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Chapter 1125: Dignity
Translator: WQL Editor: Aleem

As a shadow knight and the minister of justice, this guy had a very strong qi field. The moment he appeared, everybody else at present had concentrated on him. He was more domineering than anyone else at present. Most of the people even ignored those knight-level powerhouses behind him.

"Minister of justice..."At the sight of this old man, Han Yuanhong hurriedly moved one step forward as he cupped his hands towards this old man.

The minister of justice just threw a distant look at Han Yuanhong before replying, "Hmm" in a calm way. Closely after that, he glanced around those corpses on the ground, then the virtual images of Zhang Tie and Mountain Lifting Hermit and said distantly, "Xuanyuan Hill is the hinterland of Taixia Country. If your virtual images stayed here for too long, others would think that an urgent situation had cropped up here. Hide them!"

Zhang Tie exchanged a glance with Mountain Lifting Hermit before nodding tacitly at the same time. Meanwhile, they hid their virtual images. Now that the minister of justice arrived, of course, the battle had to come to an end. If they really started a fight in front of the minister of justice, they would make the minister of justice very embarrassed. Who dared make the minister of justice embarrassed? It was said that the minister of justice had the greatest battle strength among the 9 ministers in Taixia Country as he had to frighten those evil forces. Even two common shadow knights could not defeat the minister of justice.

Zhang Tie didn't know which secret method was the minister of justice cultivating. When the minister of justice threw a glance at him just now, Zhang Tie felt being transparent all over as if all of his secrets had been exposed. Therefore, his heart pounded.

"Uncle Sun..." Bai Suxian who had been silent for quite a while suddenly uttered as she hailed the minister of justice by lowering her body.

After hearing Bai Suxian's words, Han Yuanhong's heart pounded at once although he was standing a few meters away.

The minister of justice focused on Bai Suxian for two seconds before revealing a smile as if he finally remembered who was Bai Suxian, "When I saw you last time, your dad brought you to pay a formal visit to the empress dowager in the Longevity Palace of Peach Mountain. I've not imagined that you could promote to a knight after 19 years!"

Bai Suxian let out a sigh, "Uncle Sun, even as a knight, I was still almost sexually harassed by some thugs under your eyes. Xuanyuan Hill is growing more and more chaotic!"

After hearing Bai Suxian's words, the minister of justice blushed as he coughed. Closely after that, he threw a glance at those corpses on the ground, "You mean them?"

"Who else? One of them wanted to molest me. After he was killed by my brother Cui, his partners started to attack us by force. We had to kill them all. I've not imagined that the master of Gold and Power Market could suddenly come out and intend to revenge for those thugs by arresting my brother Cui!" Bai Suxian slowly let out a sigh.

The minister of justice immediately moved his eyes onto Han Yuanhong.

Han Yuanhong hurriedly moved one step forward, "Minister of justice, I beg for your fair judgment. I was told that someone killed foreign VIPs at the Qian Gate of Gold and Power Market; therefore, I hurriedly came over here to control the event. I wanted to put the killer under control at first. Because those being killed are not commoners, but the Prince Cricise of Arlkey and his bodyguards. Arlkey Empire is abundant in high-quality crystals, which is the most important strategic resources. Their crystals are supplied to the private imperial finance and living affairs ministry and the top 4 troops of Taixia Country. Arlkey Empire is the most important trading partner of Taixia Country in New Creascence Subcontinent. They are especially invited by Gold and Power Law to attend the Treasures Meeting. However, the prince of Arlkey Empire was killed in Xuanyuan Hill, minister of justice, please decide the case fairly!"

When Han Yuanhong talked about high-quality crystals, the others didn't make any response to it; however, Zhang Tie's heart raced as he immediately thought about the material of bloody sea. A great number of high-quality crystals were demanded to build a bloody sea. Han Zhengfang was the master of Gold and Power Law, Han Yuanhong was the bright gold master of Gold and Power Law; therefore, it would be too easy if they would like to gain high-quality crystals from Arlkey Empire. Additionally, it would not arouse others' doubts. Given this point, Zhang Tie finally figured out why Han Yuanhong hurriedly came out to revenge for the motherf*cking prince of Arlkey Empire. There must be a dirty trick inside.

Pitifully, Zhang Tie knew that even though his presumption was true, nobody would believe in his words. As a result, he might beat the grass and frighten away the snake. As Zhang Tie was here to uproot Han Clan; instead of giving them a warning, even though Zhang Tie was clear-minded, he still remained silent.

"Nobody could enjoy a privilege in Xuanyuan Hill. Of course, the killer should receive the punishment; however, if those being killed sought for death themselves, it's nothing serious. Our Taixia Country have strict laws. If Arlkey Empire has other thoughts about this event, just dispatch someone to New Crescence Subcontinent to change an emperor for the country or have the private imperial finance and living affairs ministry take over this country." The minister of justice said it calmly. Closely after that, he glanced around the onlookers as he told them, "As there're so many people here, someone among you must have witnessed what happened just now, just tell me about that!"

