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Chapter 1241: The Joss of Ancient God
Translator: WQL Editor: Aleem

Zhang Tie's arrival sent the entire Saint Petersburg in an uproar. In the evening, the entire city was covered with colorful lanterns and in a carnival. The Summer Palace was also holding a grand evening banquet...

They held this evening banquet to welcome Zhang Tie for his return and celebrated the Sacred Iceland Kingdom for tiding over this crisis brought by Sacred Light Empire.

Although Zhang Tie didn't tell them explicitly, all the people were firmly convinced that there was a powerful heavenly knight on Zhang Tie's back, including Pontiff Sarlin. With such a reliance, they didn't need to worry about anything at all. Therefore, all the big figures in Sacred Iceland Kingdom let out a sigh as they were excited too much.

This evening banquet gathered all the big figures across Sacred Iceland Kingdom, including all the elders, clan heads, junior ones and family members of bear tribes, those above chief bishop and chief priest of Ancient God Church in Saint Petersburg and Zhang Tie's lovers and concubines such as O'Laura, Sabrina, Mattia, Ballier and Ms. Olina and his crown prince and princes.

Among all the people at present, besides O'Laura, the most eye-catching females were the 6 women of Spencer Clan. With 6 princes, Spencer Clan which was known by beauties shocked the entire Sacred Iceland Kingdom once again.

Because the crown prince and those princes were born in the same year with the same strange phenomena such as giving out the bizarre fragrance and having black pupils, the followers of Ancient God Church regarded them as the certificates of Ancient God's bloodline and their black pupils as the Ancient God's pupils.

After displaying the mysterious manifestations, dictating the Eternal Book and having so many boys with strange abilities, although Zhang Tie was not in Ice and Snow Wilderness these years, his reputation grew more and more famous. More and more commoners believed that Zhang Tie was the incarnation of the Ancient God.

Of course, the tribes which owned the descendants of Ancient God were favored and blessed by the Ancient God. But what about those tribes which had no descendants of Ancient God?

In Sacred Iceland Kingdom, except for that sexy fox in Ewentra Archipelago, only 3 tribes had the descendants of Ancient God, namely; immortal fox tribe, wild bear tribe and iron bear tribe. None of the other tribes had the descendants of Ancient God, even bear tribes.

The predecessor of immortal fox tribe was the grey eagle tribe where O'Laura the queen of Sacred Iceland Kingdom came from. After O'Laura was selected as the queen, the grey eagle tribe in the south region of Ice and Snow Wilderness developed rapidly. Many small and medium-sized tribes which were related to O'Laura by blood went and sought for refuge with the grey tribe on their own initiatives. After absorbing a lot of immigrants, the small grey tribe had already expanded into a fox tribe, which would soon upgrade into a bear tribe.

Previously, the bear tribes in Ice and Snow Wilderness only paid attention to Zhang Tie's descendants. With the further expansion of Ancient God Church and the dissemination of legends about Zhang Tie's mysterious manifestations over Ice and Snow Wilderness, clan heads and elders of some tribes felt an increasingly growing stress. Although nobody dared doubt their clan heads and elders, many people had such a question, 'Why don't our tribe have the descendant of Ancient God?'. Additionally, they felt that the management of their tribes should be responsible for that outcome.

Even the three elders of the huge bear tribe were facing the same great stress.

At this moment, many young beauties which were brought by the clan heads and elders of each bear tribe were gazing at Zhang Tie as they expected that Zhang Tie could throw a glance at them.

After the crisis facing Sacred Light Empire was relieved, those heads of tribes who realized that Zhang Tie had a heavenly knight on his back were more awestruck by Zhang Tie; especially those old guys of the Cardinal Elders Committee. Since Zhang Tie got off the airboat, although he didn't mean to put on his airs, someone still felt the special qi of earth knight over Zhang Tie.

