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"Let's bid farewell to each other. Bon voyage! You might not meet any demon knights in Helan Mountain Range in the following days..." Zhang Tie waved his hand towards Long Miao, Fang Hui and Peng Yulin.

The large formation of over 3,000 airships had already entered the air territory above Helan Mountain Range. Besides, tens of thousands of airships as long as 60 miles were flying towards the east. What a splendid scene!

After completing replenishment in some large airports within Helan Prefecture, Wuzhou Province, these airships would fly over Helan Mountain Range towards Huanzhou Province without any halt.

Besides so many airships, there were also hundreds of airboats in the sky. The last batch of commoners and soldiers who were evacuated to Helan Prefecture would be further transferred to Huanzhou Province rapidly by airships and airboats.

Airboats had a higher efficiency than airships. It would only take an airboat 2 hours to fly over Helan Mountain Range and make a round trip between Wuzhou Province and Huanzhou Province. Each airboat could transport thousands of people to tens of thousands of people each time. There were over 10,000 airboats in Wuzhou Province, Zhuzhou Province and Yinzhou Province which were responsible for evacuating the last batch of commoners and soldiers over there. With such a terrifying national strength and ability of mobilization, most of the commoners had been evacuated from Wuzhou Province, Zhuzhou Province and Yinzhou Province in only a few months.

Besides so many airships and airboats, many human knights were also flying here and there in the sky within hundreds of miles. There was more than one patrolling team of knights in the sky; therefore, they didn't need to worry about being raided by demon knights here.

Although there was not a platform in the sky, the four people had to part with each other——Zhang Tie would return to Blackwater Base; Long Miao, Fang Hui and Peng Yulin would continue to convoy the troop of 1 million soldiers to enter Huanzhou Province. After that, Fang Hui and Peng Yulin would be responsible for reorganizing the troop. Some fighters would stay in Huanzhou Province; some would leave there. The grand elder of Long Clan of Sande Palace would converge with his clan members and reinvigorate Sande Palace. Of course, a major clan would suffer a great loss after evacuating from their foundation. However, if they didn't leave there, the entire clan would be exterminated by demons.

"Fine, let's part with each other then. Hopefully, I could have another chance to fight demons together with Qianji Hermit!" Fang Hui said heroically, "After I reorganize the troop, I will apply for coming to the frontline; otherwise, I will resign..."

"Hopefully, I could have a chance to learn about battle skills from Qianji Hermit after I promote to an earth knight. I really admire Hermit's battle skills!" Peng Yulin told Zhang Tie while cupping his hands. Before departure, the arrogant corps leader finally couldn't help but reveal a faint pride.

Zhang Tie had just held his rotating chakra ceremony of earth knight for a few years; Peng Yulin had been in the 9 change black iron realm and might promote to an earth knight in a few years. Therefore, Peng Yulin thought that he could narrow the gap between him and Zhang Tie after promoting to an earth knight.

Of course, when an arrogant person saw another person who was younger and more excellent than him, he would think about catching up with the latter.

After hearing Peng Yulin's words, Zhang Tie just replied with a smile as he nodded. If Peng Yulin knew that Zhang Tie would soon promote to a shadow knight, this young corps leader of Wuzhou Army might have a shadow side to his personality in the future.

It was nothing bad for him to be a bit arrogant corps leader as he was as young as Zhang Tie. Therefore, Zhang Tie felt it was unnecessary to make him disappointed at this moment.

Even Zhang Tie wondered when did a black iron knight become a "young man" whose feelings and self-respect should be considered.

"Grand elder Long, what's your plan?"

"Long Clan of Sande Palace has a city and some properties in Hongzhou Province of Middlepeace Military Region. Our clan will move to Hongzhou Province. As some elders and the clan head of Long Clan are fighting demons in the western theater of operations, I should go to Hongzhou Province for the sake of our properties!" Grand elder Long Miao said.

"If Long Clan is interested in Fiery Oil, Elder Long could come to Fire-Dragon Bounty Territory..."

Grand elder Long threw a deep glance at Zhang Tie as he cupped his hands towards Zhang Tie forcefully and silently——the greatest gratitude couldn't be expressed. As for Long Clan of Sande Palace, the gift of Fiery Oil was a timely assistance for Long Clan. If Long Clan could manage the business of Fiery Oil, they would recover their prosperity in a few years, even more than that. How could such a great kindness be expressed by the word "thanks"? If he said "thanks", it meant that he despised Zhang Tie.

"Take care of yourself!"

"Take care!"

After saying that, Zhang Tie cupped his hands towards Long Miao, Fang Hui and Peng Yulin; so did the 3 knights to Zhang Tie. Closely after that, Long Miao, Fang Hui and Peng Yulin flew towards the formation of airships in the far. Zhang Tie turned around and flew towards the southeastern part of Helan Prefecture in Wuzhou Province which was the border between Helan Mountain Range and Weishui River as Blackwater Base and all the other 10 advanced bases of Taixia Country were gathering there.


Zhang Tie flew along the horizon at average speed as fast as the other earth knights. Only after less than half an hour, Zhang Tie had seen Blackwater Base.

4 months later, Blackwater Base remained unchanged, except that 10 more advanced bases were less than 600 square miles away from Blackwater Base.

All the 11 advanced bases of Taixia Country were gathering here, which looked like huge air castles. Those advanced bases were about 20 miles away from each other, forming a large steel ring in the sky. Additionally, there was a huge metal fortress which was on the same level with Lion Fortress in the middle of the large steel ring.

Numerous knights were flying between advanced bases and the air fortress. A lot of airboats in different sizes were suspending below this large base group and fortress meticulously.

As it was at noon, the sun had just reached its culmination. The 12 giants' shadow covered the ground like that of a city in the sky.

There was no land forces here. Everybody flew here and there. It was like a legendary city of knights.

Zhang Tie was shocked by such a magnificent and epic scene...

After taking deep breath for a few times, Zhang Tie threw a glance at the location of Blackwater Base before flying over there. However, before arriving there, he had heard a slightly surprised sound from his back...

"Zhang that you..."

Zhang Tie looked back as he saw Feng Cangwu and some young knights flying towards him...

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