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The no. 46 air cavalry base was ruled by a lieutenant colonel. This officer was a slightly fat Hua man called Xing Xiangtian, the regimental commander of No. 46 air cavalry regiment. On the way here, Stone told Zhang Tie that the regimental commander of No. 46 air cavalry regiment was always proud of his name as he felt that his name could bring him good luck. It was said that more than one candidate competed for the position of the regimental commander of No. 46 air cavalry regiment. As his name was auspicious, Xing Xiangtian was enrolled. 

After clarifying his identity, Zhang Tie was instantly brought into the office of the regimental commander by a second lieutenant.

Zhang Tie's CV satisfied Xing Xiangtian very much. According to the CV, Zhang Tie was once a member of BlackArmor Army. He was one of the first batches of officers assigned to the pilot academy in Fire-Dragon Bounty Territory of Youzhou Province. Zhang Tie touched airplanes even earlier than Xing Xiangtian, not to mention those air cavalry coaches in the theater of operations. Zhang Tie gained very exceptional marks in training. Additionally, he was a LV 9 fighter. According to his identity, Zhang Tie could definitely lead a camp of air cavalries.

However, at the sight of the name "Zhang Tie" on Zhang Tie's CV and certificates, Xing Xiangtian revealed a painful look.

'That name is really unpretentious...'

Xing Xiangtian worried that this name "Zhang Tie" might bring troubles to this air cavalry regiment. Although his name was auspicious, he didn't want to incur troubles because of another person's name. What if those moguls who were in charge of the supply of Fiery Oil and incendiary bolts had some bad thoughts after knowing that there was such a "famous person" in the no. 46 air cavalry regiment? No matter what, commoners had better not share the name with great figures in Taixia Country.

After skimming over Zhang Tie's certificate of an officer, Xing Xiangtian glanced at Zhang Tie for a few more times as he thought, "He's too young. Such a young officer in BlackArmor Army who has received training in Fire-Dragon Bounty Territory might be assigned by a major clan to further beautify his CV."

Xing Xiangtian didn't think that Zhang Tie's CV was fabricated. However, he was not sure whether someone was dominating Zhang Tie's transfer order. Some things couldn't be avoided even in the army.

The military exploits of the battle between air cavalries and wing demons one week ago had already spread over Taixia Country. It was those major clans that were most excited about this result; instead of the imperial court of Taixia Country. Those major clans were busy establishing their private air cavalry troops while those provincial armies were establishing their air cavalry regiments. Even Xing Xiangtian had heard about that in the theater of operations. 'If this Zhang Tie is really here for beautifying his CV, only after staying in the theater of operations for a few months and fighting wing demons for a couple times with good military exploits, he would be assigned back. It would be a glorious experience for him to take charge of a program in the army or his clan in the future.'

"Did you receive training in Fire-Dragon Bounty Territory?" Xing Xiangtian watched Zhang Tie with a bizarre look as he stroked his jaw.


"Did anything special happen in training? Weren't you beaten or forced to change your name..." The regimental commander asked him like a gossiper.

Gossip was not exclusive to women. Almost everyone was gossipy. Therefore, the name of Zhang Tie aroused the curiosity of this lieutenant colonel greatly. 

With a calm look, Zhang Tie said, "I know what you're worrying about, officer. However, "Zhang" is a popular family name in Taixia Country. So many people share this family name in the country. Additionally, knights have their special character. Therefore, I didn't meet anything abnormal in Fire-Dragon Bountry Territory. Nobody told me to change my name either. I think General Mushen would not mind that others share his name..."

Xing Xiangtian threw a glance at Zhang Tie for a couple more times. After being silent for a second, he stood up from his chair behind the desk and gave the certificate of officer back to Zhang Tie before saying, "Hmm, I will introduce you to those fighters. You're now the battalion commander of the no.1 camp of No. 46 air cavalry regiment!"

"Okay!" Zhang Tie took his certificate and put it inside his pocket.

Xiang Xiangtian then left the office, followed by Zhang Tie. At the same time, he said, "Oh, you could have an orderly. What's your request on your orderly?"

"The driver who drove me here today is not bad. He's smart. If possible, I want him to be my orderly!"

"What's his name?"


"Stone? Haha. I know that brat. Okay, I will have people arrange it for you..."