Soon after the minister of justice finished his words, some people among the crowd had exchanged glances with each other before a tough guy strode one step forward and cupped his hands towards the minister of justice. Closely after that, he said loudly, "Minister of justice, this humble man indeed saw that these foreign people commented this young lady with dirty words behind her back. In the beginning, the group of foreign people was far away from this young lady and the tough man behind them. Two of them purposefully collided with each other behind this young lady; closely after that, one of them wanted to thrust his belly towards this young lady. However, he was kicked off by this tough man. At the sight of this scene, all of his partners drew out their sabers and axes and started to attack the two people; finally, they were killed by this young lady and this tough man!"


"Minister of justice, I saw that too. It was true. Just now, I was doubting whether this guy who intended to thrust his belly towards this young lady on purpose; later on, I knew that this guy was a knight; however could a knight lose his balance only after being touched by his subordinate bodyguard? Therefore, it's indeed a purposeful sexual harassment!"


"Minister of justice, I saw it too. Just now, this group of foreign people behaved in a rude way behind this young lady and this childe..."

Many witnesses stood out of the crowd and explained what they saw at once. Two of them were even foreign people. Just now, they were not far away from Zhang Tie and Bai Suxian behind them; therefore, they saw what happened too. As for these foreign people, the motherf*cking Arlkey Empire had nothing to do with them. They were not of the same human race at all; additionally, what Zhang Tie said formed a resonance with them; therefore, they would like to bear witness for Zhang Tie.

After hearing these words, Zhang Tie sighed with emotion, 'Taixia Country is really powerful. If it were in other continents or subcontinents, who dared bear the witness heroically when they knew that they might offend the bright gold master of Gold and Power Law indirectly by doing so. However, at this moment, almost all the people who had witnessed the process of the event would like to bear the witness. Although it was a trivial matter, it implied the patriotism of a nation. At this critical moment, most of the people in the surroundings would choose to stand out to bear the witness instead of being silent for the sake of their safety in a "wise" way. Such an uncompromising spirit and mentality facing the evil forces in the public made Taixia Country powerful and frightened demons.

Zhang Tie found that he had a new recognition about Taixia Country.

After hearing the testimony, Han Yuanhong silently lowered his head.

The minister of justice was clear about the process of this event too. After glancing around the scene, he pointed at the elder foreign knight from Arlkey Empire and asked, "As the prince of Arlkey Empire and his bodyguards dare do a shameless thing in Xuanyuan Hill, they deserve the death. The killers are innocent. Given the severity of this event, I declare that all the people from Arlkey Empire of New Crescence Subcontinent are forbidden to enter Xuanyuan Hill from today on. Anyone who violates this rule will be killed. Drive this man out of Xuanyuan Hill..."

Since Han Yuanhong arrived, the elder knight of Arlkey Empire had been standing aside tamefully. Like a transparent person, he could not interrupt their talk at all. After hearing the judgment of minister of justice, he widely opened his mouth with astonishment and panic. Closely after that, he looked at Han Yuanhong and talked gibberish. Pitifully, Han Yunhong didn't even throw a glance at him.

"Be quiet in front of the minister of justice, slap your mouth..." The two subordinate knights beside the minister of justice strode forward and grabbed that elder foreign knight's arms at once. Closely after that, they slapped that elder foreign knight's face a few times and drew him away. As the minister of justice had sent the order to drive this man out of Xuanyuan Hill, of course, they need to execute it right away. Meanwhile, someone else beside the minister of justice had already passed the notice to the subordinates through the remote-sensing crystal. From today on, everybody from the Arlkey Empire of New Crescence Subcontinent was forbidden in Xuanyuan Hill. All those who had entered it would be driven away at once.

No matter how fierce the foreign people were, they had to behave like tame kitties in Xuanyuan Hill.

All the foreign knights among the onlookers were scared by what they saw as they hurriedly ordered their subordinates to follow the laws in Taixia Country and not stir up any trouble here. It was in Xuanyuan Hill, not any remote places like their hometowns. Because a prince of a major country in a subcontinent which had established important trade ties with Taixia Country wanted to sexually harass a woman, he was kicked to death by an earth knight. His life was as cheap as that of a dog. Actually, his life couldn't even match that of a dog. At least a dog could rub a beauty on the street for a short while. By contrast, besides losing his own life, even this prince's country was involved in it. Their royal households might be changed. Such a person died in vain in Xuanyuan Hill. What about others? In Xuanyuan Hill, every knight has to behave carefully no matter how powerful he was.

'F*ck, that d**chebag must have not imagined that the woman whom he stirred up was followed by such a terrifying earth knight, who could kill him in a split second. Xuanyuan Hill is too terrifying. How come earth knights stroll on the streets casually? F*ck, I have to be careful later on.' Such a thought flickered through many foreign knights' brain at this moment.

Taixia Country was powerful because of etiquette and great battle strength.

After dealing with this event simply, the minister of justice left as if he had done something trivial, leaving awe-stricken eye lights behind him.

Nobody had noticed that Zhang Tie had released two tracing feathers onto that elder knight's clothes when he was drawn away.

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