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Chapter 987: Martyr
Translator: WQL Editor: Aleem

When he drank the strange watermelon liquor quietly in the chartered room of the knights' bar, Zhang Tie gradually recovered his composure. After thinking about it for a short while, Zhang Tie found that he could not find a reason to meet Lan Yunxi under this circumstances.

However, at the sight of Lan Yunxi, his heart started to race unconsciously.

At the sight of her, he would not recover his composure unless he watched and talked with her face to face.

Many times, one's decisions were not determined by reason, but emotions and feelings, even being an earth knight...

If one was always dominated by his reason, there would not be the story that a king teased his lords by lighting smokes on the city-defense facilities only for a beauty's smile or numerous heroes were driven mad for the sake of their beloved women.

The astringent and scorching sense of the watermelon liquor reminded Zhang Tie of the look of Lan Yunxi whom he saw in the Herbs Valley of Hidden Dragon Island for the first time.

In the moonlight, a female in a skirt as silvery as the moonlight was playing water in a brook being reflected with the moonlight while sitting on a rock. Meanwhile, she was holding a jade flute while the vacant sound flew out of the jade flute like water, filling the valley...

That was the most beautiful scenery in Zhang Tie's mind forever.

At that moment, Zhang Tie thought that he was watching a fairy.

'Was my feeling about Lan Yunxi as scorching and astringent as this watermelon liquor at that time?'

'I almost raped Lan Yunxi at that moment.' Zhang Tie revealed a smile when he was drinking the watermelon liquor. Although being absurd, what happened between him and Lan Yunxi at that time felt warm unconsciously.

If teenagers were not absurd, what would they recall when they grew up?

'After so many years, Huaiyuan Palace has moved from Waii Subcontinent to Taixia Country. I'm not that muddleheaded teenager anymore, neither is senior fellow apprentice the same one either!'

'Something has changed!'

'Did somthing really change?'

The effect of watermelon liquor made Zhang Tie's face hot. Wearing a senior disguising face mask, he felt being covered with a heat dissipating facial mask. Zhang Tie revealed a self-mockery smile. He touched his face and directly took off his face mask.


1 hour later, Lan Yunxi pushed open the door of the chartered room when she saw Zhang Tie drinking liquor on the sofa without even covering his original look.

Lan Yunxi watched Zhang Tie and found that he had changed. Although he remained as young as before with the same pure and hot eyes, he had one more temperament——a reckless arrogance!

A wanted criminal of Taixia Country could sit in the chartered room of the knights' bar of Black Armor Fortress for a drink like that he had done nothing wrong. That was arrogance.

"It has been 24 years since I saw you last time, it's really nice to see you!" Zhang Tie stood up and gave an embrace to Lan Yunxi by opening his arms.

Lan Yunxi didn't dodge away. Zhang Tie pasted his head on her hair and took a deep breath. Closely after that, he moved one step back and watched Lan Yunxi with a smile.

"I left Selnes Theater of Operations on the 894th year of Black Iron Calendar. You must have stayed 15 years in the tower of time!" Lan Yunxi let out a sigh faintly.

That was how smart ones behaved. The moment Zhang Tie said that he had not seen her for 24 years, Lan Yunxi immediately understood where he had been in the rest 15 years.

It was really unimaginable that it had been 24 years since Zhang Tie was framed to attend the reconnaissance mission in Titanic Duchy. Time flew.

"I knew that you and the Lan elder went to look for me later on!" Zhang Tie told Lan Yunxi.

Lan Yunxi replied with a smile as distant as the clouds, "I also know that your three sons are born to be exceptionally smart. They are more intelligent than me in my childhood!"

"Do you mind that?"

"We've both grown mature. We have our own responsibilities and obligations!" Lan Yunxi shook her head as she watched Zhang Tie tenderly; meanwhile, she faintly touched Zhang Tie's face by one hand, "As for you, they're your beloved ones. It's your responsibility and obligation to protect them as one part of your life. I cannot separate them from your life. I hope you can also understand that there's something inseparable in my life. I also have my responsibilities and obligations. As a knight of Huaiyuan Palace and an offspring of Lord Huaiyuan, you've already exerted your utmost efforts to protect Huaiyuan Palace. Taixia Country is too large with too many dangers. It's my turn to safeguard Huaiyuan Palace!"

After hearing Lan Yunxi's words, Zhang Tie felt something bad, "What do you mean?"

"After finishing the survival training in the Earth-elements Realm with Elder Feng, I will return to Taiyi Fantasy Sect and apply for becoming the Martyr of Yaogong Palace!"

"Martyr of Yaogong Palace?" Zhang Tie felt strange about this term.

Lan Yunxi smiled, "After becoming a martyr of Yaogong Palace of Taiyi Fantasy Sect, I will not marry for the rest of my life. However, my position in Taiyi Fantasy Sect would be very special because I will take charge of the sacred item of Taiyi Fantasy Sect. After becoming a martyr of Yaogong Palace of Taiyi Fantasy Sect, even if the crown prince ascends to the throne in the future and his master becomes one of the top 3 chancellors in Taixia, nobody will harm Huaiyuan Palace with the protection of Taiyi Fantasy Sect!"

Lan Yunxi's smile made Zhang Tie feel heart-wrenching. Zhang Tie tightly grabbed her shoulders with bloody eyes as he roared like an injured wild beast, "No!"

Thankfully, chartered rooms in knights' bars were specifically designed. The gate and wall of the room could prevent sound from leaking and the spiritual energy of knights from peeping in. If not, Zhang Tie's roar would have shocked the entire bar.

"This holy war is different than before. There's something that you might not know. Taiyi Fantasy Sect has made the worst preparation for this holy war. As the head of the top 7 sects in Taixia Country, Taiyi Fantasy Sect has secretly started the 'Doomsday Sperma' which might be started only when the entire Hua people in Taixia Country might be exterminated. In the earlier two holy wars, Taiyi Fantasy Sect had not started this plan. This was the top secret of Taiyi Fantasy Sect. Even the core disciples of our sect have not known about that. I ascertain it through some clues inside Taiyi Fantasy Sect by accident!"

Lan Yunxi put another hand onto Zhang Tie's face too as she watched Zhang Tie soulfully, "Under this circumstance, if someone in the top three chancellors in the future wanted to uproot Huaiyuan Palace, Huaiyuan Palace would be exterminated at any time facing the dangers both inside and outside. As a member of Huaiyuan Palace, I was always treated like a princess since I was young. If not sacrifice myself at this moment as a shelter of Huaiyuan Palace, what else can I do for Huaiyuan Palace..."

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