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Chapter 1016: Trouble
Translator: WQL Editor: Aleem

Cui Li's look was his signboard. A tower-like figure, a bald head which was full of killing qi, plus the overall strength of an earth knight, very few earth Hua knights in the Lion Fortress could be as distinctive as Cui Li.

Cui Li had been well-known in the Black Armor Battlefortress. Even though those who had not seen him before would be able to guess that he was Cui Li after listening to others' description about his look.

Moreover, the evidence that Cui Li killed another earth demon knight was right on the counter in front of him.

When Feng Yexiao was gazing at him, Zhang Tie felt that Feng Yexiao was not kind to him; however, he didn't understand why Feng Yexiao disliked him.

'Does he know the love affairs between Lan Yunxi and me? No way! Even Lan Yunxi does not know that I'm Zhang Tie. How could he know that?'

When Zhang Tie was making blind and disorderly conjectures, he felt that it was unnecessary for him to collide with Taiyi Fantasy Sect. 'No matter how Feng Yexiao glared at me, I will not lose a hair. Whatever!'

'Is this old guy jealous about my handsome look? Hahahahaha...'

When Zhang Tie thought about this, he glanced at Lan Yunxi for a few times before curling his lip and responding to the old guy behind the counter. After that, he put away the regeneration medicament into his portable space-teleportation equipment and was going to leave the lobby of the tower of brilliance.

At the sight of Zhang Tie's portable space-teleportation equipment, Feng Yexiao's eyes flickered once again.

"Feng Yexiao is here to kill that earth-level shadow demon knight so as to increase his reputation in Taiyi Fantasy Sect. You grabbed his reputation; therefore, you need to be careful with him. This guy is very narrow-minded..."

A sound drifted into Zhang Tie's ears.

Zhang Tie's doubt cleared right away.

Feng Yexiao walked towards Zhang Tie, followed by his team members of Taiyi Fantasy Sect while Zhang Tie walked towards him frankly. If there was no accident, Zhang Tie and Feng Cangwu would just pass by each other instead of colliding with each other like passing a single-plank bridge in the middle of the lobby of tower of brilliance.

However, the accident happened.

When Zhang Tie was a few meters away from the team of Taiyi Fantasy Sect, Feng Yexiao ahead of the team suddenly stopped as he slightly raised his head and asked Zhang Tie with an arrogant look, "You're Cui Li?"

The moment Feng Yexiao stopped, all the other team members stopped too. After hearing Feng Yexiao's question, the entire lobby of the tower of brilliance became quiet.

Both Taiyi Fantasy Sect and Cui Li were tricky. Taiyi Fantasy Sect was deep-rooted in Taixia Country while Cui Li was well-known in Black Armor Battlefortress due to his great military exploits. Therefore, when the elder of Taiyi Fantasy Sect uttered and both parties stopped, they had felt that something was going to happen.

Zhang Tie faintly frowned. Although he didn't like to stir up trouble, he was never afraid of trouble. The moment Feng Yexiao uttered, Zhang Tie had felt that Feng Yexiao was not kind and was going to find him trouble.

'F*ck.' Zhang Tie swore inside.

"Hahahaha, yup, I'm the tall, handsome, extremely righteous and fortunate Cui Li from Yongzhou Province who has killed the earth-level shadow demon knight. Alas, the moment one became famous, he would have familiar ones no matter where he was!" Zhang Tie revealed a smile although he swore inside. At the same time, he directly waved his arm in the air and took a pen out of his portable space-teleportation equipment, "Old man, I'm in a hurry. If you want my signature, just tell me where to sign it. I will satisfy you today!"

"Pufft..." The old man who was drinking tea water and going to look on spurted out a mouthful of tea water and started to cough heavily when he heard Zhang Tie's words.

After hearing Zhang Tie's words, all the knights in the tower of brilliance who paid attention to them looked weird. Many people's faces turned red at once. Some of them burst out into laughter although they hurriedly bore it.

'It's not wise for me to offend Taiyi Fantasy Sect at this moment.'

Feng Yexiao's poker face turned black immediately while the blood vessels on his two temples started to jump. After hearing Zhang Tie's words, Feng Yexiao was almost driven mad.

Previously, Feng Yexiao disliked Zhang Tie. Now, he started to hate Zhang Tie.

"B*stard, I'm Feng Yexiao from Taiyi Fantasy Sect!" Feng Yexiao controlled his fury as he told Zhang Tie about his background.

"Ahh, you don't want my signature!" Zhang Tie stroked his bald head as he waved his hand and put away his pen. After that, his face turned a bit solemn. Gazing at Feng Yexiao, Zhang Tie said, "I have not stirred up, neither did I dig your ancestral tombs nor sleep with your wife. I've not owed you money either. Why do you swear me? Didn't your master teach you the basic manners?"

