Castle of Black Iron
1503 The Late Beauty
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Castle of Black Iron
Author :Drunken Tiger
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1503 The Late Beauty

Hearing Zhang Tie's words, Yan Feiqing hugged him with greater strength as she kept dropping off tears. Always being an overbearing heavenly knight in front of others, Yan Feiqing was just a spoony woman at this moment, "Don't do that. If you want to kill someone, just let me know. As your wife, I could do that for you..." 

"As a man, I have to resolve some things myself. This event needs my solution urgently..." Zhang Tie said with a smile as he kissed her lips and wiped off her tears, saying, "Don't think too much. Take a good rest!"

After saying this, Zhang Tie stood up and left the backroom.

No sooner did Zhang Tie exit the backroom than a butler in the Sect Head's Pavilion had come over here flurriedly. With his face oozing sweat, he said, "Head...head...Miss...Miss Ma lost her breath...". Zhang Tie changed his face greatly at once. 


Ma Aiyun's room was in a courtyard of the Sect Head's Pavilion. When Zhang Tie arrived there flurriedly, some maids who were responsible for looking after Ma Aiyun were all kneeling in the courtyard with pale face, quivering all over.

The day had just broken. These days, Ma Aiyun always got up at this moment; however, she didn't today. A maid asked whether she had gotten up outside her bedroom or not for a few times. After receiving no reply, she entered the bedroom when she found that Ma Aiyun had lost her breath. 

With a cracking sound, Ma Aiyun's door was almost demolished by Zhang Tie. Zhang Tie then immediately rushed into her room as he saw her lying on the bed quietly, hands on her lower abdomen. An envelope and a lock of hair were under her hands.

Senior Sister Apprentice Ma had already been cold all over, breathless and eyes closed.

Some characters on her envelope——Only for Zhang Tie.

Zhang Tie took out her envelope from her hands before opening it. 

He saw Ma Aiyun's delicate characters in the letter. 

——Not until then did I know how to call you, junior fellow apprentice, Zhang Tie or elder, as none of these appellations are what I want. I was very happy when I heard that you had held your rotating chakra ceremony. Meanwhile, I was very contradictory inside. I know the distance between you and me would further expand. By then, actually, I had already lost the qualification to call you junior fellow apprentice or Zhang Tie. According to the rule of Huaiyuan Palace, I would offend you if I called you that. 

However, I don't want to call you elder either; because that would go against my original intention. I once dreamed about standing in front of you one day and calling you sweet; however, I know that I might only be a passenger in your heart like a meteor flying over the sky. After so many years, I'm not even sure whether you still remember me or not. 

Nevertheless, I would remember you forever; because you're the first man that I fell in love with, and the last one. 

I've never felt regretful about falling in love with you.

When you read this letter, I've already left this world. Please forgive me, I'm a selfish and weak woman. I couldn't bear all this. 

Gu Caidie and Yuan Ziyi were killed by me. They were my best sisters. They died in front of me because of me. I feel guilty in front of them and their families, our common friends and myself.

You thought I was controlled spiritually and I've done many things against my original intention. I know you were soothing me; however, I couldn't forgive myself; because I remember each detail of that day. I know that the spirit was poisoned. I know it was a trap. It was me who made cups of spirit for them. It was me who screwed them and killed them.

I abhorred everything that I've done. I'm actually a common little woman. All that I've done was out of my control. 

I don't want to fight, cultivate or to be any powerhouse. I only want a family, a man whom I love and a tranquil and happy life. I only want to deliver some babies for that man, cook food for him. Previously, I thought he was you.

As your former woman, I screwed you. As the bosom sister of Caidie and Ziyi, I screwed them. As a mother, I couldn't even protect my kid. 

I don't know why I am still alive. Perhaps only when I leave this world could I acquire a real peaceful life, forgive myself and enable Caidie and Ziyi to forgive me genuinely. I only want to say sorry to Caidie and Ziyi.

After our kid came to this world for 100 days, they had taken him away from me. In the next one more decade, I only saw him 3 times. The latest time was 6 years ago. It was just a cursory glance. I couldn't even remember his look now. 

Please promise me to find our kid. Don't let him live alone in the world without the concern of parents. 

That lock of hair is for him. If you could find him, give my hair to him and tell him that I loved him but I was not a qualified mother. Hopefully, he won't hate me. 

Caidie and Ziyi had been burned into ashes. Sorry to trouble you to have people build two tombs for them before burying me beside them——Written by Aiyun.

A drop of wet imprint spread over the letter; then another one. Zhang Tie held the letter silently while dropping off tears one after another. 

"Why are you so foolish? Why are you so foolish..." Zhang Tie muttered as he stroked Ma Aiyun's icy face while sitting on her bedside, dropping off tears like rain. 


A LV 9 fighter could easily break her heart meridian as long as she wanted. 

Zhang Tie was forming his rune of body separation skill in the back room last night.

On the same night, Ma Aiyun left this will before lying on the bed calmly and breaking her heart meridian. From then on, she had left this world quietly and resolutely, leaving endless grief and regret to Zhang Tie.


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