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The content of the talk between Zhang Tie and O'Laura on the viewing platform of the airboat was unknown to everybody else.

Although being on their own airboat, O'Laura still used her battle qi to transmit voice. Therefore, even heavenly knight on their side didn't know what they were talking about.

There was indeed a heavenly knight on the airboat, namely Yan Feiqing.

In the past two months, Yan Feiqing had entered the tower of time for two times. After four decades' ascetic cultivation, Yan Feiqing had reached five change realm of the heavenly knight. Additionally, her lower abdomen bulged more evidently. Since she boarded the airboat, Yan Feiqing had been staying in her own hatch room; nor did she have sex with Zhang Tie. Like a female lion, Yan Feiqing was just protecting the coming young life meticulously. 

When the two airboats arrived at the mountain gate of Iron-Dragon Sect, all the disciples of Iron-Dragon Sect had been greeting them outside there. No sooner had they got off the airboat than Yan Feiqing flew back to Flyingphoenix Peak with Guo Hongyi. 

Guo Hongyi had promoted to an earth knight after four decades' cultivation in the tower of time.

Two months ago, soon after Zhang Tie left Iron-Dragon Sect, Yan Feiqing had accomplished the combination between Fantasywomen Palace and Iron-Dragon Sect by bringing her disciples to Flyingphoenix Peak. As a result, Flyingphoenix Peak had already become a country for females as it was full of Yan Feiqing's female disciples. No men across Iron-Dragon Sect was allowed to enter Flyingphoenix Peak, including Zhang Tie. 

The rule on Flyingphoenix Peak was fixed by Yan Feiqing with Zhang Tie's consent. Zhang Tie admitted this rule as if this rule could block gossips. After making Yan Feiqing and Guo Hongyi his wives, if Zhang Tie freely accessed to Flyingphoenix Peak, even the members of Iron-Dragon Sect would think that Flyingphoenix Peak had become Zhang Tie's imperial harem.

It was a major event for Zhang Tie's group to return to Iron-Dragon Sect from South Border. It even aroused the attention of all the sects across Taixia Country. The collaboration between Zhang Tie and Heavens Fortune Sect, Demons-kill Valley and Jiang Clan in the Dongtian of Iron-Dragon Sect had long been spread among knights in Taixia Country. Additionally, Mountain Lifting Hermit, Zhang Su and the others went to South Border aboveboard; plus the company of knights of Heavens Fortune Sect, Demons-kill Valley and Jiang Clan when they entered the Dongtian of Iron-Dragon Sect for the second time. This time, although Zhang Tie didn't publicize it, the news that elders of Iron-Dragon Sect had entered the towers of time for cultivation including Zhang Tie had long been spread over the country. When numerous people were admiring them, more people were guessing about the improvement in battle strength of elders and Zhang Tie of Iron-Dragon Sect after their cultivation in towers of time.

The overall strength of Iron-Dragon Sect had already grown after their return.

After staying in the first tower of time for two decades, Zhang Su had already promoted to an earth iron knight.

In the tower of time, the toughest period was from a fighter to a knight. The lonely environment in the tower of time might drive people mad. By contrast, if one entered the tower of time after promoting to a knight, he would feel much more relaxed. If a knight formed his chakra in trance every day, he would not sense the elapse of time. As a result, 2 decades felt like a few months or a couple of years.

Zhang Su bore the test of the tower of time and promoted to a knight successfully. After exiting the first tower of time, he only rested for two days before re-entering the second tower of time. After four decades' cultivation in the tower of time, he had already reached the three change realm of the black iron knight.

After four decades' ascetic cultivation in the tower of time, Lu Zhongming and Lin Huanxi had both promoted to earth knights. 

After four decades' cultivation in the tower of time, Mountain Lifting Hermit had already promoted to a shadow knight.

Bai Suxian was already an earth knight.

Like Zhang Tie and Yan Feiqing, Zhang Gui had not promoted to a higher level either.

As a heavenly knight, each step forward was a tough challenge for Yan Feiqing. She needed more resources and time than others.

Zhang Tie had already cultivated for four decades in the tower of time, during which period, Zhang Tie only did two things: first, completely absorb and convert the chakras of those demon knights that he gained in the war at the bank of Weishui River into his own chakra. 

At the bank of Weishui River, Zhang Tie killed a great number of shadow demon knights and a heavenly knight. At that time, as long as there was a chance, Zhang Tie would crazily absorb the opponents' chakras using Purgatory Samsara Method. As a result, he had accumulated a lot of wind elements after that battle. Closely after that, he was heavily injured by the thunder of nirvana and sank into a coma. After waking up, he had not fully recovered; whereas, he still kept those wind elements.

In the tower of time, Zhang Tie completely absorbed and converted those wind elements into his wind chakra. After that, Zhang Tie reached three change realm of the shadow knight which meant that Zhang Tie realized overall strengthening for three times after promoting to a shadow knight. 

The cultivation in the tower of time was the best cover for the fact that Zhang Tie mastered Purgatory Samsara Method. 

At this moment, Zhang Tie's battle strength had long surpassed his best performance in the battle at the bank of Weishui River as his defensive power, spiritual energy, battle qi, speed, change and knight's consciousness had all reached a new height. 

However, Zhang Tie didn't look powerful at all; instead, he just looked as same as before. Therefore, some knights posted pieces in the forum Mountain of Brilliance where they doubted Zhang Tie's recovery or discussed Celestial Swords' discovery in the Dongtian about Zhang Tie. Of course, many knights held that Zhang Tie had long recovered his battle strength while the direct evidence was that Zhang Tie won the bet with Yun Zhongzi.

In one word, it had become a puzzle whether Zhang Tie had fully recovered his battle strength.

That was the very effect that Zhang Tie wanted.

Another thing that Zhang Tie did in the tower of time was to cultivate Great Wilderness Sutra and Bloody Soul Sutra at his full efforts. As the incumbent head of Great Wilderness Sect, if he couldn't match an elder on the cultivation of Great Wilderness Sutra, it would be unacceptable. Therefore, during four decades, Zhang Tie had already lit the 19th floor of All-spirits Tower in his mind and mastered many powerful secret methods in Bloody Soul Sutra. At this moment, Zhang Tie could even build bloody sea himself...

After four decades' cultivation in the tower of time, Zhang Gui had just promoted to a nine change realm of the earth knight from four change realm...

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