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Chapter 1110: Losing Life by One Sentence
Translator: WQL Editor: Aleem

Everyone had his or her own story.

As a mature knight who had seen the world, Zhang Tie also had his own story.

So did Bai Suxian. Zhang Tie's story started from Blackhot City; Bai Suxian's story started from Lord Guangnan's Mansion. Before gaining Castle of Black Iron, Zhang Tie's story was always very insipid. As for Bai Suxian who was born in a major clan with an excellent talent and look, her story was always splendid since the beginning, including her life experience, emotional experience and those unspoken love affairs.

All the young boys and girls were amorous.

Zhang Tie and Bai Suxian both had romantic experiences. If not have witnessed too many countries' perdition and separation between family members, an earth knight at his 30s might still be in "romance".

In that age, it was normal what happened to Zhang Tie and Bai Suxian.

When in Blackhot City, Zhang Tie had dissolute experiences with girls of Rose Association. As a princess, of course, Bai Suxian was not that dissolute. Since young, Bai Suxian was always surrounded by a lot of fervent pursuers. Bai Suxian might have encountered someone whom she would like to pay everything for.

Since Miss Daina left him, Zhang Tie had realized that people could barely pursue perfection in the world, not to mention keeping all the good things or have all the women in the world accost him. Each beauty was just a piece of white paper, who was waiting for a man to make her life colorful.

It was far-stretched, also the daydreams of many horny boys.

With this mature mentality, Zhang Tie became more comprehensive about Bai Suxian.

Since they fixed their love affair, Bai Suxian had been avoiding talking about her past experiences in front of Zhang Tie. Zhang Tie didn't pump it either; Bai Suxian didn't talk about it in case of dissatisfying Zhang Tie. Zhang Tie also tried his best to care about Bai Suxian's privacy and self-esteem.

The privacy and self-esteem were finally unveiled by someone ruthlessly in front of Zhang Tie today.

After hearing the words behind her, Bai Suxian's face instantly turned pale. Closely after that, she threw a look at Zhang Tie stealthily out of concern.

Zhang Tie suddenly felt that Bai Suxian's hands were quivering for the first time. Bai Suxian's worried look made Zhang Tie's heart aching. 'Since our love affair was fixed, it's her first time to be so unconfident."

Zhang Tie stopped his footsteps at once as he turned around.

"Let's go..." Bai Suxian who had always been mighty suddenly became weak. She wanted to pull Zhang Tie away; however, Zhang Tie remained unchanged.

With an icy look, Zhang Tie glanced around the 4 male knights beside Fang Xinyi and a female knight who just glanced around Fang Xinyi, Bai Suxian and Zhang Tie with a compelled look.

Zhang Tie was not interested in acquainting with these people since the beginning. Therefore, he didn't even ask their names.

All the knights on the other side had sensed the invisible stress in Zhang Tie's icy eyes. As a result, their disdainful, arrogant and scornful facial expressions gradually became frozen.

"Who said that?" Zhang Tie asked. Meanwhile, he pinched Bai Suxian's hand, letting her calm down.

"It's me. So what?" A handsome male knight with thin lips and a bit slim eyes in a senior jade waistband and a sapphire bow-silk long gown raised his head and strode out of the team of Fang Xinyi. At the same time, he twitched his facial muscles like being stretched by an invisible line, revealing an arrogant smile towards Zhang Tie. With a sound of "Shhua", he unfolded a fan and waved it in a handsome way, "An earth knight might be domineering in other places; however, in Xuanyuan Hill, this bit of foundation is not enough. So many provincial governors and Cheji generals in Taixia Country are behaving in a low-key manner; not to mention a common earth knight. Xuanyuan Hill is very sophisticated. Besides sage-level ones, dozens of earth knight have been killed in Xuanyuan Hill in the late 100 years. Hehe, another one might lose his life soon. If it's your first time to visit Xuanyuan Hill, I suggest you to not treat this place as your private territory. Mind your own business. It's not worthy for you to do that for a woman!"

