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Chapter 1022: Golden Invitation Card from Iron-Dragon Sect
Translator: WQL Editor: Aleem

In the Provincial Governor's Manor, Yougzhou City, Yougzhou Province...

A receptionist who came from Huaiyuan Palace took a golden invitation card and hurriedly passed through the winding corridors and parlors in the provincial governor's manor before coming to the Crape Myrtle Palace where the provincial governor always took a rest and received the guests.

"Is provincial governor receiving a guest now?" The receptionist asked a guard standing outside the Crape Myrtle Palace in a low voice.

After the guard whispered something into the receptionist's ear. The receptionist took in a deep breath before waiting outside the Crape Myrtle Palace quietly in a modest manner to be called in...

Anyone whom provincial governor was receiving now was qualified to let the receptionist wait whether in Huaiyuan Palace or Youzhou Province.

It was August, the crape myrtle flowers in the parterre outside the Crape Myrtle Palace were in a vigorous flowering phase while being surrounded by bees and butterflies. As provincial governor felt that crape myrtle flowers were vigorous yet not excessively gorgeous, a lot of crape myrtle flowers were planted in this parterre of the Provincial Governor's Manor of White Tiger Platform 3 years ago. Therefore, this parlor was renamed as Crape Myrtle Palace and became the very place where provincial governor received his trusted subordinates.

In the provincial governor's manor of Youzhou Province, being received by provincial governor in the Palace of Brightness was utterly different than being received in the Crape Myrtle Palace.

After ruling Youzhou Province for 4 years, Zhang Taixuan had already established his authority in Youzhou Province; Huaiyuan Palace also stabilized its position as the first clan in Youzhou Province. Therefore, some rules in the provincial governor's manor were unconsciously spread over Youzhou City and were enjoyed by people.

Since Zhang Tie issued the article "The Inscription on Gravestone of the Despicable" in the forum of the Mountain of Brightness, Huaiyuan Palace and Zhang Clan had been smooth in all aspects. Even those who didn't expect Huaiyuan Palace to be smooth in all aspects became silent in recent years. They didn't offend Huaiyuan Palace anymore in case of being a target for all.

In the territory of Youzhou Province and the Northeast Military Region, almost everyone thought that Zhang Tie was wronged, although people in other places might not think so.

On one hand, Huaiyuan Palace was holding the immense power of Youzhou Province; on the other hand, a backbone of Zhang Clan was wronged and had to escape everywhere. Under the formidable and touching dual atmosphere, Huaiyuan Palace officially rooted in Youzhou Province, even in Taixia Country and expanded its living space.

The Crape Myrtle Palace was bright and clean. Outside the glazed rosewood partitions, the breeze blew by, bringing in a faint fragrance. A brilliant crape myrtle exposed its twigs outside the window as if it wanted to push inside the window so as to adorn the room with a bit brilliance...

It was hot outside the palace; by contrast, it was cool and comfortable inside it. In the four corners of the room, four tin-copper toads were holding ice cubes in their bellies. Widely opening their mouths, the four toads were silently spitting cool air so as to drive away the heat...

Zhang Taixuan was sitting behind a long table and sipping tea with a man on the opposite.

The one who sat on the opposite of Zhang Taixuan was Zhang Yang, Zhang Tie's elder brother. After 4 years, Zhang Yang looked steadier as he had entered his heyday in terms of physical strength, spiritual energy and ability.

Zhang Yang wore a black golden boa silk robe with a think and black mustache. His eyes flickered, shooting out shrewd, heroic eye light. Even though being on the opposite of the clan head, he was still personable, neither being humble nor pushy.

Even in the territory of the entire Northeast Military Region, everyone had known that the family of Zhang Yang, the biggest shareholder of Jinwu Business Group was the richest family in Youzhou Province or the Northeast Military Region, not to mention those in Youzhou Province. Zhang's all-purpose medicament was like gold bars that could be produced constantly. Of course, such a family would be rich.

In Taixia Country, people used to describe "rich" people as "earning 1 dou of gold each day". This expression was evidently dwarfed by Jinwu Business Group. Because Jinwu Business Group could definitely make one ship of gold per day.

Now, the airships which were queuing up in Jinwu City for loading all-purpose medicament had to leave gold two times the weight of the vials of all-purpose medicament. Therefore, it was not excessive to say that Jinwu Business Group could make one ship of gold per day.

2 years ago, Jinwu Business Group which had promoted to be the noblest VIP of Golden Roc Bank had already been able to enjoy the free protection of two knights arranged by the Golden Roc Bank. Due to the special relationship between Jinwu Business Group and Heavens Fortune Sect, Heavens Fortune Sect also dispatched a knight powerhouse to directly reside in Zhang Yang's family as the head of the bodyguards of Zhang's Mansion. Last year, Jinwu Business Group spent a lot on purchasing a floating airboat from Heavens Fortune Sect. Therefore, Zhang Yang became the second one who had a private floating airboat after Zhang Taixuan in Youzhou Province.

This year, according to intelligence, Zhang Taixuan knew that Zhang Yang traveled to Chaosang Subcontinent by floating airboat one month ago and recruited 2 more knights and many powerhouses on different levels below knights from there.

That was to say, 5 knights were serving Zhang Yang, which was almost equal to the number of elders of Huaiyuan Palace.

Zhang Yang had just come back from Chaosang Subcontinent. During the period when Zhang Yang was in Chaosang Subcontinent, of course, Zhang Taixuan as the provincial governor of Youzhou Province neighboring Chaosang Subcontinent knew what happened in Chaosang Subcontinent.

