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Chapter 1238: Returning to Sacred Iceland Kingdom
Translator: WQL Editor: Aleem

Since the evening of the 26th day of this month, the bloody massacre of the red gloves of the Order Jury had frozen the entire Ewentra Archipelago like a cold current that came from the polar region.

The 43 members of Ewentra Autonomous Parliament and their clans represented by Renard Clan on Arkray Island were exterminated overnight. Starting from Arkray Island, the cruel massacre had covered each isle across Ewentra Archipelago in only 3 days.

On March 31st, sitting on the highest rostrum of the conference hall of Ewentra Autonomous Parliament, Ms. Olina couldn't help but let out a sigh when she found almost 1/3 of seats were vacant.

A few days ago, this conference room was as boisterous as a fish market; however, it became pretty quiet now. Those eloquent members of Ewentra Autonomous Parliament had disappeared. All the other members here were as docile as rabbits and as quiet as cicadas in late autumn. Almost nobody at present dared look straight into Ms. Olina's eyes. Those who saw her eyes by accident would always look humble and flattering.

Brightman the clan head of Wilis Clan was speaking in excitement on the rostrum at this moment. At the same time, he wove his fist as if he wanted to punch someone into pieces like a righteous man who was giving a speech on the square.

Since they got acquainted with Brightman, all the people at present including Ms. Olina had not imagined that this man who was always urbane in a pair of glasses could have such a fierce side.

"...This is a shameless betrayal and naked blasphemy. Renard Clan and those members of Ewentra Autonomous Parliament betrayed the entire Sacred Iceland Kingdom and profaned His Majesty's mercy and generosity. What were they doing when the enemy was coming? They didn't intend to resist the enemy and pledged their loyalty to His Majesty; instead, they had people monitor the traces of Northwind Fleet and exposed our intelligence to our enemy; they were betraying our His Majesty for the sake of glory..." Brightman said with a very distressed look as he forcefully punched onto the hard rostrum which was made of teakwood, causing a loud bang. Hopefully, his fist was not red. "Whenever I recalled that we were staying in the same room with such people and negotiated about the future of Ewentra Archipelago, I would feel ashamed as a countryman of the Sacred Iceland Kingdom and a member of Ewentra Autonomous Kingdom..."

Ms. Olina didn't know that a red glove stood outside the castle of Wilis Clan and gazed at the castle of Wilis Clan icily overnight until March 26. Ms. Olina didn't know how Wilis Clan got through that night. She found that Brightman's hair near his temples had turned a bit pale only after a few days. Besides being "awake", the entire Wilis Clan seemed to feel "lucky" overnight...

Of course, Wilis Clan was not the only clan which was "awake" and felt "lucky".

Brightman was still speaking in excitement. He turned around and deeply bowed towards Ms. Olina who was sitting on the rostrum as he said, "If Your Excellency allows, I suggest to vote the Act on the Mobilisation for the Duel once again. We have to fight those greedy invaders to the end across Ewentra Archipelago..."

After listening to Brightman's suggestion, all the members who followed Brightman's head broke the silence as if they were making a performance according to a script.

"Yes, we should vote right now. We should never let those invaders of Sacred Light Empire step in Ice and Snow Wilderness..."

"We should mobilize all the ships; we should renovate all the merchant ships so as to block the fleet of Sacred Light Empire..."

"We should have a duel with them in the offshore waters and send those invaders to the bottom of the sea..."

"If Sacred Light Kingdom issues the war voucher, I would like to spend all of my deposits to support this war..."

These gentle members of parliament's hopping performance and cries reminded Ms. Olina of a performance in a museum all of a sudden. These days, the entire Arkray Island was imposing a curfew. Brightman didn't have any chance to reach any agreement with these members of parliament; neither did they dare do that. However, the current scene seemed like that they had rehearsed it for hundreds of times.

The members of parliament were better than street pedlars in bargaining. Their artful talent couldn't make old sailors who had worked for dozens of years feel ashamed. Even performers needed scripts. However, these members of parliament didn't even need any script. All the contents of the script were in their mind. They could make the most proper performance only when in need...

'The future of the entire Ewentra Archipelago was determined by these people previously. How could such self-centered and artful people resist the demons?' Ms. Olina couldn't help but feel disappointed when she thought about this.

However, Ms. Olina didn't disappoint them. Under the "fervent and expectant" eye light of all the people at present, Ms. Olina opened her cherry mouth, "Let's vote then!"

