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"Like what our parents said just now, we get all these from nothing. We're still young. We're not afraid of having another try. As long as we're alive, I would say no even if we jettison all of our undertakings. Therefore, Tiezi, if there's something wrong, let me know. This elder brother is not a knight; however, I would never say no to surge forward in the battlefield; neither would I be a b*stard. I would support you no matter what. As we've come all the way from Blackhot City and experienced so many difficulties, we're afraid of nothing..."

Zhang Yang heavily patted Zhang Tie's shoulder as he looked at the latter solemnly.

Hearing his elder brother's words, Zhang Tie nodded with a faint smile, saying, "Elder brother, don't worry. If I need your help, I would let you know. From now on, outsiders especially those knights whose backgrounds were unknown shouldn't be employed anymore. However, elder brother, you and the other family members need powerhouses; I will have Zhang Gui stay with you. Zhang Gui is loyal to me."

"Is that proper?" Zhang Yang asked as he slightly frowned, and added, "But Zhang Gui is an earth knight..."

Earth knights were qualified to be a provincial governor and Cheji general in Taixia Country and even grand elders of some clans. It was good to keep him on their side; however, Zhang Yang felt it was too ostentatious and luxurious as few clans across Taixia Country could do it. 

"It's okay. That's the deal. With Zhang Gui at home, I will be reassured. Additionally, after our family encountered such an accident, others would think it reasonable for us to use Zhang Gui!"

Zhang Yang thought about it seriously for a few seconds before nodding, and said, "Okay, we'll keep Zhang Gui at home as our butler. Hearing him call himself this old slave in front of our parents, I feel goosebumps all over..."

"Hmm, after a short while, I will talk with Zhang Gui!" Zhang Tie responded as he watched his elder brother, saying, "There's one more thing that I think you should consider carefully, elder brother..."

"What's that?"

"Elder brother, your cultivation qualification is actually greater than mine. I reach this step because of karma and opportunities. I think you should try to promote to a knight as we've got such good conditions and Jinwu Business Group is developing steadily..."

"Ahh, promote to a knight?" Zhang Yang was shocked. 

"By promoting to a knight, you only need to polish your surging points gradually. Of course, it's difficult for commoners to promote to a knight; however, it's not out of reach for elder brother. Because you've got a good cultivation qualification. We've got the same cultivation means, pills, secret methods and cultivation resources which major clans use to cultivate their elite disciples. Therefore, you could promote to a knight in a fast way. Elder brother, why not have a try? You need to do that. Take this crisis facing our family as an instance, no matter how many money we could make, at the critical moment, only high-level battle strength could resolve the situation. If you promote to a knight, you would protect yourself basically. Additionally, you would live much longer than commoners and have a much brighter future in all aspects..." 

After hearing Zhang Tie's words, Zhang Yang's heart pounded. As a man in this age, of course, Zhang Yang would like to be a knight. However, Zhang Yang was clear of his own ability. He only felt his cultivation qualification was not bad; however, it was still far from being excellent. Additionally, over these years, he was busy doing his business and gradually slacked at his cultivation. Neither was he longing for being a knight. However, after experiencing this crisis facing the Zhang family, Zhang Yang realized the role and power of a knight at the critical moment. 

"Hmm, Jinwu Business Group is developing more and more smoothly these years. I've also cultivated many assistants. After this event is fixed, I will make an arrangement and only care about the major strategic decisions of the business group. I will spare some time to try it..." Zhang Yang finally made his decision as he forcefully patted his thigh.

"In my last chakra rotating ceremony, Heavenly Fortune Sect gifted me 20 years' right of cultivation in the tower of time in its Langya Dongtian. Elder brother, you make a preparation; after I notice Heavens Fortune Sect, you will go there. With plentiful pills and medicaments and 20 years' cultivation, when you come out of the tower of time in Heavens Fortune Sect, you would be nearly a knight..."

Zhang Yang hurriedly declined it, saying, "Ahh, that's a rare opportunity. It fits you more!"

"I've already been in the tower of time twice. Last time, I had stayed for 6 decades in the tower of time. Elder brother, you know that even the tower of time couldn't eliminate the aftermath of the Thunder of Nirvana; neither could it help me form my chakras again. In this case, it's meaningless and wasteful for me to enter the tower of time. Therefore, it would be more valuable for you to enter it than me!"

"You could enter it when you recover!"

"It depends. I might need 10 years, 25 years, 100 years or even 200 years. However, access to the tower of time in Heavenly Fortune Sect couldn't wait for me. Immortal Deyang has contacted me and hoped me to cultivate the Langya Dongtian as soon as possible. Therefore, I recommend you to go there, elder brother!"

"Zhang Su fits it better. Zhang Su has a greater cultivation qualification than me. With 20 years' cultivation and so many resources, he would have a greater possibility to become a knight than me. If he promotes to a knight, he could help you more than me!"

"I will consider about Zhang Su's arrangement. Elder brother, don't worry. It's not that only Heavenly Fortune Sect has a tower of time in Taixia Country. Many major clans and sects have towers of time. It's not that difficult for me to find another tower of time for Zhang Su!" Zhang Tie said calmly.

Although the tower of time was rare, it was not unreachable. Actually, Zhang Tie had already mastered two towers of time. However, both of them were far away from opening again. In the past 800-900 years, those major clans had already discovered a large number of towers of time in the underground world. Zhang Tie believed that many forces and sects would like to exchange him with access to the tower of time as long as he could offer proper conditions. Therefore, Zhang Tie was not worried about it at all.

After realizing that Zhang Tie had considered it well, Zhang Yang agreed to cultivate in the Langya Dongtian of Heavenly Fortune Sect.

'Zhang Tie has really changed.' A line rolled in Zhang Yang's heart. However, Zhang Yang didn't say it. Although he just had a short chat with Zhang Tie, Zhang Yang had already sensed Zhang Tie's change. Zhang Tie felt profound, cold with a desire for mastery and a bit majesty. As for those on Zhang Tie's side, such a change was not bad; because, Zhang Tie's change brought them some other things besides stress. Even Zhang Yang felt reassured listening to Zhang Tie's arrangement. As a result, the tension that had haunted him these days disappeared in a split second. 


After chatting with his elder brother, Zhang Tie met Zhang Gui.

Zhang Gui was as same as before. When he saw Zhang Tie, he didn't look proud at all; instead, he greeted Zhang Tie by lowering his head respectfully, saying, "Welcome back, master!"

"You've done great. Very good!" Zhang Tie said as he nodded.

"It's this old slave's commitment to do that. It benefits from master's considerate arrangement!" Zhang Gui replied in a humble tone.

At this moment, Zhang Tie took out a piece of space-teleportation equipment and gave it to Zhang Gui. After injecting his spiritual energy into it, Zhang Gui instantly revealed an ecstasy. 

In that space-teleportation equipment, Zhang Gui saw a great pile of water-element crystals, a crystal secret method and a tin of bizarre secret medicine...

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