As they talked with each other, they had left the regimental headquarters. Stone was still waiting for them in the vehicle. Xing Xiangtian then came to the front of Stone's SUV and pulled open its door. After getting on, he told Zhang Tie to get inside. After that, he ordered Stone to drive them to the camp of No.1 camp of air cavalries.

"The former battalion commander of No. 1 camp of air cavalries is called Long Haitao. He's an able subordinate of mine. In the air combat one week ago, Long Haitao and his shooter killed 4 wing demons. However, due to adjustment of personnel of air cavalry regiments, Long Haitoa and some fighters of No. 1 camp have been assigned to other air cavalry regiments for instructing newbies. After being replenished, over 1/3 of the fighters of No. 1 camp are tough guys who have fought wing demons in the sky one week ago. They're tricky. Therefore, if you're not something, you could barely win their respect!" Xing Xiangtian told Zhang Tie meaningfully in the vehicle.

"I see, don't worry about that, regimental commander!" Zhang Tie said calmly.

Xing Xiangtian then replied with a smile, "That would be great!"

In less than 2 minutes, they had already arrived at the camp of No. 1 camp of air cavalries.

The camps of air cavalries were close to those airstrips. In this case, they could set off as soon as possible in emergencies. 500 silvery air cavalry I airplanes were in their places besides those airstrips. 

After getting off the vehicle with Zhang Tie, Xing Xiangtian immediately told the administrator to assemble all the air cavalries in front of tarmac. 

After the administrator sent a signal of two long calls and one short call, a great batch of people had run out of their dorms and all the other places. In less than 1 minute, almost 1,000 fighters had assembled tidily on the tarmac. As it was just an emergency muster instead of a combat muster, someone only wore a pair of military short pants with bubbles on their hair as if they were taking a bath just now. Some were stripped to their waist.

Everybody had fixated onto Xing Xiangtian and Zhang Tie.

Zhang Tie nodded inside, 'Not slow.'

"Regimental commander, the no. 1 air cavalry camp has 1,000 people in total; 986 people are present. 14 are absent due to injuries as they're receiving medical treatment in the hospital." The administrator reported loudly.

"Fine!" Xing Xiangtian nodded as he continued, "I muster you up to introduce your new battalion commander, Major Zhang Tie. From today on, Major Zhang Tie will be responsible for the no. 1 camp. You will continue to fight demons in the theater of operations under his leadership. Show your applause..."

Everyone clapped their hands; however, it didn't sound fervent. Only after 2 seconds, the applause had gradually faded away while a lot of dubious, curious and exploratory eye light fixated onto Zhang Tie.

Xing Tian threw a glance at Zhang Tie as if he was saying, 'Look, I didn't cheat you. It's not easy for you to be their battalion commander.' "Do you want to say something?"

Zhang Tie threw a glance at those air cavalries as he realized that action was much better than words at this moment.

"I've not touched the operating arm for a long time. I want to try the performance of these airplanes first..." Zhang Tie told Xing Xiangtian as he fixed his eyes onto an airplane which was covered by a piece of cloth on the tarmac.

Xing Xiangtian raised his eyebrows at once as he had not imagined that Zhang Tie could be so straightforward. Watching Zhang Tie's calm expression, Xing Xiangtian was also curious about him as he wanted to check the ability of this officer from BlackArmor Army who had received training in Fire-Dragon Bounty Territory.

"No problem!" Xing Xiangtian nodded directly.

Zhang Tie then strode towards the nearest air cavalry I airplane. Without using an access ladder, he directly jumped onto a wing of the airplane dexterously. Closely after that, he pulled open the cockpit cover and turned on the accelerator. Then, he jumped off and came to the fore. He grasped a blade of the propellor and jerked it forcefully. With a boom, the propeller of the airplane started to rotate rapidly. The engine was started at once with a noise, "Tu, tu tu..." while emitting hot steam. Zhang Tie then came to the front of the cockpit seat, creeping to the abdomen of the airplane and removing the trigger. After doing all this, he creeped out and jumped into the cockpit nimbly. After closing the cover of the cockpit, he drove the airplane to turn a corner and slid out of the track. 

Watching Zhang Tie's fluent movements, Xing Xiangtian nodded inside. Given his movements, this Zhang Tie was not a newbie. However, it was not enough. His driving skills could only be judged when in flight. 

All the air cavalries of the no. 1 camp just widely opened their eyes to watch their new battalion commander's performance.