When Zhang Tie left Ice and Snow Wilderness a few years ago, he was just a black iron knight; however, when he came back, he had promoted to an earth knight. What an amazing speed!

Honestly, in Ice and Snow Wilderness, an earth knight could wipe out all the tribes. Those old guys were firmly convinced that Zhang Tie was an earth knight and there was a heavenly knight on Zhang Tie's back although they might not believe that Zhang Tie was the incarnation of Ancient God. With such a powerful reliance, even idiots would seize this opportunity.

Therefore, at the order of those big figures at present, those beauties from all the tribes became nice scenery in the fervent atmosphere of the evening banquet. Those women who had the best frames and looks in their own tribes contended with each other in beauty and fascination by singing and dancing in front of Zhang Tie...

Now that females of Spencer Clan could do that, women of other tribes could do that too. No woman would acknowledge defeat on this aspect.

Women and men had different battlefields. When women contended in beauty and fascination, the young male warriors and elites of all the tribes entered the stage to compete with their fighting skills and display their braveness to Zhang Tie. Although they were not fighting at the risk of their lives, their fights were very ferocious. It's normal for them to suffer from wounds.

Zhang Tie sat alone at the highest seat. He was clear about the thoughts of those tribes. O'Laura was sitting close to Zhang Tie under his left hand, whose seat was higher than that of the others. All the others were sitting on Zhang Tie's two sides according to their identities.

The atmosphere at present was very fervent; however, Zhang Tie felt cold.

In this fervent atmosphere, Zhang Tie determined his mind. Actually, that decision had gone off his mind when he arrived at Ewentra Archipelago a few days ago. Watching his 9 kids and lovers in Saint Petersburg, Zhang Tie finally determined his mind.

When he was young, he was dissolute wherever he went; but now, he realized that he should shoulder the heavy responsibility as a man. The future of these women and these kids had long been closely related to him and was destined to share a common fate with him. He had to look after them.

In such a state of mind, Zhang Tie became distant of those beauties from all the tribes at present.

As he raised his glass and proposed a toast, he threw an icy glance at the outside of the palace by his lotus-flower eyes.

At this moment, two brave warriors of the mutated bear tribe and mountain bear tribe were fighting ferociously in the palace. When Zhang Tie put down his glass, the combat had come to an end. The longsword of the warrior of mountain bear tribe was sent flying away by the longsword of the warrior of the mutated bear tribe. Closely after that, the warrior of the mutated bear tribe penetrated through the shoulder armor of the warrior of the mountain bear tribe by his longsword. Even though, the warrior of mountain bear tribe didn't retreat; instead, he moved forward suddenly as he roared and twisted the arm of the warrior of the mutated bear tribe by two powerful hands. Closely after that, they kicked onto the opponent's lower abdomen and fell backward at the same time...

When the two brave warriors sprung up and intended to rush towards the opponents in an emulative way, a silvery sound of copper bell reverberated around the palace. Closely after that, the two brave warriors who had lost the battle strength of one arm stopped as they knelt down towards Zhang Tie's table by one knee at the same time.

Those who entered the ring for a performance were all powerhouses above LV 10 who could control their battle qis and attacking rhythms. No tribe would find a boorish fellow who couldn't control his emotion; if anyone was killed in the ring, they would have His Majesty's spirits dampened.

"You're all the brave warriors in Ice and Snow Wilderness. Each of you could have one vial of senior recovery medicament and a rune longsword!" Zhang Tie told them calmly.

Soon after Zhang Tie's words, two servants had cupped the two items to each of the two brave warriors.

"Thanks, Your Majesty!" The two warriors answered calmly as they received the reward by one hand. Closely after that, they stood up and bowed towards the opponent before returning to the seats of their own tribe. They didn't need to cure their wounds with senior recovery medicament. After taking a vial of medium recovery medicament and having 2 days' rest, they would recover their wounds ultimately. The vial of senior recovery medicament could only be used for saving their lives.