"Is that done by you in Immortal Wind Country?" Zhang Tiexuan slightly blew the tea water as he asked Zhang Yang with a calm look.

"The emperor of Immortal Wind Country is old and muddle-headed. The royal prince is tyrannical and immoral. I went to change a royal prince for them..." Zhang Yang said calmly as he also slightly blew his tea water before having a sip.

Zhang Taixuan knew that Jinwu Business Group had managed in Chaosang Subcontinent for a long time. It was really out of his imagination that Jinwu Business Group could have such a big power over there. He threw a glance at Zhang Yang as he felt that this young man had become more tolerant, decisive and vicious after Zhang Tie was framed and escaped away.

Fengjing City, the capital city of Immortal Wind Country had almost become ruins with a casualty of over 300,000 soldiers and commoners. The forces and armies that were loyal to the earlier royal prince were absolutely uprooted. However, Zhang Yang described it so casually.

"Chaosang Subcontinent is neighboring Taixia Country. All the countries on Chaosang Subcontinent have relations with major clans in Taixia Country. Honestly, Most of the royal households and high-ranking government officials in Chaosang Subcontinent are just watchdogs and agents of major clans of Taixia Country in Chaosang Subcontinent. Tang Clan of Yanzhou Province is on the back of Immortal Wind Country..." Zhang Taixuan reminded Zhang Yang.

"You could exchange everything with money!" Zhang Yang smiled as he put down his teacup, "An elder of Tang Clan went to Immortal Wind Country together with me. He killed the No. 1 knight on the side of the royal prince of Immortal Wind Country..."

"An elder of Tang Clan also went there?' Zhang Taixuan let out a sigh, "Is that worthwhile?"

"Immortal Wind Country is just a tiny country. It doesn't have any powerhouse or valuable resources. However, I like how it trains its dare-to-die soldiers, who might be useful in the future. As long as they are dauntless and could advance wave upon wave, I prefer to take it as a business, whether it's profitable or not..."

"Hidden forces are surging in Taixia Country. You'd better be careful!" Zhang Taixuan said with a distant look.

"After the news that Emperor Xuanyuan is missing drifted from the Earth-elements Realm, it has been spread over Taixia Country only in a few days. Even the kids on the streets know that. Huaiyuan Palace should prepare for it as soon as possible!" Zhang Yang suggested as a shrewd light flashed across his eyes.

After throwing a glance at Zhang Yang, Zhang Taixuan nodded. After being silent a few seconds, Zhang Taixuan replied, "It seems that Yanghe Prefecture should build a high-profile Class A city. With a Class A city on our back, people would feel safe!"

"If Huaiyuan Palace wants to build a Class A city, Jinwu Business Group will bear half of the expense!" Zhang Yang said generously, which meant that he had to spend billions of gold coins.

"What does Jinwu Business Group need?"

"Whether the alchemist bombs that our clan stored should be cleared..."

Zhang Taixuan nodded, "The marriage between Zhu Clan of Yanzhou Province and Huaiyuan Palace..."

"Just let them send the woman here!" Zhang Yang didn't even care about who was that woman. Because it didn't matter at all. He only knew that Zhu Clan was a major clan in Yanzhou Province, whose woman was definitely not ugly. Whatever!

The two people then exchanged a glance with each other before nodding at the same time silently...

After having a cup of tea, Zhang Yang got up and bade a farewell to Zhang Taixuan. Zhang Taixuan saw him off until the entrance of Crape Myrtle Palace...

Watching Zhang Yang walking out of there with a confident look, those guards and the receptionist standing outside the Crape Myrtle Palace bowed towards Zhang Yang respectfully at the same time.

Jinwu Business Group today could never be matched by that yesterday. In late years, with the foundation of Jinwu Business City and the gradual expansion of Jinwu Business Group, Zhang Yang's status and position in Zhang Clan of Huaiyuan Palace could almost match that of clan elders.

Zhang Taixuan touched the fingerstall. Until Zhang Yang disappeared behind those brilliant crape myrtle flowers did Zhang Taixuan turn his eyes to the receptionist of the Provincial Governor's Manor, "What's the matter?"

As an earth knight, he had long heard what did the receptionist talk with the guard just now. Therefore, he knew that receptionist had something to report to him.

The receptionist trotted forward before bowing towards Zhang Taixuan. At the same time, he presented the golden invitation card to Zhang Taixuan with two hands. At the sight of the eye-catching golden invitation card, Zhang Taixuan's pupils narrowed at once...

Because there were the qi and image of an earth knight on the golden invitation card. The image was a ferocious and grim fire dragon with two wings.

In the knight's world, this indicated that the one who delivered this golden invitation card was a noble earth knight.

After opening it, Zhang Taixuan only saw one paragraph:

——On August 18, I will hold the opening ceremony of Iron-Dragon Sect in Xuantian City, at the foot of Yangui Mountain, Fire Dragon Bounty Territory. I've prepared some drinks to invite all the dignitaries in Huaiyuan Palace to attend it.

The signature was——Cui Li, the Fire Dragon Hermit, also the owner of Fire Dragon Bounty Territory.

"What a fierce dragon..." Zhang Taixuan read the golden invitation cards twice. Feeling its weight, after considering it a few seconds, he turned around and told the receptionist, "Invite the elders of Huaiyuan Palace to discuss something in White Tiger Platform..."


On the same day, many major clans in Youzhou Province, Tongzhou Province and Yangzhou Province in the territory of the Northeast Military Region which neighbored Fire Dragon Bounty Territory received the same golden invitation card.

Zhang Yang received the same golden invitation card when he returned home...

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