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Taiyi Fantasy Sect and Heavens Holding Pavilion easily subdued the other dissents while all the other knights outside the two gates hurriedly left for the other gates. No matter what, there were four more gates left.

Compared to the overwhelming manner of Taiyi Fantasy Sect and the trick of Heavens Holding Pavilion, Qionglou Pavilion's measure was a bit brutal.

Soon after the disciples of Reflectingmoons Immortal declared the same rule as that of Taiyi Fantasy Sect, some people in the surroundings had jumped out to protest it. Therefore, Reflectingmoons Immortal launched a strike at once, causing casualties for sure.

How could ordinary knights bear the strike of a heavenly knight?

"You see the outcome for not following my order..." Reflectingmoons Immortal said coldly as she waved her hand, breaking the neck of the muscled barbarian earth knight who wore a hat of tiger's hide at a stroke. However the barbarian knight didn't die at once due to a great vitality; instead, he shrieked loudly while being thrown away by Reflectingmoons Immortal. Before the other barbarian knights caught him, Reflectingmoons Immortal had pushed forward her claw and struck the barbarian earth knight with five icy blue battle qi, exploding his body into pieces in the air while his blood and flesh covered the other barbarian knights' scalps and faces. 

Such a brutal means scared a lot of onlooking knights away in a split second.

"Master..." Some barbarian knights shouted at once while the eyes of more barbarian knights turned red as they gazed at Reflectingmoons Immortal and the other knights of Qionglou Pavilion behind Reflectingmoons Immortal...

Fang Xinyi was standing not far away from Reflectingmoons Immortal in the team of Qionglou Pavilion in a white skirt...

"Guack, guack, guack..." Reflectingmoons Immortal cackled as she looked at those barbarian knights disdainfully, "Who else would like to try my Fantasy Yin Claw? Come on. Anyone else who dares enter this gate today would enjoy the same outcome..."

At this moment, a barbarian knight rushed out and shouted loudly at those barbarian knights whose eyes had turned red. After that, these barbarian knights threw a glare at Reflectingmoons Immortal and the other disciples of Qionglou Pavilion before leaving there at the same time.

In the blink of an eye, besides the knights of Taiyi Fantasy Sect, Heavens Holding Pavilion and Qionglou Pavilion, nobody else dared stand outside the three gates occupied by the three sects. 

As a result, all the other knights, 7,000-8,000 in total hurriedly poured towards the other full-moons gates, unavoidably causing some chaos. 

Watching those strangers who appeared behind his team all of a sudden and the bustling scene, Treasureflame Immortal of Demons-kill Valley sneered as he told a disciple, "We will imitate Taiyi Fantasy Sect and Heavens Holding Pavilion. After driving these people to our team, they would have less trouble; yet more opportunities. That's too ridiculous! Don't we kill people? We Demons-kill Valley could always kill people as many as them. Send my order——anyone else who enter this gate has to break one of his or her arms and dig out one of his or her eyes. Anyone who violates this rule would be killed!"

'Are you kidding me? Break one arm and dig out one eye? Disable ourselves before seeing a f*cking sh*t of treasure? Who's that foolish?'

They had not imagined that Demons-kill Valley's rule was more merciless; therefore, all the knights who had just gathered here ran away at a stroke.


Watching the sudden appearance of so many knights, Zhang Tie asked one of them what happened to the other gates.

Those knights just watched Zhang Tie with innocent and desirable eyes as they were afraid that Zhang Tie would set a similar rule, when they could only cry without tears. Although they dared not stir up the other major sects, they knew that Zhang Tie was trickier than the other heavenly knights. When they recalled how Zhang Tie threatened the other three heavenly knights alone, none of the knights nearby Zhang Tie's gate dared breathe smoothly.

"What about Jiang Clan?" Zhang Tie asked Bai Suxian.

"Jiang Clan doesn't set any rule. Woodbuilding Immortal is tolerant!" Bai Suxian commented.

"Not exactly. In this sense, Jiang Clan is weaker than the other major sects and Zhang Tie. They dared not offend so many knights. If not have these knights enter the gate, Woodbuilding Immortal might not be able to deal with the other heavenly knights alone inside the gates. On the contrary, if these people are allowed in, those heavenly knights would think twice before taking any action inside. In that case, Jiang knights might be able to get some benefits in the chaos!" Deyang Immortal explained to Bai Suxian as he stroked his beard.

"What about these people then?" Bai Suxian nodded as she asked Zhang Tie.

"Never mind. They could enter this gate after us..."


After receiving Zhang Tie's opinion, all the knights behind him heaved a sigh as they all acclaimed Zhang Tie for being frank, just and righteous. Even barbarian knights cast Zhang Tie with admiring looks. A few days ago, Zhang Tie confronted with the other three major sects for the sake of four sage freaks. This time, he didn't occupy the full-moons gate. Through the two events, Zhang Tie's prestige reached a new height in the hearts of these knights. 

Zhang Tie was clear about the intentions of the other major sects; however, Zhang Tie didn't care about that. As Zhang Tie had long got the Great Wilderness Sutra and had all kinds of secret books, he was only interested in towers of time. However, given the weird aspects in this place, Zhang Tie was always worried about their safety. Thankfully, the more people on his side, the safer they would be. At least, he could notice any danger in advance in case of more casualties. No matter what, these knights were all human elites...

After throwing a glance at Bai Runshan, Zhang Tie found that Bai Runshan didn't look good. Only after thinking for a second, Zhang Tie had understood it——Qionglou Pavilion had another purpose by killing a barbarian knight in South Border. Because Fang Xinyi was in the team of Qionglou Pavilion, who was also the wife of Lord Guangnan, given the fact that the conflict between Lord Guangnan's Mansion and barbarian knights had just been relieved, Qionglou Pavilion, ah, no, Imperial Alliance used a ruse to further intensify the conflict between Lord Guangnan's Mansion and barbarians in South Border.

'What a vicious trick! They screw up Lord Guangnan's Mansion in public while the latter have to accept it...'

'Schemes between these major sects and forces are really everywhere and impossible to defend against.'

After being restless for almost one hour, all of a sudden, the gate in front of Zhang Tie revealed brilliance, causing the entire Dongtian to be as bright as daytime. After the light disappeared, they found the full-moons gate had already opened...

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