The clan head of the mountain bear tribe threw a glance at the two top beauties of his tribe. The moment he wanted to stand up and say something while gritting his teeth, Bishop Maxim who was sitting among the management of Ancient God Church on the opposite side of him had already stood up and bowed towards Zhang Tie as if he wanted to say something.

"Your Majesty, Ancient God Church has been the national church of Sacred Iceland Kingdom. It's growing prosperous in all aspects. Ancient God Church has already won hundreds of millions of followers. We've built thousands of churches and abbeys over Ice and Snow Wilderness and Ewentra Archipelago. All the followers of Ancient God Church expect to look at the ancient god and offer sacrifice to the ancient god. However, we dare not make the joss of ancient god freely. Your Majesty, please gift us the joss of ancient god or the relevant speculations!"

The moment bishop Maxim opened his mouth, all the clergies of Ancient God Church at present had stood up as they said in unison, "Your Majesty, please gift us the joss of ancient god..."

Ancient God Church originated from the Eternal Book , which emphasized on the perfection of the individual spiritual world and the tranquility of one's soul and inner heart. There was no joss of ancient god at all. Those stone vats that were put outside the grey palace were just the emblem of Ancient God Church. All the followers of Ancient God Church treated that emblem as the incarnation of ancient god and the representative of the joss.

Over these years, some followers of Ancient God Church stealthily made various josses of ancient god according to their own understandings. Although being different, they all looked like Peter Hamplester more or less. Those who had met Zhang Tie could make them a bit more similar to Zhang Tie. By contrast, those who had not met Zhang Tie completely made the joss according to their own imaginations and the legends about Zhang Tie. Due to so many kinds of josses, those followers couldn't reach an agreement. They didn't know which one was real. Additionally, that church emblem was not personified and lacked intuitive influence. Therefore, the management of Ancient God Church was longing for a standard joss so as to end this chaos among the followers and made the followers of Ancient God Church reassured.

'It's just a sculpture!'

Zhang Tie didn't care about that.

The moment Zhang Tie told Maxim and those clergies in the grey palace to make a joss themselves through negotiation, Heller's voice sounded in Zhang Tie's mind.

"No need to be that troublesome. Don't we have the ready-made joss in Castle of Black Iron?"

Zhang Tie understood Heller's words. Because the josses in Castle of Black Iron were made by those people who were saved by him at the beginning. The first joss in Castle of Black Iron was even made by Agan.

"Is that...good?"

Zhang Tie felt that the matter of sculpture was trivial; however, he didn't feel comfortable having so many people worship his statue. He felt that it was like a playing house full of kids. He could accept it in Castle of Black Iron. However, he really felt a bit bashful having hundreds of millions of people worship him in the real world. That was too self-important and presumptuous.

"Castle Lord has determined to face all this in your real identity, not to mention a statue. Additionally, Ancient God Church was founded by Castle Lord, the mark that you leave in your own church could be regarded as a souvenir. It's greater than an unreal, strange and meaningless face!"

Zhang Tie was convinced by Heller.

Zhang Tie didn't speak. All the people at present were watching him as they thought that Zhang Tie was still considering the image of the joss. Under the gaze of the public, Zhang Tie shook his head with a smile. Closely after that, a joss higher than 0.5 m appeared in his hand...

That was a vivid mithril joss. The joss had shiny eyes. He was holding a broomy small tree by one hand while holding a spear by the other hand. He was standing in the fiery hell barefoot. A sacred and brilliant arch door was opened while those hopeless living beings in the hell were swarming into the arch door flurriedly with vivid facial expressions. That joss wore a bizarre immortal crown, which was covered with patterns of suns, moons, stars, insects, fishes, birds and beasts...

At the sight of that joss, all the people at present were shocked spiritually; especially Pontiff Sarlin and the other two people who had seen Zhang Tie's original look were all watching Zhang Tie with unbelievable looks, because the joss's image was completely as same as that of Zhang Tie's.


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