Castle of Black Iron
1501 The Action
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Castle of Black Iron
Author :Drunken Tiger
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1501 The Action

Zhang Tie's return aroused a great shock, which didn't fade away until 2 days later.

During the past two days, Zhang Tie was also busy meeting people from all walks of life and making arrangements in all aspects.

These days, Ma Aiyun didn't look good. Zhang Tie spent a bit of time accompanying her every day; however, Ma Aiyun was always silent as she appeared very frustrated. Zhang Tie thought that Ma Aiyun had not completely recovered and might need a few more days of rest. He had arranged some maids to attend her. Additionally, he had people bring Ma Aiyun's family members here from Huaiyuan City, Yingzhou Province. Zhang Tie thought that this would help Ma Aiyun recover.

This time, heavenly knight Celestial Guiyuan, the uncle master of Immortal Deyang, from Heavenly Fortune Sect and Celestial Yueyang of south border, a heavenly knight employed by Lord Guangnan's Mansion arrived at Fire-Dragon Bounty Territory to guarantee the safety of Zhang family. Even Bai Suxian would call Celestial Yueyang grandpa. The two people really helped Fire-Dragon Bounty Territory a lot at the critical moment. 

After knowing that Zhang Tie had returned, the two heavenly knights directly disappeared instead of meeting him at all like what celestial beings always did. Zhang family knew that two heavenly knights were in Fire-Dragon Bounty Territory these days; however, none of them had seen the two people, including Zhang Yang. 

However, after the two heavenly knights left Fire-Dragon Bounty Territory, the message that they left shocked Zhang family. 

Celestial Guiyuan of Heavenly Fortune Sect and Celestial Yueyang, the heavenly knight employed by Lord Guangnan's Mansion both wanted to teach Zhang Tie's kids.

Celestial Guiyuan favored Zhang Chengba; Celestial Yueyang favored Zhang Chengxiao and Zhang Chengbing. They both left a message that they would come back to take them away one year later when they were 7 years old.

"Why?" Zhang Tie asked Bai Suxian.

Bai Suxian became helpless as she said with a bit admiring look, "It's said that Celestial Guiyuan and Celestial Yueyang met each other a few days ago. They both favored Chengba, Chengxiao and Chengbing. Meanwhile, they made a bet. I didn't remember about the wager. They just wanted to bet who could have the three kids promote to knights earlier. You know, Celestial Yueyang shares the age with grandpa. As he gets along well with my grandpa, he promises to help Lord Guangnan's Mansion. Celestial Yueyang didn't even agree to teach my two elder brothers in Yueyang Mount when they were young. The reason was that they were not qualified to inherit his talents. By contrast, Chengba, Chengxiao and Chengbing are born with rare leakless bodies and exceptional gratitude. They're really lucky to be favored by the two heavenly knights!" 

Zhang Tie then fetched Zhang Chengba, Zhang Chengxiao and Zhang Chengbing for details. Zhang Chengba said that he met a white-beard old man when he played in the backyard these days. That old man liked him very much and always played hide-and-seek with him and pleased him. One day, that old man stroke Zhang Chengba's head as he asked whether Zhang Chengba would like to be his apprentice or not. Zhang Chengba nodded as the old man revealed a smile and disappeared. 

Zheng Chengxiao and Zhang Chengbing's descriptions sounded weirder. They both shared the same dream these nights——A white-beard old man played magic for them to please them. Before Zhang Tie returned, that old man asked whether they would like to be his apprentice or not, the two brothers both agreed. After Zhang Tie returned, the old man didn't appear in their dreams anymore. 

However, Bai Suxian was living in the courtyard at the foot of the mountain these days. Nobody else was in the courtyard besides those guards. She was really confused when did this old man play hide-and-seek with Zhang Chengba these days.

Zhang Tie's return didn't mean the end of his missing event; instead, it was just a start. With the great shock and guesses aroused by Zhang Tie's return, the news that Huang Clan, Mercury Palace, Qingzhou Province was exterminated by Supreme Court spread across the country.

At the same time, the news that Huang Clan were the remnants of Heavens Reaching Church, surrendered to demons and screwed Immortal Qianji also spread across the country. 

Although Huang Clan was exterminated, Huang Tianxiong and his two sons survived the catastrophe because they were not at home. They were being wanted by the Supreme Court.

Right on the same day, a sect was exterminated——Qitian Sect. 

The earth knight that Ockham killed was the head of Qitian Sect. This sect was a middle-level force in Qizhou Province, just like Iron-Dragon Sect in Youzhou Province before the appearance of fiery oil.

Many disciples of major clans in Qizhou Province were learning from Qitian Sect. Therefore, the extermination of Qitian Sect aroused a greater shock than that of the Huang Clan, Mercury Palace.

An elder of Qitian Sect was killed. Another elder was escaping.

When Huang Clan and Qitian Sect were exterminated, Zhang Tie was cultivating arduously on the same night together with Yan Feiqing. 

In this process of cultivation, Yan Feiqing injected her spiritual energy into Zhang Tie's mind sea while Zhang Tie used her spiritual energy to form another master-level immortal rune of mirror separation.

Body separation skill was Zhang Tie's trump card in this case. After consuming one substitute, Zhang Tie instantly formed another one after he returned to Iron-Dragon Sect.

This process would consume participants a lot of spiritual energy and require an extremely high coordinated and absolute trust between them. Only Yan Feiqing met the condition. 

Although Bai Suxian and Guo Hongyi intended to help Zhang Tie, their spiritual energy was too weak as black iron knights. Even the total amount of spiritual energy of two of them was far from Zhang Tie's demand. By contrast, only Yan Feiqing's spiritual energy could barely meet Zhang Tie's demand. 

However, even so, Yan Feiqing couldn't bear such an enormous consumption of spiritual energy in one go; instead, she had to do that for a few times. Each day, Zhang Tie would withdraw some spiritual energy from Yan Feiqing to form runes. After each withdrawal, Yan Feiqing had to take a rest. After a few times' withdrawal, Zhang Tie finally formed the runes of his body separation skill. 

Zhang Tie just told her that he needed her spiritual energy to cultivate his secret method like how they did in Xuanyuan Hill. Yan Feiqing didn't even ask him what he was cultivating...

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