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Chapter 1052: A Chance of Reversal
Translator: WQL Editor: Aleem

"Supreme Court didn't give me an explanation until I left Huaiyuan Palace today; neither did they contact Huaiyuan Palace!" Elder Muyu answered Zhu Elder calmly.

"Before coming to Xuantian City, our master told us that if Supreme Court didn't revoke the arrest order of Elder Mushen and declare Elder Mushen's innocence these days, our master would write a letter to Supreme Court for revoking it in the identity of the provincial governor of Yanzhou Province!" Zhu Elder said out of rage.

After the informed clans in Taixia Country got the intelligence about the event in Zhongzhou Province, they all sensed that the tragedy in Fuhai City might be reversed. It was just a matter of time to withdraw the arrest order of Elder Mushen from Huaiyuan Palace.

Over the past 4 years, Elder Mushen had won one-sided sympathy in the folks. Many people felt that Elder Mushen was a remarkable, affectionate man, who had made meritorious deeds in fighting demons in both Waii Subcontinent and Taixia Country. How could such a person be driven mad and do such a terrifying thing in Fuhai city only after being refused for a proposal of marriage?

Public opinions caused a great stress to the Supreme Court; however, before gaining any latest evidence, the Supreme Court stuck to its original judgment. After the event in Zhongzhou Province broke out, if the Supreme Court still stuck to the earlier evidence and judgment, it was nothing different than jumping into a firey pit themselves. How could the Supreme Court bear the furious public opinions across the country?

If the conspiracy was not discovered timely, Zhongzhou Provincial Court would suffer much greater loss. Seriously, the Supreme Court of Taixia Country and the Zhongzhou Provincial Court didn't fulfill their responsibilities for inspection; therefore, Heavens Reaching Church and Wen family could have a chance to build the simplified Bloody Sea in the territory of Zhongzhou Province and arouse a great trouble.

The culprit on the back of Heavens Reaching Church had revenged Zhang family a couple of times. After their conspiracy was exposed, the culprit's trace was revealed; a province had been chaotic. The one who mastered the Bloody Demon Imitation Method had revealed his trace. If the Supreme Court still wanted to arrest Elder Mushen, many people would doubt that the Supreme Court was on the same side with Heavens Reaching Church; otherwise, how the Supreme Court could not discover the conspiracy of Heavens Reaching Church and arrest the culprit on the back of Heavens Reaching Church? Why the one who discovered the conspiracy of Heavens Reaching Church was still being wanted by Supreme Court...

Facing such a great stress and strict condemnation, even the top three chancellors in Taixia Country could not sleep well.

"Elder Mushen's case is most wronged in Taixia Country. If Elder Mushen's case was not reversed, who would dare to fight Heavens Reaching Church in the future? If the Supreme Court didn't reverse Elder Mushen's case, as a member of Northeast Military Region, our Qian Clan would also write a letter to the Supreme Court to ask for fairness for Elder Mushen!" The Qian Elder also clarified his position at present.

After two clans with provincial governors determined to support Elder Mushen at present, all the other knights and elders in the circle hurriedly echoed.

Elder Muyu cupped his hands and bowed towards them around him as if he was moved by them pretty much, "Thanks for your righteousness, Huaiyuan Palace will bear it in mind for sure!"

"After attending the opening ceremony of Fire Dragon Hermit, Zhu Clan will assign clan disciples and knight-level powerhouses to Zhongzhou Province. We will make our efforts for the safety of Zhongzhou Province; meanwhile, we could gain the first-hand news. I wonder about your plans..." Zhu Elder opened his mouth again.

As Zhu Clan was most powerful in the crowd, the others faintly treated Zhu Elder as the most prestigious one in this circle. Even Elder Muyu and Elder Qian didn't mean to steal the show.

"Huaiyuan Palace also has this plan..."

"To tell the truth, as the leader of Qian Clan's team, considering the fierce flames of war in the holy war, I think it's not bad for the younger generation to practice themselves on the battlefields..." Although Qian Clan also had a provincial governor, it had just moved to Tongzhou a bit more than 2 decades ago. Besides an earth knight-level provincial governor, the entire Qian Clan only had 3 knight-level elders, which could not even match that of Huaiyuan Palace. After the master of Lu Clan in Spiritualmaple Prefecture of Youzhou Province promoted to an earth knight, even Lu Clan had more knights than Qian Clan. Therefore, in this situation, the Qian Elder had to be low-key.

"We also have this plan. It's a long trip from here to Zhongzhou Province. I'm afraid that Zhu Clan needs to go there by airboat. If so, we might have to bother Zhu Elder and take a ride of your airboat..." Another knight on one side said.

Elder Zhu watched those who agreed with him with a faint smile. Zhu Clan's reputation and power definitely ranked first in the Northeast Military Region. Although Commander Cheng Honglie was powerful, his base was actually in Yaozhou Province instead of Northeast Military Region.


