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Chapter 1224: The Turmoil in Ewentra Archipelago
Translator: WQL Editor: Aleem

In late March, the cold wind from the Devil North Wind Belt in Ice and Snow Wilderness blew over Oro Strait all the way to the south. When it reached 600 more miles in the south of Saint Herner Island and arrived at Arkray Island, it had turned mild. The cold in the wind couldn't be sensed anymore.

As the most prosperous big island in Ewentra Archipelago, the hub that linked the north part and south part of Ewentra Archipelago and the political center of the entire Ewentra Archipelago, Arkray Island covered over 2,400 square miles. The autonomous parliament of Ewentra Archipelago was founded in Arkray Island.

In Ewentra Archipelago sea area, those islands which were larger than Arkray Island were not as prosperous as Arkray Island; those islands which were smaller than Arkray Island couldn't match Arkray Island in the background. The greater part of time-honored major sects which built up fortunes in commerce and trade across Ewentra Archipelago originated from Arkray Island. Therefore, Gantiadu Island and Sinira Island didn't become the political center of Ewentra Archipelago; Saint Herner Island was defeated by Arkray Island too.

The wind from Ice and Snow Wilderness had turned as warm as a spring breeze; however, another cold current from Western Continent sent the entire Arkray Island into cold as if the winter had arrived.


After receiving the news that the expeditionary fleet of Sacred Light Empire on Western Continent had set off the harbor, the atmosphere of the entire sea area of Ewentra Archipelago grew increasingly intenser. As the expeditionary fleet of Sacred Light Fleet gradually approached Ewentra Archipelago, the entire Arkray Island was troubled by surging evil forces; especially the autonomous parliament of Ewentra Archipelago.

On March 26, the members of autonomous parliament were in a quarrel in the conference hall only for voting the Act on the Mobilization for the Duel .

As the members of the autonomous parliament had a great difference in views, Ms. Olina the president of the parliament let the two parties carry out a public debate.

The so-called public debate was just an orderly quarrel.

"Gentlemen, we have received the news from the Maritime Council yesterday. The expeditionary fleet of Sacred Light Fleet has already arrived at Sukbi Sea Gulf 2 weeks ago. They are accomplishing the final replenishment. Based on the speed of the expeditionary corps of Sacred Light Empire, as you know, they would probably arrive at Ewentra Archipelago sea area on the same day next month as it is only fewer than 20,000 nautical miles. At most mid Friday, a powerful fleet would arrive. As members of Sacred Iceland Kingdom, of course, we're obligated to resist the invaders. However, the problem is that is our resistance meaningful? What's the meaning of our resistance? Will the result be different than treating more fellows as cannon fodders?"

Right then, a gentleman at his 50s expressed his opinion on the rostrum, spraying his saliva in all directions. This man was Levins Hill, the clan head of Levins Clan on Bali Island and the member of Ewentra Archipelago Autonomous Parliament.

Perhaps, he had less chance to make a speech here, Levins Hill looked a bit thrilled. In the former quarrel, this old man's hair looked a bit disordered; if not Ms. Olina had guards break in and separate the two parties timely, these gentlemen might have long started to make a boxing show due to the excitement.

Levins Hill was the one who mostly opposed the Act on the Mobilization for the Duel . It was out of people's imagination more or less; however, it was still understandable. Because everybody across Ewentra Archipelago knew the relationship between Levins Clan and Renard Clan on Bali Island. Levins Hill was a dog, a graceful dog of Connar, the clan head of Renard Clan.

Connar was always silent in the conference hall. However, everybody knew that Revins Hill had spoken everything for Connar.

Of course, the attitude of Levins Clan was as same as that of Renard Connar.

Although Levins Hill was speaking out of excitement, many members of autonomous parliament below didn't look at him at all; instead, they peeped at Connar who was closely below the rostrum of the president.

Like usual, Connar still wore a suit of exquisite gray Western-style clothes as the deputy president of the autonomous parliament. Connar's grey-brown hair was combed well. Under the light of the ceiling fluorite lamp, his hair was shiny with delicate, waxy light. Even flies would slip on his hair.

Connar watched Levins Hill calmly in a glassy-eyed way. The same fluorite lamplight outstood this man's hooknose and strongly defined and a stubborn chin. The two deep eye sockets were like pitch-dark pits while the eyesight in the deep pits was confusing and profound.