In the following few minutes, all the members of Ewentra Autonomous Parliament voted the Act on the Mobilisation for the Duel at the fastest speed. When the voting result came out, the conference hall was even reverberated with "cheers". Those gentlemen, whose attitude towards this act was uncertain, became so thrilled that they even dropped off tears as they embraced each other to celebrate this victory...


After being promoted to the president of the Ewentra Autonomous Parliament, Ms. Olina had people build a castle in Arkray Island as her residence too.

The new castle was named as Heavensblue Castle, which sounded similar to Seablue Castle in Saint Herner Island.

As the head of the clan guards in Heavensblue Castle, Gitta ruled all the guards beside Ms. Olina and was responsible for the defense and safety across Heavensblue Castle.

These days, due to the intense atmosphere in Arkray Island, even the atmosphere in Heavensblue Castle became intense.

"From now on, all the fruits and vegetables which are transported into the castle from outside should be checked 3 times in case of any problem. All the food that is provided for Ms. Olina should go through poisoning test. If there's any problem in the food of Ms. Olina, you all should be the funeral objects, am I clear?"

Gitta was warning the steward, cooks and servants in the kitchen of Heavensblue Castle.

Over these years, Gitta became stronger and had promoted to LV 10. Therefore, Gitta brought a great stress to the steward and all the others in the kitchen when he looked serious in whiskers. None of them dared utter a sound in front of Gitta. They all behaved very carefully.

"Mr. Gitta, don't worry; I will keep a close eye on this kitchen. I promise there would not be any problem!" The steward said meticulously, who was 20 cm lower than Gitta and much smaller than him.

Gitta glanced around before saying in a bit tender voice, "Don't blame me for being so strict to you. You have to know that those rebellious clans that we are wiping out are deeply rooted in Arkray Island. They have a lot of accomplices and partners. If they want to avenge Ms. Olina, they would definitely use all the possible means. They would never dare seek for death in Heavensblue Castle in the public; however, we have to prevent from their dirty means!"


Gitta didn't leave the kitchen until he found all the others in the kitchen looked solemn.

After leaving the kitchen, Gitta checked the training of the entrance guards and the squad of bodyguards in Heavensblue Castle before returning to the inner castle of Heavensblue Castle.

These days, when the red gloves wiped out those rebels in Arkray Island, Gitta also bore a great stress as the head of the clan guards of Ms. Olina.

According to the intelligence, those rebellious clans and their affiliated parties had been uprooted by red gloves. But some small fish and shrimps were still escaping; therefore, Gitta dared not be careless.

It was some female barbarians who were responsible for the safety of the inner castle of Heavensblue Castle. Adelina and some female fighters had followed Ms. Olina to the conference room, leaving a female barbarian shaman and a team of female fighters in the inner castle.

In the entire Heavensblue Castle, Gitta was almost the only male who could access the inner castle. As Gitta was clear about this point, he mostly entered the inner castle for patrolling when Ms. Olina was not there in case of any gossip for the sake of the reputation of Ms. Olina.

Some elite female barbarian fighters were guarding outside the gate of the inner castle and on both sides of the stairs. After ensuring that all the female fighters were in good conditions and that female barbarian shaman was in vigilance in the hall of the inner castle, Gitta became reassured.

Perhaps female barbarian shamans didn't have great battle strength, however, they had exceptional sensing capability. Over these years, as Ms. Olina's position gradually rose in the Sacred Iceland Kingdom and Ewentra Archipelago, the barbarian tribe which had been cooperating with Ms. Olina directly assigned their most powerful female fighters and female shaman to the side of Ms. Olina.

With these female barbarian fighters and that female shaman, not even a mosquito could enter the inner castle of Heavensblue Castle.

After arriving at the 2nd floor of the inner castle and passing an aisle, Gitta entered the living quarters of Ms. Olina. Being over 20 m away, he had discovered that the door of Ms. Olina's office was open. Therefore, Gitta frowned.

'The female servants in the inner castle are so careless. I have to have Adelina give them a lesson when she comes back. How could they don't close the door of Ms. Olina's office after cleaning it!'

Gitta shook his head as he walked over there and wanted to close the door. However, when he stretched his hand towards the handle, his muscles all over became stiff at once.

Through the gap, Gitta saw a man standing in front of the table of Ms. Olina against the door...

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