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The air was filled with herbal and a bit stinky smell, which came from someone whose guts had deteriorated to the extreme.

After passing two curtains, Zhang Tie smelt it as he abruptly became disappointed.

The old man's guts had already started to exhaust. Even immortal pills couldn't save him.

In the bedroom, the eldest grandma was sitting on the bedside with a haggard look and red eyes. She was watching the old man in a trance. A doctor with grey hair was looking after Zhang Haitian and touching his pulse now and then. 

Previously, the eldest grandma was extremely authoritative and delicate at home. However, this time, she appeared 10 years elder as more grey hair could be seen and her face turned much more gaunt. 

Zhang Tie and Zhang Yang had long forgotten about the old story between their parents and the side of the old mansion. This time, Zhang Tie found she was just a common old woman as he started to feel a bit compassionate about her. 

"Grandma..." Zhang Su called.

After hearing Zhang Su's sound, the old woman slowly moved her eyes from the old man to Zhang Su and Zhang Tie. 

At the sight of Zhang Su, the old woman instantly dropped off her tears as her voice quivered, "You came back. That's good. That's good. Your grandpa is waiting for you..."

Zhang Tie threw a glance at the old man as he let out a sigh inside.

Lying on the bed, the old man's fleshy face had dried with dazzlingly sunken eyebrow ridges and cheekbones. Many senile plagues could be seen on his dark skin. With some needles on his head and a piece of ginseng in the mouth being linked with a red line, he only had the last mouth of breath. 

Zhang Tie threw a glance at him using his lotus flower eyes as he found that his grandpa's guts had started to deteriorate while his brain fluid was almost empty. He had already withered up. 

Watching the old man who had worked hard for so many years to establish such a great undertaking of Zhang family in his whole life, Zhang Tie slightly held his emaciated hand with tears.

Without his life-and-death situation, the old man could live a few more years. 

"Doctor, the last ones that my husband want to see have arrived. Please, wake up him so that he could have a talk with his two grandsons..." The old woman withheld her grief as she turned around and told the doctor.

"Madam, the old man's last moments are held by the piece of ginseng and the needles. After I drew out of the needles and wake him up, he would look brighter; however, he could at most stand half an hour. I couldn't do any help then..." The doctor reminded the old woman.

"It's okay. It's not your fault. I know you've already tried your best. Please wake him up..." The old woman said with sobs. 

"Fine!" The doctor replied before drawing out of all the needles from the old man's scalp. Later on, he took out the piece of ginseng from the old man's mouth before pinching his philtrum heavily. The old man's eyelids then quivered before opening up with a faint flush on his cheeks. 

The old woman had someone on her side take the doctor away. 

"Zhang Tie and Zhang Su are back..."



Zhang Tie and Zhang Su called Zhang Haitian lightly at the bedside.

After seeing Zhang Tie and Zhang Su clearly, Zhang Haitian's dim eye light gradually became bright. Watching the old man struggling to sit up, Zhang Tie and Zhang Su hurriedly supported him before padding two pillows under his back. 

"Go's none of you woman's business...I'm talking with my grandsons..." The old man told the old woman.

The old woman could only stand up before leaving the bedroom with the help of her maids.

"Zhang Tie, Zhang're back..." The old man didn't open his mouth until the old woman left there. Due to extremely poor health, he immediately panted after a simple line. 

"Grandpa, we're back..." Zhang Tie and Zhang Su nodded.

"Zhang Su..." The old man panted for quite a while before fixating onto Zhang Su.

"Grandpa, I'm here..." Zhang Su instantly knelt down beside the bed.

"You're the most promising one in Zhang family...later on, you should...learn from Zhang Tie...Zhang Tie have the most odds to promote to a knight in our family...when he saw me last time...when you promote to a knight...remember to notice me with joss paper..."

Zhang Su poured out tears as he forcefully nodded with a closed mouth. 

"Zhang Tie..."

"I'm here..." Zhang Tie hurriedly held his grandpa's hand forcefully.

"They...they say you're...already a shadow knight..."

"Yes...I'm already a shadow knight!" Zhang Tie nodded.

"Even the commander of military region...couldn't defeat you?"

"Yes, he could not!" Zhang Tie nodded forcefully with tears.

"It's said...that quite a few demon knights and a demon prince as powerful as the commander of the military region...had been killed by you at the bank of Weishui even saved a lot of people..."

"Yes...I didn't lose face for Zhang family!"

"What...what is divine dominator? Is that powerful?" The old man asked as his eyes twinkled hopefully.

"It's powerful. I could fly everywhere. Nobody could defeat me!"

"That's great...that's great...I will be reassured about the safety of our home..." The old man said as he started to pant heavily. His face turned pretty red. Zhang Tie hurriedly smoothened his qi. After a few seconds, the old man felt a bit better as he continued, "Two more things..."

"Grandpa, go ahead, I'm listening!"

"I've seen your kids...Alexander and...they're your posterities...they also have the blood of Zhang family...they should be surnamed Zhang too; additionally, their names should be listed on our pedigree. They should have Hua names..."

"Grandpa, don't worry. They will have Hua names. They all are surnamed Zhang and should be recorded on pedigree!"

"Those on the side... of the old should...take care of them later on. Those who have no hopes, don't let them starve to these troubled times; those who have hopes...could help you manage the undertakings... No matter what, blood is thicker than water...I know, from now on, all the major events at home...would be you...with Zhang Su's help...I will not worry about you anymore."

"Grandpa, don't worry. All the people on the side of the old mansion are Zhang family members. I will look after them!" Zhang Tie nodded.

"Fine...fine...fine..." The old man nodded three times as he said, "Open the curtains...let them would be a bit boisterous..."

Zhang Su then stood up and opened the curtains, having people enter the bedroom. 

Zhang Tie's parents, Zhang Yang and their uncles and aunts on the side of the old mansion knew that it had come to the last moments. Therefore, they all forced bitter smiles.

The old man looked more spirited as he talked to each one of them briefly.

"I feel a bit bitter in the we have iced waxberry soup..." The old man became less spirited and wanted to drink something after leaving some words to them.

After hearing that, someone immediately ran out. In the blink of an eye, he had served the iced waxberry soup.

At this moment, the old man pointed at the door as he told Zhang Tie's dad, "Ah, Zhang Ping, your mom is picking me up..."

Zhang Ping's mom was Zhang Tie's real grandma, the fourth wife of the old man, who had passed away many years ago. Neither Zhang Tie nor Zhang Yang had seen her.

After hearing the old man's words, many people in the room felt goosebumps all over due to fear. They all looked at the door only to see nothing. After they fixated their eyes back onto Zhang Haitian, the old man had already closed his eyes and lost his breath without even having a sip of the waxberry soup...

The room was filled with cries at once...

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