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When Zhang Tie was feeling the effects of All-spirits Liquid with his eyes closed, Celestial Woodbuilding fixed his eyes on Zhang Tie's face with a little tension.

After a few minutes, Zhang Tie finally opened his eyes as he nodded towards Celestial Woodbuilding, saying, "The effect of All-spirits is gentle and lasting. It could gradually improve one's spiritual energy. It's not bad!"

Watching Zhang Tie's satisfactory expression, Celestial Woodbuilding finally let out a sigh as he explored Zhang Tie's intention, and he said, "Although All-spirits Liquid couldn't match the pills that the other top sects use to light one's surging points, its effects couldn't be matched by ordinary pills; additionally, All-spirits Liquid doesn't have any side effects; everyone from 3-year-old baby to heavenly knight could drink it. Immortal, do you think whether four vials of All-spirits Liquid could match a Taiyi Soul-building Pill in value?"

"Yes, I think so!"

After hearing Zhang Tie's response, Celestial Woodbuilding finally revealed a smile as he said, "Now that immortal has agreed, how about exchanging 4,000 vials of All-spirits Liquid for using one tower of time once."

"Fine, no problem. I wonder how many towers of time do you want?"

", only one is enough!" Celestial Woodbuilding said bashfully, "It's not easy for Jiang Clan to make All-spirits Liquid. It requires some precious plants. Even Jiang Clan couldn't produce it on a large scale. Therefore, we don't have too many inventories. If immortal agrees, Jiang Clan could prepay 4,000 vials of All-spirits Liquid for 10 years. One decade later, we will pay 4,000 more vials..."

Jiang Clan's background could never match that of Demons-kill Valley and Heavens Fortune Sect. The latter top sects immediately contracted for two towers of time respectively and promised to pay in every 3 decades. However, being limited to its power, Jiang Clan could only pay for 10 decades per time.

"I understand the difficulty facing Jiang Clan. Let's call it 10 years per time then. No problem!" Zhang Tie put it straightforwardly, "That's a deal!"


Thereafter, the two people shook their hands.

"Oh, I wonder how did Jiang Clan discover the formula of All-spirits Liquid?" Zhang Tie asked Celestial Woodbuilding after making an agreement on cooperation with him.

"It's not easy for Jiang Clan to explore its formula. We don't explore it ourselves actually; instead, 200 years ago, when I traveled to Taiyi City, someone auctioned some bronze secret items that he got from far-ancient relics, among which, I found an incomplete formula, the very formula of All-spirits Liquid. After that, I have Jiang elders do experiments for dozens of years. Through constant improvement and exploration, we finally got today's All-spirits Liquid!"

"Aah, I see!" Zhang Tie replied.

"Even I don't know whether the All-spirits Liquid of Jiang Clan is the original one or not. But we could only make it. Thankfully, it is useful. After all, the current environment is far different than that in far-ancient times. Many things could only be speculated. Exotic items could be barely found!"

Zhang Tie nodded as he threw a glance at Immoral Treasureflame, Immortal Deyang and Celestial Woodbuilding, saying, "I wonder when do you plan to dispatch disciples to take over towers of time?"

"What's your opinion, immortal?" Celestial Treasureflame asked Zhang Tie politely.

"I've already informed the elders of Iron-Dragon Sect in the underground space. Iron-Dragon Sect's airboat would arrive soon. I will wait here for a few days. After elders of disciples of Iron-Dragon Sect arrive here, I will reenter the Dongtian to open the towers of time. Of course, the faster the better. It would be wasteful for leaving the 27 towers of time in vacancy, even for one day!"

"In case of troubles, I agree with you!" Immortal Deyang said as he stroked his beard, "Some forces suffered a loss in the Dongtian; however, we're talking about achievements. In case of troubles aroused from imbalanced mentality, we'd better not leave time for them!" 

After that, Celestial Treasureflame, Immortal Deyang and Celestial Woodbuilding exchanged a glance with Zhang Tie as they burst into laughter.


The airboats of Heavens Fortune Sect, Jiang Clan, Demons-kill Valley and Lord Guangnan's Mansion were close to each other in the air. After negotiating with Zhang Tie, Bai Runshan, Celestial Treasureflame, Immortal Deyang and Celestial Woodbuilding returned to their own airboats, leaving Zhang Tie's airboat empty.


"Tower of time is so precious that I've never heard anyone renting tower of time. These days, Jinwu Palace is looking for opportunities everywhere across Taixia; however, no sect or clan would like to exchange the tower of time for Jinwu Palace's resources. This time, why do we share towers of time with Heavens Fortune Sect and Demons-kill Valley?"