Zhang Tie didn't lose his temper; instead, he revealed a smile, "I almost forgot about it. May I know your name?"

"I'm Yue Peng, a trivial person in Heavens Holding Pavilion!" That man replied in an arrogant look as he waved his small fan more pleasantly.

"You're indeed a trivial person. More than that, you're a timid person. You're not even a man!" Zhang Tie abruptly sneered as he watched that knight of Heavens Holding Pavilion who was waving his fan with a disdainful look, "I just asked your name instead of your sect. Why did you tell me about your sect? Whether do you feel that you're not brave to stand out if not tell me about your sect? Besides your sect, what else do you have? Why not tell me about the names of your dad and your mom or anyone great that you know? Even an ambitious 7-year old kid might feel embarrassed by using this trick before a fight, I've not imagined that a male, good-looking knight like you is just as timid as a rabbit. You're wasting this father's saliva..."

Zhang Tie directly spat a mouth of saliva onto the ground. Closely after that, he turned around and pulled Bai Suxian away. At the same time, he shook his head and told her, "Forgot about him, let's go. I thought that it was a blind guy who scorned behind me; I wanted to teach him a lesson for you; it turns out that he's just a worthless guy. He's just a toad that jumped onto your instep. He wants to bite you; however, he's not brave enough to do that. Neither will he be able to do that. The moment he uttered, he would make you feel very disgusted. If you beat him, when he dropped his snot and tears and rolled over the ground or complained that you were bullying him in front of his parents and grandparents, you would be sick to death. Although he's shameless, this Old Cui has to care about my reputation. If I fought him, I could barely explain it to my friends as long as they asked me about that. After stepping onto a toad, you would feel being smelly all over. Additionally, your shoes would be polluted. You could only treat him as a fart..."

"Hmm..." Bai Suxian responded to him in a low voice. Although she wanted to persuade Zhang Tie to leave as soon as possible, she was still moved by him when she found that Zhang Tie would like to fight for her.

At this moment, due to anxiety, Bai Suxian felt a bit muddle-headed. She didn't even notice that Zhang Tie was more talkative today.

"As the old saying goes; things of a kind come together, people of a mind fall into the same group. Stay far away from these people. If you want to judge one's worldview, look at his enemy. This kind of person only knows about spurting out sh*t and crying in front of his parents. He's just a clown among knights. He could not even match the thugs on the streets and nouveau riches. Stay away from him. Otherwise, our identities would be declined by him. It's too disgraceful. Don't expose what happened today to the public. If Uncle Zhong asks you about that, just tell him that we've traveled on the Golden Water River for one day..."

Zhang Tie didn't speak to Bai Suxian in a secret way. Even some commoners had heard his words clearly, not to mention the 6 knights behind them.

In a split second, even the other knights had turned pale, not to mention Yue Peng who scorned Zhang Tie just now.

The sentence "Things of a kind come together, people of a mind fall into the same group" was too destructive. Additionally, Zhang Tie' reason could really not be easily refuted.

He only needed to tell Zhang Tie his name; why did he tell Zhang Tie about his sect? Evidently, he was lacking confidence. Was Heavens Holding Pavilion something? Wasn't all the people at present members of the top 7 sects?

Although the others on Yue Peng's side didn't say anything, they looked at Yue Peng out of dissatisfaction.

If Yue Peng knew how Zhang Tie grew up and how talkative he was, he would think twice before saying that in case of the possible trouble. Soon after his words, Zhang Tie had caught his loophole and sent him into the hell.

Watching the backs of Zhang Tie and Bai Suxian and sensing the "special eye light" of his partners, Yue Peng's face blushed and finally turned green. He pinched his fan forcefully and turned it into powders.

"Stop..." Yue Peng shouted with bloody eyes.

Zhang Tie pulled Bai Suxian's hand and just walked away without even turning around.

Everyone saw Zhang Tie's deep, disdainful attitude from his back.

Only after such a short while, Zhang Tie and Bai Suxian had been 50 m away.

"Stop!" Yue Peng roared as he punched towards Zhang Tie's back with his battle qi...

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