"Audacious!" A young knight behind Feng Yexiao jumped out immediately before Feng Yexiao replied as he pointed at Zhang Tie seriously, "How dare you treat Elder Feng so rudely? Hurry up, apologize to Elder Feng!"

"Pah..." Zhang Tie directly spat towards him as he pointed at that young knight with his turnip-sized finger in a disdainful look, "This old guy called Feng Yexiao swore me; why do I apologize to him? Do you think I'm afraid of you because you outnumber me? This f*ther could even make a massacre in the demon's large formation of over 10,000 knights in Tiewei Mountain, do you think I'm afraid of you?"

After hearing Zhang Tie's words, the disciples of Taiyi Fantasy Sect changed their faces at once. Some of them had put their hands on the handles of their swords and sabers; except for Lan Yunxi who just watched Zhang Tie quietly with a faintly absent-minded look.

Cui Li reminded Lan Yunxi of Zhang Tie unconsciously.

Zhang Tie excelled at such a zig-zagging diction. However, Lan Yunxi was not sure whether Cui Li was really foolish or not. Of course, Lan Yunxi could not imagine that Cui Li was Zhang Tie.

At the sight of the faintly absent-minded look of Lan Yunxi, Zhang Tie's heart raced as he sighed with emotions inside, 'Women's intuition is too terrifying.'

Feng Yexiao sneered as he raised his arm to calm down his disciples of Taiyi Fantasy Sect before saying, "So what? Do you want to pass by me pretending to be an idiot? That's too naive. This old man has lived over 200 years. I've seen all sorts of people. If you don't tell me about the relationship between you and Zhao Yuan the Alchemist Monster, you cannot leave. If there's really any relationship between you and Zhao Yuan, I will not only swear you. This day next year will be your anniversary of death."

The last words of Zhao Yuan were full of killing intent.

The name Zhao Yuan the Alchemist Monster might be a magic. The moment Feng Yexiao said it, the uproar and weird atmosphere in the lobby of the tower of brilliance was frozen at once.

Everybody in the world knew the conflict between Zhao Yuan the Alchemist Monster and Taiyi Fantasy Sect.

"Zhao Yuan the Alchemist Monster?" Zhang Tie burst out into laughter, "Are you the motherf*cking framing me? How could you fabricate such a lie? You the old b*stard called Feng Yexiao, right? Did you come to the Tiewei Mountain to kill that earth-level shadow demon knight for glory? Pitifully, that earth-level shadow demon knight has been killed by this Cui. This Cui has received the reward. Do you envy me for grabbing your glory or having your daughter? Why don't you the motherf*cker go fight a shadow demon knight? Are you not feeling ashamed by framing this Cui and pretending like you're something?"

"I was told that you had promoted to an earth knight from a black iron knight only after staying with an earth demon knight in the hieron ruins a couple of years. Only Zhao Yuan the Alchemist Monster could absorb others' chakras and promote to a higher level in a short period in his sorcery purgatory samsara. If you don't have learned Zhao Yuan's sorcery, how could you promote to an earth knight in only a couple of years?" Feng Yexiao said with a strong killing intent as he approached Zhang Tie and gazed at Zhang Tie's face like an eagle or wolf who was hunting a prey.

A storm seemed to blow over the lobby of tower of brilliance. The other knights who didn't know Zhao Yuan the Alchemist Monster were shocked by Feng Yexiao's words too, 'Yea, how could Cui Li promote to an earth knight only after staying in the hieron ruins for a couple of years? Did he really learn the secret method of Zhao Yuan the Alchemist Monster?'

None of them had imagined that they could hear such an amazing news and experience such a wonderful scene in the lobby of tower of brilliance. Therefore, they just held their breath and watched the drama.

"It turns out that Taiyi Fantasy Sect which ranks first among the top seven clans in Taixia Country are as narrow-minded as frogs in the well!" Zhang Tie watched Feng Yexiao with a disdainful look as he crossed his arms, "There're so many secret methods in the world. You know that Zhao Yuan the Alchemist Monster could absorb others' chakras in purgatory samsara and promote to a higher level rapidly. However, do you really think that it's the only secret method in the world that could help people promote to a higher level in a short period? Who could fully tap the secrets and potentials of human bodies? Due to good lucks, I promoted to an earth knight in a few years. But it has nothing to do with you. Where's the source of the purgatory samsara? In the far-ancient times, there were thousands of cultivation methods. Do you think that you know all of them?" Zhang Tie asked in reply.

Zhang Tie's words shocked all the onlookers like a spring thunder that they saw sparkles flying in front of their eyes.

All the knights at present had a question inside, 'Did...Cui Li from Yongzhou Province really learn a secret method that could match the Alchemist Monster's Purgatory Samsara Method by accident?'

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