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Zhang Tie only stayed in O'Laura's room for half an hour.

When he left her room, he looked a bit pale while his eyes turned a bit red. Not until O'Laura closed her room did Zhang Tie believe that his wives and concubines from Ice and Snow Wilderness Wilderness would leave him. 

It was not O'Laura alone who made the decision. In fact, she had already reached an agreement with Olina, Sabrina. Previously, the six women of Spencer Clan remained neutral; however, after knowing the decision of Aurola, Sabrina and Olina, they wavered their mind too as they also determined to leave for Ice and Snow Wilderness. They even made a considerate plan so that outsiders were convinced that they had broken up with Zhang Tie and were not "important" to Zhang Tie anymore after returning to Ice and Snow Wilderness...

However, what counted most was that these beloved women were going to leave him.

It reminded Zhang Tie of Alice. At that moment, they were both innocent and didn't have a deep feeling about living and love. Whereas, now, the departure of these women who had delivered babies for him was definitely a heavier blow to him than Zhang Taixuan's betrayal as this strike directly collapsed half of his family which he treasured the most.

In this age, divorce wouldn't happen to knights as the battle strength was the most powerful thing in this world. Nevertheless, the decision of Zhang Tie's wives and concubines from Ice and Snow Wilderness felt like a divorce. The decisive departure of those women who once loved him so much made Zhang Tie doubt the meaning of everything that he had done over these years.

Zhang Tie recalled it carefully as he realized that he indeed spent increasingly less time with them since he promoted to a knight. He might not have cared for his children enough too. 'But is it my fault? It's the crises that constantly drive me forward and make me grow increasingly more powerful. If not, how could I protect them and guarantee them a safe and wealthy life?'

'Perhaps O'Laura and the others didn't think so. I indeed spent less time communicating with them. As I have more and more powerful women like Bai Suxian and Yan Feiqing, they were gradually pushed aside with less smile.'

'Like what Aurola said, they couldn't just stay alive.'

'Perhaps, it's destined and inevitable. It had to come sooner or later.'

'Those who combine with each other due to interest would collapse for sure due to lack of interest.'

'Those who combine with each other due to love would blow up due to lack of love for sure.'

'O'Laura agrees to enter the tower of time because she wants to grow more powerful before leaving me so as to protect Andrew and herself. After leaving the tower of time and returning to Youzhou Province, she would leave with Sabrina, Olina and the six women of Spencer Clan.'

'Because they have not visited the most prosperous place in Taixia Country after coming to this country for so many years, they would like to look around in Xuanyuan Hill. By the way, hand over their responsibilities in Iron-heart Palace.' 

'They've already negotiated everything. O'Laura just came here to notice me on behalf of them.'

'Although they might face dangers after leaving me, they prefer to face the possible dangers than continuing such a boring life arranged by me.'

O'Laura's wildness and unyielding spirit, Sabrina's reversal mind and pursuit for freedom and Olina's firmness and intelligence occurred to Zhang Tie at this moment. Not until then did Zhang Tie feel that each of the three women had strong heart and pursuit which could even match that of knights. He couldn't bind them to him and turn them into women like Aimei and Aixue. To a certain degree, Zhang Tie was selfish. 

However, it was too late.

Zhang Tie stood in the corridor outside O'Laura's room for 10 minutes as he felt as frustrated and fretful as those male losers who couldn't maintain their own marriage and families.


"Aah, master..."

Two mermaids approached the corner of the corridor and walked towards him with fruit trays. At the sight of Zhang Tie standing there with a disappointed look, they hurriedly moved to one side as they lowered their heads, daring not look at Zhang Tie anymore.

The word "master" woke up Zhang Tie from the deep sense of frustration and failure. After throwing a glance at the two scared mermaids, Zhang Tie took in a deep breath as he rubbed his face to recover his stiff look.

As the founder of Iron-Dragon Sect, Immortal Qianji, divine dominator and the pillar of Jinwu Palace, he had to face all the frustrations and strikes calmly with a strong will as numerous people were watching him, depending on him and believing in him. Because he didn't have the right to be weak. As long as he revealed his weakness, all the jackals, wolves, tigers and leopards around him like demons, Heavens Reaching Church, Imperial Alliance and those forces who were drooling at fiery oil and all-purpose medicaments would charge at him and badly mutilate Iron-Dragon Sect and Jinwu Palace before digesting them bit by bit. 

Zhang Tie reminded himself to bury everything deep in the heart. Closely after that, the majestic and profound qi reappeared on him.

"Raise your heads..." Zhang Tie ordered.

The two mermaids then raised their heads as they were mired in Zhang Tie's profound eye light...

After Zhang Tie left there, the two mermaids didn't leave until a minute later with fruit trays while the memory of Zhang Tie's frustrated look just now had been completely erased.


When Zhang Tie walked to the door of Zhang Su's room, his expression had already recovered completely. Nobody could identify anything abnormal from Zhang Tie's expression.

After hearing the knocks, Zhang Su opened the door with a bit of surprise...

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