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"It's not my words; its Olina's!" O'Laura explained as she watched the bumper landscape, "Many agricultural policies in Fire-Dragon Bounty Territory were proposed by Olina. Take the New Deal on Subsidizing Straws in Fire-Dragon Bounty Territory as an instance, after reaping straws, as long as farmers carried the straws to fiery-oil production bases, they would get fiery oil, straw-based fertilizers and fermented, compressed coal or paper from fiery-oil production bases for free. Actually, these things they get are many times more valuable than straws. Additionally, each household needs them. It's another sort of agricultural subsidy but money. Benefited from this policy, the fiery oil output across Fire-Dragon Bounty Territory gain an explosive benign momentum; second, agricultural production in Fire-Dragon Bounty Territory become stabilized and promoted. When the country as a whole is suffering from grain shortage, the grain output across Fire-Dragon Bounty Territory almost increases in each season; besides, the use of fiery oil is stimulated and expanded across Fiery-Dragon Bounty Territory. Fiery oil becomes closely related to people's daily life and has already become the living necessity of people at the bottom of society. What's more, from now on, these farmers have completely become your advocates and supporters. They're the foundation for you to win the world..."

"Olina!" Zhang Tie revealed a bitter smile. He was not shocked by her words at all as that woman had already proved her ability many times. Olina was exceptionally far-sighted and shrewd in both Navyblue Business Group and Iron-heart Palace of Youzhou Province. Sometimes, Zhang Tie thought that Olina would have greater, and more amazing achievement if she was a male. 

"When Olina proposed this subsidy policy, I didn't understand it right away. Later on, I gradually figured it out. Therefore, I prepare to appoint her as the female premier of Sacred Iceland Kingdom after coming back this time..."

"Could you not go?" Zhang Tie asked with a sigh as he watched O'Laura calmly.

O'Laura turned around as she watched Zhang Tie with a smile, "Taixia belongs to you instead of us. This place doesn't belong to Andrew and Alexander either. Taixia Country is too powerful; so are Hua people. However, such great power and pride belong to people with black hair and eyes like you instead of us. As for us, this pride and power is an invisible barrier. Even being your wives and sons, we still couldn't eliminate this barrier. It would hide itself very carefully so that we couldn't observe it. We don't want to live in front of this barrier and gradually adapt to it. We could only leave here. I believe that Andre and the others of his kind would also like to be in a place of greater freedom as they have the blood of foreign people in the wilderness. Ice and Snow Wilderness, subcontinents and Western Continent might be their stages in the future. If they want to come here, they should come for you with men's pride and arrogance. They just want to receive your acclamation; instead of the halos gifted by you under which they have to live meticulously in Taixia Country..."

"You mean you don't leave here fully for the sake of me, but also for Andrew and the other hybrids?"

"As for a mother, nothing is more important than her kids. Olina, Sabrina, the six sisters of Spencer Clan and I all both your wives and the mothers of kids. We also want to provide more and better things for our kids. Beverly, Fiona and the three kids of Lina are said to be very exceptional. They might promote to knights before 20. Additionally, they could come back from Heavens Fortune Sect soon. You would have more babies in the future. The princess even the heavenly knight of Taixia Country would deliver more than one baby for you respectively. All the babies would inherit everything of yours in the future. You might not especially favor them; however, have you considered how would they compete with their brothers in the future? The status of their mothers as foreigners determines that they would encounter many obstacles in Taixia Country for sure. As a result, they could barely reach their apex. There're many similar cases in Taixia Country. You know that many knights and major clans in Taixia Country have foreign wives. However, haven't you found that none of the major clans are under the control of a hybrid clan head or elder? Those hybrids are raised by their own clans and are free all day long or being dispatched to places far away from the center of their clans or those subcontinents. I don't want Andre and the others of his kind to repeat it in the future..."

O'Laura gazed at Zhang Tie with gleaming eyes. After a pause, she continued, "Youzhou Province and Fiery-Dragon Bounty Territory are very small; however, the rest of the world is large. Ice and Snow Wilderness is a transfer station between the Eastern Continent and the Western Continent. Being impacted by the tide of fiery oil, the entire Western Continent is open to Sacred Iceland Kingdom. Therefore, we insist on going back..."

Zhang Tie watched O'Laura as he finally understood why O'Laura and the other eight wives were so decisive. It was not full because of his lack of concern about them, but because of their kids. This was an invisible competition between wives and mothers.

After having great undertakings, many wives and kids, he could barely avoid similar things. Even royal households faced the same problem. Since ancient times, none of the emperors could solve this problem. Neither could Zhang Tie solve it perfectly.

As a father and the master of this family, what could Zhang Tie do?

The problem that O'Laura mentioned was about the system of Taixia Country, the traditional code of conduct that had lasted for tens of thousands of years. In his eyes, all of his kids were equal; however, in the eyes of his elder brother and Zhang Su, those kids were unequal. Some kids' grandfather was Lord Guangnan; some kids' mother was a heavenly knight who was going to promote to a sage knight or from major clan in Taixia Country. By contrast, the other kids' mothers were foreign women from subcontinents. How could these kids be equal to each other?

Watching her calm face, Zhang Tie suddenly let out a sigh, and said, "My territory of Frandiland Empire in the Western Continent would be transferred to you. Additionally, I would arrange for you as soon as possible so that you would be safe after leaving Taixia Country..."

"I think our kids would understand it after growing mature. However, this time, you have to do something unwillingly and bear some bad reputation!"

"As their father and your husband, I should do it..." Zhang Tie responded, "Men are used to bearings. My reputation is bullsh*t compared to your choice. But I'm really sorry about you..."

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