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Weishui River was billowy and turbulent. The narrowest place across the river course was almost 6 miles. The remaining iron-armored demons that rushed to the riverside instantly dove into the river by batches like migrating herds on the prairie, causing a wealth of ripples and waves.

Iron-armored demons didn't wear armor or helmet. Their skin and shell were smooth and streamlined, which helped them move swiftly in water. Those iron-armored demons bit their weapons as they pushed forward by limbs like how those amphibious animals in the water. It was really terrifying to see such dense demon fighters rushing forward...

The wing demons in the sky also accelerated towards the riverside.

Thousands of meters away from the place where the iron-armored demons entered the river in the upper reach, dozens of iron warships were loafing in the river.

Since the first iron-armored demon entered the river, the dozens of warships had rung jarring alarms at the same time. The sailors awaiting on the warships while holding their breath hurriedly accomplished the preparation for the coming battle faster than they could in daily training. 

"The target has already entered water..."

"Distance 4800..."

"Direction 3..."

"Water speed 7..."

"Fixed depth 5..."

Some sound from sentry posts were transmitted into the command room of the fleet rapidly through sound-transmission pipes. 

In the command room of the fleet, a resolute captain at his 50s put down his telescope as he sent the order, "Let go the torpedoes..." while a killing intent flashed across his eyes.

Closely after his order, dozens of warships released black wax-gourd shaped objects with some tentacles on their surface into the water in the frequency of one batch per two seconds. 

There was a distance between each warship. Those torpedoes were released into the water at a fixed tempo. Along with water, they gloomily flowed towards the lower reach of the river.

Although there were so many torpedoes over the river, they didn't touch each other. They just flew towards the lower reach like a huge net...

When iron-armored demons entered the river, they would inevitably encounter those floating torpedoes. If there was only one torpedo, iron-armored demons could dodge away from it. However, due to the large quantity of iron-armored demons, too many torpedoes were laid into the water. Therefore, they would collapse unavoidably.

Brighter flames rose on water while the entire water level of Weishui River turned into a sea of fire in a split second. Iron-armored demons were struggling in the sea of fire while many of them were being scorched.

Smarter iron-armored demons dove deeper to avoid from the first wave of collisions. However, closely after that, the ear-splitting sound of high-pressure steam centrifugal ballista drifted from the fleet in the distance while dense shells fell into the region where iron-armored demons were in. As a result, on the burning water level, many iron-armored demons were penetrated through by the shells of the steam centrifugal ballista, covering the river with blood. What was more important, the rainlike shells from steam centrifugal ballista detonated those dense incendiary torpedoes over the river, expanding the area of the fire sea by more than 10 times...


Over 20,000 wing demons flew over here, facing over 20,000 air cavalry I airplanes that set off from the east bank of Weishui River. 

Over 20,000 wing demons flapping their wings were like a cloud; over 20,000 air cavalry I airplanes were also like a cloud. Additionally, the buzz of the engines and propellers of airplanes reverberated in the sky...

"Brothers, follow me and let's kill the enemy..." The battalion chief in professional goggles and leather coat of the air cavalry I airplanes in the front airplane made a pose when he saw wing demons flying towards them. Closely after that, he pressed down his operation lever and led his battalion towards those wing demons.

"Aim and fire when we're about 100 m away from them. We have to find our Wuzhou Army's face back and tell the other provincial armires and top 4 armies that our Wuzhou Army is not sh*t..." The battalion chief told the shooter while gritting his teeth...

"Yes, sir..." The shooter in the back seat answered calmly as he kept his eyes close on the approaching wing demons.

They were the first batch of air cavalry I airplanes that were selected from the Wuzhou Army which evacuated from Wuzhou Province last year. Last year, these people were chased after and beaten brutally and lost their territory. Therefore, all the fighters of Wuzhou Army were irate about that. As the first batch of air cavalries, they finally got a chance to avenge the death of their comrades-in-arms and the loss of territory.

However, the human airplanes didn't scare off those wing demons; instead, they cried as they darted with weapons in hand, narrowing their distance to about 100 m in a split second.

At this moment, the shooters of air cavalry I airplanes triggered their steam ballista, firing those incendiary bolts one after another. In the blink of an eye, thousands of flames had appeared in the sky like fiery firecrackers.

The incendiary bolts that were fired from airplanes adopted mixed fuses too. When incendiary bolts touched the targets, they would burn up at once. Even though they didn't touch the targets, when the power of the incendiary bolts started to decline, the time delayed fuse would also be activated.

Only after the first blow, hundreds of wing demons had fallen off the sky while whining in terms of fireballs. Some wing demons were directly hit by incendiary bolts; some were not hit; however, they were involved when they entered the effective region of incendiary bolts and finally faced the same consequence.

Due to strong wind, the power of incendiary bolts intensified while those wing demons being involved and struck instantly turned into fireballs.

After avoiding from the first wave of the strike, those wing demons broke into the formation of air cavalry I airplanes. Almost at the same time, some airplanes had been hit down while emitting black smoke and twisting their wrecks...

It was the first official battle between air cavalries of Taixia Country and wing demons. Almost the moment the battle started, it had become white-hot. The tidy formation of air cavalry I airplanes was scattered while 20,000 wing demons and 20,000 air cavalries entered a chaotic battle within 6,000 miles in the sky...

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