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Chapter 1243: The Appearance of A Powerful Enemy
Translator: WQL Editor: Aleem

All the people at present were stunned by what they saw, including those who had just known Zhang Tie's real identity and those who had just seen Zhang Tie's body-changing immortal bloodline.

Even the 3 elders of the huge bear tribe who had known Zhang Tie's real identity were dumbfounded by Zhang Tie's body-changing bloodline. Although they knew that Zhang Tie had grasped some disguising skills, they had not imagined that Zhang Tie could change his look in the public in such a shocking manner.

Hua people thought immortal bloodlines were most mysterious, astonishing and closest to the ancestors of Hua people among the ancestral bloodlines. From a perspective, immortal bloodlines were closest to that of immortals.

In places outside Taixia Country which were not polished by Hua culture, immortal bloodlines were as shocking as the manifestations of God's will.

In the legends of the Western Continent and among Slavs, only God could change his look in the public. According to the familiar plots in epics and classic myths among Slavs, the God left the immortal mountain or the paradise from where he ruled the world and came to the mortal world in the incarnation of a male. He married a mortal woman and gave birth to semi-Gods or heroes who had extraordinary abilities. They had the bloodlines of God; therefore, they ruled the world on behalf of God. There were many similar stories in the traditional cultures of Slavs.

It was out of their imagination that such a plot could happen in front of them.

Zhang Tie's body-changing bloodline and the extraordinary specialties and abnormal phenomena of the crown prince and the 8 princes when they were born were reappearances of the plots in classic myths.

These people in the banquet; especially those pious followers of Ancient God Church were thrilled so much that they couldn't even control themselves when they witnessed the plots in the epics and classic myths.

Zhang Tie recovered his original look; however, he reappeared the plots in classic myths unconsciously.

Although others might not have heard about the name of Zhang Tie, those knights in the Cardinal Elders Committee were so familiar with this name; because this name was far more famous than that of Peter Hamplester in knight's world and was the legend among knights.

Ms. Olina, O'Laura, Sabrina and the 6 women of Spencer Clan were too shocked that they covered their mouths by hands at the same time.

At this moment, besides a few people, most of the people in the palace of the Summer Palace felt their heads buzzing and their hearts pounding; however, they remained silent and didn't know what to say.

Right in the silence, the palace reverberated with Pontiff Sarlin's sacred and ethereal sound...

"Our lord's look belongs to himself; however, the others couldn't identity his original look..."

"Our Lord, the creator who established the immortal undertaking comes from the east and the south..."

"Our Lord's most powerful weapon is the spear in his hand, which carries a terrifying, destructive power like that of a lightning bolt. His weapon will destroy all the enemies in front of us..."

"As the most sacred one among all the identities. He grasps all the powers of gods. He will bring the brilliance in the paradise to the mortal world and let everyone return to their original honor, regardless of gender and race!"

This was the prophecy of Elzida the greatest prophet among Slavs.

After hearing Pontiff Sarlin's words, everybody in the palace recovered their composure.

Zhang Tie had returned to his imperial seat. As he looked at those people at present, his words shocked them once again.

"From tomorrow onwards, I will abdicate as the tsar of Sacred Iceland Kingdom. Andre, the son of O'Laura and I will become the new tsar. Andre will ascend to the throne at the age of 18. Before that, Queen O'Laura will administer the affairs of state while being aided by the elders in the Cardinal Elders Committee. All the others remain unchanged..."

'His Majesty is going to abdicate?'

Zhang Tie's decision blew over the palace like a hurricane as fast as a lightning bolt.

'Why? Why?'

Everybody at present had the same question.

Zhang Tie's following words answered this question.

"After abdication, I will not assume as any title in the Sacred Iceland Kingdom and Ancient God Church. I will take Andre and the other kids to Eastern Continent, where they would receive the best education. I hope they could assume their own responsibilities in the future!"

All the people at present immediately understood that Zhang Tie gave up his imperial throne for the sake of his family and those beloved ones.

If Zhang Tie was still tsar, it was equal to giving up the entire Sacred Iceland Kingdom when he took all of his family members to Eastern Continent; however, it was acceptable if he gave up the imperial throne of tsar and took his kids to Eastern Continent for better education before the new tsar grew mature.

Everybody understood it; however, different people would always have different understandings.

O'Laura and the other women were watching Zhang Tie with complex expressions. Zhang Tie told them they were his most precious things just now. Only after such a short while, he had put his words into action. He could abandon everything in the Sacred Iceland Kingdom for the most precious things, including the much-adored, powerful imperial throne.

By contrast, Bishop Maxim and the other pastors accepted this fact most quietly. In all the legends and myths, when the deity exposed his real identity, he would leave the mortal world and return to his paradise or the immortal mountain. By then, no deity would continue to be fascinated by the power in the mortal world and sit in the mortal imperial throne. What happened in front of them were making the myths come true step by step.

Although Taixia Country and Eastern Continent were not paradises and immortal mountains, how could the deity's world be understood by mortals?

Zhang Tie became unprecedently relaxed at this moment. He sensed that he had really got rid of the affairs about Ice and Snow Wilderness and accomplished the promise that he had made to Pontiff Sarlin and the others. He lived up to Elzida who had seen him through the time and space maze.

To be honest, Zhang Tie didn't feel being great by making such a decision. He even felt being a bit selfish. He thought that he just took the most precious things with him so that he could protect and look after them well.

It was a simple multiple choise between "beloved ones" and the imperial throne. Zhang Tie chose the first one.

The Sacred Iceland Kingdom was just a small country in a subcontinent, which was nothing in Zhang Tie's eyes. He didn't want his women to waste their precious days in this place. The outside world was bigger and broader. 'After leaving, if Andre and the others kids grow up, they could come back if they want. With my overall strength, do I need to worry about these things being robbed away? Additionally, after having private airboats, it's nothing difficult for O'Laura and the other women to come back as long as they want.'

" you want to leave in this way?" An icy voice drifted from outside in an overwhelming manner when it was quiet in the palace. After hearing this sound, everybody's heart pounded while all the members of the Cardinal Seniors Committee changed their faces greatly...

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