Ms. Olina was sitting on a higher rostrum behind Connar in a black silk longuette and a delicate, simple and elegant makeup. Perhaps because she had delivered and suckled babies, Ms. Olina looked more mature and feminine. She was brilliant. In each conference, those members of autonomous parliament who peeped at her in the public would be fascinated by Ms. Olina's charm.


The sexy fox who was well-known across Ewentra Archipelago had already become the president of the Ewentra Archipelago Autonomous Parliament. Navyblue Castle Business Group grew increasingly prosperous. An extremely charming mature widow being set off by power and wealth would make men feel being convinced. However, all the men could only stand it because they all knew whom did this woman belong to.

Like Connar, Ms. Olina who was sitting on the highest position also maintained a calm look; besides, she also looked a bit tired as everybody knew that this woman had made her full efforts these days in order to respond to the coming expeditionary fleet of Sacred Light Empire.

Many male members of parliament would be fascinated by the look of Ms. Olina. Only very few people noticed that Ms. Olina was wearing a luxuriant purely black longuette with a silver diamond brooch on her breast.

"...The expeditionary corps of Sacred Light Empire assigned 2 throne priests and 5 major priests from the eastern parish. How could Sacred Iceland Island resist such a great power? Is that useful for all of us to fight them? Levins Hill loudly repeated the worst news that everybody else had known; although the others disliked him, they couldn't refute him.

"According to you, do we just put up our hands and wait for being arrested?" Bell Filis on the other rostrum asked him out of fury, "Do you mean that we have to give up resistance because of the power of the enemy? Do we also give up resistance if our enemy is a demon? If so, what about the face of His Majesty? You're a treason!"

After old Bell resigned as the member of autonomous parliament, his grandson had taken over his position and become a member of Ewentra Autonomous Parliament.

The relationship between Bell Clan in Saint Herner Island and Ms. Olina who came from the same island was universally known.

This Act on the Mobilisation of the Duel could almost be regarded as a duel between the president and the deputy president of the Ewentra Autonomous Parliament.

No matter what, junior Bell was a bit young. Levins Hill caught the loophole in junior Bell's furious question at once as he revealed a smile.

"I'm doing this according to the opinion of His Majesty. Mr. Bell must remember the nature of Ewentra Mixed Fleet. According to the agreement, it served as the local garrison fleet. Over these years, the expenditure of Ewentra Mixed Fleet was always allocated by our autonomous parliament. Unless being invaded by demons, the Ewentra Mixed Fleet should be led by the Ewentra Autonomous Parliament. That's why I oppose the Act on the Mobilisation of the Duel . Besides exploiting the command of Ewentra Autonomous Parliament regarding the fleet, this act also extracts the overall strength across Ewentra Archipelago and put it into a hopeless war. This violates the agreement that we have made with His Majesty. If we pass this act, we're betraying the country and His Majesty in a foolish way. I oppose passing this act because I want to save Ewentra Archipelago and preserve the reputation of His Majesty..."

Levins Hill was eloquent on the rostrum. His words beautified himself; meanwhile, he splashed a basin of dirty water towards junior Bell.

The entire conference hall was in an uproar at once as both parties were blaming the opposition for betraying the country. It was already a very serious diction; additionally, from the result of the debate, Levins Hill seemingly took the wind.

Levins Hill behaved pleasantly.

"You b*stard and coward!" Bell Filis was driven mad as he directly jumped over the rostrum and punched at Levins Hill's face. Levins Hill dodged away; as a result, Bell Filis punched at Levins Hill's shoulder. The two people then started to wrestle with each other and fell down at the same time. A great number of members of parliament hurriedly rushed and swarmed up to pull them apart, causing the spot to be chaotic once again...

In the chaos, the president knocked the wooden block by hammer at the rostrum for 3 times. After that, junior Bell and Levins Hill were pulled apart.

Levins Hill looked embarrassed in messy hair. There was a bruise on his face; additionally, junior Bell lost two buttons with two footprints on his trousers.

"As members of parliament have a great divergence in views. We could barely reach an agreement. We will not vote on the act today. Let's continue tomorrow, adjournment!" Ms. Olina said helplessly as she stood up and put down the long hammer. After throwing another glance at the spot, she left the rostrum quietly.

Connar was lowering his head and putting his documents in order. However, when he raised his head, his mouth corners slightly rose.

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