After all the others left, Zhang Tie and Bai Suxian became relaxed as they returned to their bedroom. After taking a bath and putting on a loose informal dress, Zhang Tie leaned against the bear-hide lounge while Bai Suxian in thin silk dress, breasts half exposed, was sitting on the bedside, peeling grapes for Zhang Tie and asking him out of curiosity.

With a smile, Zhang Tie ate a grape before slowly saying, "We couldn't make plans with the others; however, we have to share profits with others. Because tower of time is too precious, after owning all the towers of time of the Dongtian of Great Wilderness Sect, I have to share them with Heavens Fortune Sect, Demons-kill Valley and Jiang Clan so as to fully control the Dongtian!"

"Aah, but why? Haven't you already got the control center of the Dongtian? You won it. Who would dare to speak ill of you?" Bai Suxian argued.

With a bit sneer, Zhang Tie said, "If problems could be solved by reasoning, how could Great Wilderness Sect be exterminated overnight? Did those evil forces spare any chance to Great Wilderness Sect? Iron-Dragon Sect is still a bit weak now. Given the power of Iron-Dragon Sect, even if I fully recovered my power, it would still be very difficult for me to own the Dongtian of Great Wilderness Sect alone. As Taiyi Fantasy Sect, Heavens Holding Pavilion and Qionglou Pavilion lost heavenly knights here together with all the knight representatives of the earlier two. If they want to be hostile against me, this would be the best reason for them. Through cooperation with Demons-kill Valley, Heavens Fortune Sect and Jiang Clan, although I appear sharing some profits with them, actually, I don't suffer any loss at all. With such cooperation, it would be much easier for Iron-Dragon Sect to cultivate knights in the future. This is the foundation of Iron-Dragon Sect!"

"Dare they rob us?" Bai Suxian asked unbelievably.

After hearing Bai Suxian's words, Zhang Tie's eyes became profound as he replied, "Rob? It's far more than that! Someone is too audacious to be out of your imagination. In this world, they could almost do everything they want. Even though..." Zhang Tie stopped...

"Even though what?" Bai Suxian foisted another grape into Zhang Tie's mouth.

"Forgot about it. It's all damn things. Let's shift the topic!" Zhang Tie waved his hand as he continued, "You'd better make a preparation these days. A few days later, when we enter the Dongtian again, you should also enter a tower of time for cultivation. You'd better promote to an earth knight as fast as possible. Based on your current cultivation base, you should be able to promote to an earth knight in 2 decades..."

"Aah, 2 decades? You mean this slave would not be able to see you for 20 years..." Bai Suxian instantly stopped what she was doing with a bitter look.

"The current situation is growing more perilous. Even black iron knights couldn't protect themselves. If you could promote to an earth knight, I would be a bit reassured!" Zhang Tie patted Bai Suxian's shoulder as he added, "Additionally, if you concentrate on cultivation, you would not find it too difficult to pass 20 years in the tower of time. Just take it secluded cultivation..."

"Could two people enter a tower of time at the same time?"


"Why..." Bai Suxian pushed Zhang Tie's shoulder in a spoiled way, and she said, "Why did you and Yan Feiqing enter a tower of time at the same time for 6 decades? Why did you two behave so intimately in a tower of time and I have to enter it alone. Whatever, I want to enter one together with you. If you don't enter it, I will not enter it either..."

Zhang Tie let out a sigh on purpose, "There's no such a tower of time which could allow two people inside at the same time. If you don't want to enter it, I will have Hongyi and Qing'er enter it. After 2 decades, Qing'er would be able to reach one change realm of the heavenly knight. As Hongyi has almost reached 8 change realm of the black iron knight. I'm afraid that she would be able to promote to an earth knight too in 2 decades..."

"Aah, Guo Hongyi would also enter it?" Bai Suxian became intense at once.

Zhang Tie peered at Bai Suxian before saying solemnly, "Of course, if you don't enter it this time, I will not force to do that. I will arrange for others to enter it. We should not waste a tower of time. When Hongyi promotes to an earth knight in the future, you'd better not blame me for favoring heer more than you. Don't worry. Even though Hongyi promotes to an earth knight, I would not allow her to bully you either!"

"Bully me? Dare she?" Bai Suxian's eyebrows instantly bulged. With a decisive look, she said, "No way. I will enter it!"

Zhang Tie laughed inside, 'If I could make good use of women's jealousy, I could turn it into positive energy.'

Closely after that, Bai Suxian started to undo Zhang Tie's waistband with an enchanted look.

Zhang Tie was shocked by the fast change of her look as he uttered, "Aah, what are you doing..."

"I will not see the owner for 2 decades after a few days. This slave has to stay alone for 2 decades. Owner, you know what this slave wants to do..."

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