After moving over 200 m on the airstrip, the airplane raised its head as it flew off.

Only after 1 minute, those air cavalries and Xing Xiangtian had widened their mouths.

'What the hell! Is he driving a plane? He's more like playing acrobatics...'

Zhang Tie was having the plane roll and accomplish various movements of super great difficulty. His movements were as constant and fluent as flowing clouds and water. The air cavalry I plane was like a dexterous monkey in the sky...

As a result, those onlookers were all dumbfounded.

With a buzz, the plane nosed down vertically. When everybody held their breath and felt that the plane was going to crash against the ground, Zhang Tie instantly elevated the plane's nose. He then flew over their heads at a bit higher than 3 m, blowing off their hats..

"Danger, elevate it right now..." Xing Xiangtian shouted loudly as he changed his face before picking up his hat.

Right in front of Zhang Tie, there were two flagpoles. Zhang Tie's plane directly rushed towards the flagpoles.

'No, it's too late...'

When everyone thought that there would be an air accident, the plane suddenly tilted. When its wings almost touched the ground, it penetrated through the gap between the two flagpoles.

'No way!' Everybody thought that they had blurred vision. The distance between the two flagpoles was fewer than 4 m, precisely 3.7 m while the height of the plane was 3.56 m. It was a superb driving skill for him to drive the plane to penetrate through the space of 3.7 m vertically when it almost hit them. It was challenging the ultimate driving capacity of the air cavalry...

Everybody became stunned.

'Is that a coincidence?'

However, soon after this whim occurred to someone's mind, the plane had come back. When it almost hit the ground, it raised its nose once again. At the same time, it made a half circle in the air before penetrating through the gap between the two flagpoles for the second time...

This time, everybody saw it clearly. When Zhang Tie's plane penetrated through the gap between the two flagpoles, the narrowest distance between the airplane and the flagpoles was fewer than 10 cm. 

If it were a coincidence for the first penetration, the second penetration would never be a coincidence. Additionally, the second penetration was much more difficult than the first one. Because when Zhang Tie elevated its nose, he had it tilt and penetrate through the gap between the two flagpoles. Each detail of the flight was extremely marvelous, impeccable and unimaginable.

Even Xing Xiangtian had widened his mouth as it was his first time to see such a perfect driving skill.

After accomplishing two penetrations, Zhang Tie finally had his plane land on the airstrip and slowly stop in front of them. 

After the propellor stopped rotating, the cover of the cockpit was opened while Zhang Tie jumped out of it dexterously. 

"The torque nut on the left side of the dual-drive balanced convex axis of the second piston cylinder of the dual-drive engine is a bit overtight. As a result, the dual-drive balanced convex axis couldn't transmit rock evenly. When the revolving speed of the entire engine reaches above 800 rad/s and enters a complete supercharged state, it would consume 1.5% more energy. There's a special tool for tightening torque nut. This torque nut must have been tightened illegally by ground mechanician using an ordinary tool when in maintenance. There should be some trace on the torque nut..."

Before Xing Xiangtian opened his mouth, he had been shocked by Zhang Tie's words. He instantly tipped those mechanicians the wink. Two mechanicians instantly rushed forward, opening the protective cover of the engine and starting to check it...

When Zhang Tie was performing his flight, those mechanicians who were responsible for maintaining airplanes stopped their work and watched Zhang Tie's performance. 

The result of the check soon came out. It was as same as that Zhang Tie had described, namely the same torque nut was slightly overtightened, leaving some traces on it...

When they reported the check result, the two mechanicians watched Zhang Tie as if they were looking at a deity.

'Are you kidding me?' Xing Xiangtian swallowed his saliva as if realized that the no. 46 air cavalry regiment had got a treasure...

Before Xing Xiangtian uttered any word, a thunder-like applause had sounded. Those air cavalries of No. 1 camp applauded forcefully that their palms had been red. Over 1,000 people immediately swarmed up as they bowed and drooled like dogs, pushing aside the regimental commander.

"Battalion commander, where's you luggage? Oh, it's on the vehicle. Why not notice us in advance so that we could go pick you up..."

"Yes, yes, yes..."

"Yes, battalion commander's dorm might have not been cleaned..."

"Hurry up, have someone tell the canteen. We will hold a reception dinner for battalion commander tonight..."

"Battalion commander, I will follow you from now on. Please don't blame for my stupidity..."

"We will all follow battalion commander..."

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