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With Zhang Tie's manipulation, the rune of master-level mirror separation skill was wrapped by the spiritual energy which was injected into Zhang Tie's mind sea by Yan Feiqing. At the same time, the spiritual energy sunk to Zhang Tie's qi sea. Flying around that black hole caused by the thunder of nirvana, the rune absorbed Yan Feiqing's spiritual energy as it scrambled for the battle qi that came into being in Zhang Tie's qi sea with that black hole. Being lubricated by spiritual energy and battle qi, that immortal rune gradually turned full and golden...

Spiritual energy was as flexible as water. As long as it was not under purposeful control or any secret method was executed, it would not bring any negative effect to the receiver. By contrast, battle qi was like fire, most of which would damage the receiver's body like a bullet or an erupting volcano. Only a few battle qis could lubricate the receiver's body such as the battle qis with the attributes of water and wood that Aimei and Aixue cultivated, which could be used for recovery and massage.

Even Zhang Tie dared not have Yan Feiqing inject her battle qi into his body to activate his immortal rune of body separation skill, which, otherwise, meant suicide. 

Similarly, it was also very dangerous to have a destructive battle qi enter one's fragile and sensitive mind sea in one's brain. Generally, one's spiritual energy in his mind sea could sink to all the other parts of one's body without any adverse effect; spiritual energy could even lubricate some body parts. By contrast, battle qi in one's qi sea couldn't rush across one's body under control; one's brain was also especially the forbidden area of battle qi.

Thankfully, although Zhang Tie couldn't use his battle qi, he could lower the rune of body separation skill into his qi sea, which absorbed spiritual energy and battle qi that came into being there itself at the same time. Even if the battle qi was not absorbed by the rune, it would be spoiled by that black hole. 

The rune of body separation skill couldn't absorb one's spiritual energy or battle qi alone; instead, it had to absorb two of them together. Therefore, the process appeared marvelous.

The spiritual energy combined with his battle qi and turned into bizarre energy. Oxygen and hydrogen reacted chemically and produced water, which shared the same secret universal source with fire. Similarly, the immortal rune of body separation skill absorbed "water" and "fire" and caused a new change inside it along with great energy. Gradually, that rune turned into another "Zhang Tie".

Yan Feiqing only felt that Zhang Tie constantly transferred her spiritual energy into his qi sea, which was then absorbed by an existence over there. Zhang Tie said it was a secret skill. Therefore, Yan Feiqing didn't ask too much about that. 

Finally, when the master-level immortal rune of body separation skill rocked, the entire rune gave out golden light in his qi sea as it turned into a golden existence in the shape of Zhang Tie. Zhang Tie immediately cut off the connection with her spiritual energy as he had the humanoid immortal rune jump into his mind sea. 

After a long while, Zhang Tie finally took in a deep breath as he opened his eyes. 

What an arduous work! It took them 3 days to accomplish it. Yan Feiqing had spent the greater part of her spiritual energy for consecutive 3 times. 

Sitting opposite to Zhang Tie, Yan Feiqing's face turned faintly pale. She opened her eyes together with Zhang Tie.

"Is it done?" Yan Feiqing asked.

"Done! This secret skill is of great significance for me. It could save my life at critical moments. Without this secret skill, I might have died!" Zhang Tie said calmly.

"No matter how much spiritual energy it costs, as long as it could save your life, it would be worthwhile!"

"Indeed!" Zhang Tie answered as he took out a vial of rare senior essential energy medicament and gave it to Yan Feiqing, saying, "Take a good rest here. Don't be anxious to leave here..."

Senior essential energy medicament was exclusive to knights. A vial of senior essential energy medicament was as valuable as 20 earth-element crystals. Such a medicament could help knights recover their spiritual energy at the critical moment. It had been the 3rd vial that Zhang Tie spent since he came back.

After watching her drink it up, Zhang Tie kissed her face. After that, he wanted to pick himself up; however, Yan Feiqing stopped him by dragging his arm. She then put herself into his arms tightly as she pasted her face onto Zhang Tie's face as if she was apprehensive that Zhang Tie would disappear in front of her right away. 

"What's the matter?" Zhang Tie asked as he stroked her hair.

"I've already known that since I saw you back..." Yan Feiqing muttered as she closed her eyes, tears dropping off. As a result, both hers and Zhang Tie's faces turned wet. "Aren't you going to do something that you have to do yet you wouldn't like to do? If you didn't do it, you would feel guilty; however, if you did it, you would treat yourself in the cruelest manner. These days, although you appear calm, you've long prepared for doing that. Please, don't treat yourself in that cruel way. If you did it, I would feel very painful for you. I would feel that I'm useless as I couldn't even look after my husband well..."

Hearing Yan Feiqing's words, Zhang Tie's fingers became stiff for a second as he had not imagined that his secret could be observed by this woman who had lived with him sweetly in the tower of time for 6 decades. 

"Too many people have died this time. We lost over 70 loyal guards at home. My parents almost got hurt. I saw my two senior sister apprentices dying in front of me. Something couldn't go back after it happens; couldn't go back after it happens..." Zhang Tie said as he closed his eyes, revealing a grieved look. When he opened his eyes, his eyes had become resolute and calm. He added, "I will give them and their families a satisfactory reply; I will give my two late senior sister apprentices a satisfactory reply. If not treat myself cruelly, I would treat those who trust me and rely on me cruelly. If I have to choose one from the two "cruelties", I prefer to face and bear it myself..."

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