it would be found by him sooner or later.

"What is bloody sacrifice used for?"

"Bloody sacrifice is a confidential rite based on the exchange principle of life and could...could help people recover their wounds...evolve and strengthen their skills...and break through their limits in cultivation..."

"Can it recover the damage on the chakra of an earth knight? I remembered that Old Monster Qi said that he wanted to recover his chakra by bloody sacrifice." Zhang Tie asked with an extremely profound eye light...


"Hmm, nice, now that you've given me a sincere reply, I will satisfy your dream..." As Zhang Tie replied, he rapidly cut off another part of the main tendon on the leg of the demon baron as fast as a lightning bolt.

After dropping off this leg, Zhang Tie quickly picked the other leg of the demon baron and cut off the main tendon on the other leg at the fastest speed.

The demon knight was so in pain that it twisted and rolled on the ground before passing out once again.

As for earth knights who were very vigorous, they could easily heal their broken bones, not to mention the wounds on their muscles and skin. Only when their main tendons were cut off and they had no super effective senior recovery medicament or treatments could they not recover their wounds.

The moment he broke the protective battle qi of the demon baron, Zhang Tie had broken the demon knight's hands and feet. However, it was not enough. Only by cutting off the main tendons of its limbs could Zhang Tie completely disable its limbs. Actually, Zhang Tie did this to stop the demon baron from committing suicide.

Perhaps, the demon baron didn't believe it; however, it was indeed what Zhang Tie was thinking about.

If the demon baron knew what Zhang Tie was thinking about, it must have regretted that it had not committed suicide a few hours ago.

Zhang Tie broke its qi sea to prevent the demon baron from exploding himself or breaking its heart meridian by its battle qi after recovering a bit. Like a person could not blow up a broken balloon, as long as the wound in its qi sea was not healed, the demon baron would not be able to release its battle qi.

Zhang Tie didn't know whether the earth demon knight would commit suicide by biting off its tongue. In case of the possibility, he broke the demon knight's teeth along with its tongue.

From this perspective, Zhang Tie had cudgeled his brains to keep the demon baron alive.

Over the past 20-odd hours' combat, Zhang Tie had a deeper and more intuitive recognition about the battle strength of an earth demon knight. Honestly, Zhang Tie was scared about the battle strength of this earth demon knight. In order to put this earth demon knight under control in case of any loopholes or sparing any chance for the demon knight to reverse the battle situation, Zhang Tie had to adopt the most unyielding means.

When the demon baron passed out once again, Zhang Tie took away all the equipment from the demon baron and eliminated the final threats.

The demon baron had a dagger which was slightly shorter than the gold-eaten tri-edged dagger and a necklace. The two items might be bronze secret items, the functions of which were to be further authenticated.

After taking away all the possible weapons from the demon baron, Zhang Tie saw the demon baron's hands, feet and lower abdomen were still bleeding. He then took out his spare medicine for knife wounds and carefully daubed some onto the wounds of the demon baron's limbs to stop bleeding for it. After that, he poured some all-purpose medicament into the mouth of the demon baron who was in a coma.

The demon baron had been fully disarmed by Zhang Tie. It could not even commit suicide. Conversely, it had to be a bit energetic.

After dealing with the demon baron's wounds, Zhang Tie stood up and walked towards the joss at the end of the hall, leaving the demon baron lying on the ground alone...

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