At this moment, a loud report drifted from the receptionist outside the venue, "Guo Hongyi, the master of Guo Clan of Threespring coming..."

Closely after the report, a woman in scarlet longuette had entered the venue being accompanied by some guards.

There was more than one female knight in the venue; however, Guo Hongyi was the only female knight-level master of a clan across Northeast Military Region. Additionally, Guo Hongyi didn't take any clan disciple but some guards. Being especially eye-catching, her qi field could immediately defeat the other clans' knights and elders.

After arriving at the venue, Guo Hongyi raised her head and threw a glance at those knights and elders who were gathering together and nodded towards them. After that, she came to the seats of Guo Clan under the guidance of Wang Clan's disciples.

"Lu Dingzhi, the master of Lu Clan of Spiritualmaple Prefecture in Youzhou coming..."

After the report, personable Lu Dingzhi entered the venue with two clan elders and Lu disciples...

After Lu Dingzhi lost the competition for the provincial governor of Youzhou Province 4 years ago, he had been cultivating at home. Later on, although it was said that he had promoted to an earth knight, Lu Dingzhi didn't show up. Honestly, it was Lu Dingzhi's first time to show up in the public after the competition for the provincial governor of Youzhou Province.

As Lu Dingzhi had promoted to an earth knight, all the black iron knights and elders at present nodded towards him on their own initiative out of etiquette and regulations.

Lu Dingzhi didn't hold any office; therefore, he could come here; if not, it was improper for an official of Taixia Country and an earth knight to attend the opening ceremony of another earth knight.

In the later short period, all the influential figures from the major clans of the three neighboring provinces arrived consecutively. All the clans which competed for the provincial governor of Youzhou Province 4 years ago had assigned their representatives here, including Gu Dashou, the master of Gu Clan. How boisterous it was in the Xuantian Courtyard of Iron-Dragon Sect!

What was a bit unimaginable was that the representatives of Li Clan, which was closest to Xuantian City arrived a bit later. As all those at present were shrewd, only after thinking about it a second, they had understood it right away. Li Clan's representatives arrived a bit later purposefully. Li Clan also had knights; additionally, Li Clan's Miyun Prefecture neighbored Fire Dragon Bounty Territory. Actually, Xuantian Cheng was divided from Miyun Prefecture. Among the major clans' representatives at present, maybe Li Clan' representatives had most complex moods. As a power suddenly appeared on Li Clan's side, Li Clan might not have thought through how to make contact with this new power. If Li Clan's representatives arrived too early, others might think that Li Clan was trying to flatter Fire Dragon Hermit; if they didn't come, Li Clan would offend Fire Dragon Hermit; therefore, Li Clan' representatives arrived a bit late purposefully. Whatever, it was not impolite as long as they arrived before the opening ceremony.

After more and more people arrived, they started to gather in groups as they exchanged intelligence and news in low voices. Those talkative disciples chatted here and there in the venue. Only after a little while, the intelligence about the event in Zhongzhou Province which was talked by Zhang Clan, Zhu Clan and Qian Clan had spread over the other clans' elders and masters, including the secret method of Bloody Sea and that the case of Elder Mushen of Huaiyuan Palace was going to be reversed soon. These intelligence were indeed what they were concerned about.

After Li Clan of Miyun Prefecture arrived, masters and elders of some clans and small and medium-sized sects in Yanzhou Province and Tongzhou Province such as Longwind Sect, Huge Saber Sect, Immortal Fist Position Sect arrived too. By then, almost all the influential clans and sects in Youzhou Province, Yanzhou Province and Tongzhou Province had arrived. It was just a bit late than 9 am, about 20 minutes away from the opening ceremony of Iron-Dragon Sect.

Immortal Fist Position Sect had already been founded for over 100 years in Yanzhou Province. The team of Immortal Fist Position Sect here was led by Nangong Sheng, Strong Cloud Hermit, the master of this sect, which shocked all the guests at present.

Nangong Sheng, Strong Cloud Hermit founded Immortal Fist Position Sect in Yanzhou Province 100 years ago. After so many years' development, the sect had been very famous across the Northeast Military Region. As Strong Cloud Hermit promoted to an earth knight 20 years ago, the Immortal Fist Position Sect became the only major sect with an earth knight within Northeast Military Region. Benefited from this, Immortal Fist Position Sect became more popular and always thought that they could rank first among so many sects in Northeast Military Region; at the same time, all the other sects in Yanzhou Province felt suppressed in front of Immortal Fist Position Sect.

Nangong Sheng, Strong Cloud Hermit came here with the only two knight-level elders of Immortal Fist Position Sect and some core disciples. Such a team was a bit over "luxurious"...

Watching the solemn looks of all the team members of Nangong Sheng, many guests thought, 'Is there a good show today?'

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