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"Wish master and elders greater development in battle strength and eternal chakras..."

The palace of Iron-Dragon Sect had already been crowded with indoor disciples, the subordinate disciples of Lu Zhongming and Lin Huanxi and Zhang Tie's disciples. Hundreds of people were congratulating Zhang Tie's group for coming back from South Border with jubilant looks.

During the past months, Zhang Tie's new deals in Iron-Dragon Sect had already been displayed by disciples. At this moment, disciples on different levels wore different types of official robes or midis. All the male disciples wore handsome black robes with crimson waistbands, who looked pretty vigorous and valiant while all the female disciples wore white midis with golden waistbands, who looked sweet and enchanting.

The wristbands of midis and robes were circled with auspicious clouds. Within the grains, there were looming patterns of Great Dipper as large as insects. The contours of stars were embroidered by golden lines while real stars were filled with golden lines whose number varied from one to four.

The number of stars represented the level of indoor disciples and their status in Iron-Dragon Sect. The indoor disciples of Iron-Dragon Sect were divided into seven levels. The highest level was marked by seven stars, which indicated that these disciples would probably promote to knights. However, the highest number of stars on the wristbands of their disciples was just four by far. 

All the indoor disciples were standing in rows according to their level. Those with higher levels would stand in front of those with lower levels. By contrast, those outdoor disciples lower than LV 10 were all standing outside the gate of the palace to congratulate.

Outdoor male disciples wore iron-gray robes while female outdoor disciples wore blue midis. There were some silver lines being similar to military ranks on the wristbands of their midis and robes. One silver line meant LV 6 fighter; two referred to LV 7 fighter; three indicated LV 8 fighter while four represented LV 9 fighter...

All the outdoor disciples were serving the Fiery-Dragon Army as officers at different levels. Therefore, these silver lines similar to military ranks suited to their status.

Even being Zhang Tie's subordinate disciples, Zhang Chengxu and Zhang Chengze, Zhang Tie's two nephews also stood among outdoor disciples; however, there were already two silver lines on their wristbands. Over the past two years, they had grown stronger and taller as they didn't look as tender as that when they joined Iron-Dragon Sect at the beginning; instead, they looked vigorous and heroic; despite being young.

Behind outdoor disciples were more registered disciples, whose number reached above 10,000. Standing in tidy rows on the square, they were full of hope as they were exclaiming loudly in unison, resonating with the flowing clouds and causing some wild cranes to fly off the mountain.

Registered male disciples wore pale gold robes while registered female disciples wore pale blue midis. At the wristbands of these robes and midis, there were green leaves whose number varied from one to five, which represented their levels. In Iron-Dragon Sect, these registered disciples were responsible for miscellaneous affairs and simple missions. At the same time, they should be familiar with the internal affairs of Iron-Dragon Sect and cultivate themselves. When they promoted to LV 6, they would become outdoor disciples; then they would be familiar with affairs inside Iron-Dragon Army. 

Over the past two years, as Zhang Tie's reputation grew greater, even though he had strictly controlled the population of disciples, the total population of disciples on different levels still broke 10,000.

However, given Zhang Tie's fame and cultivation base, over 10,000 disciples were too few.

Zhang Tie's throne was at the end of the palace. It was made of mithril and some other precious metals and gemstones. Two dragon heads served as his handrails, which were three steps higher than the ground. The three steps were made of white jades. Behind the throne was a screen made of top LV 9 purple crystals like a peacock fanning out its tail or a mountain peak made of numerous crystals. The height of crystals varied from 3 m to over 10 m. It was brilliant, magnificent, overbearing and awe-inspiring.

Above Zhang Tie's throne, there was a broad horizontal board made of violet gold inscribed with two big gold words——For Integrity. 

Previously, the palace of Iron-Dragon Sect didn't look like this. Being in the middle of the palace, Zhang Tie's former throne didn't look as exaggerating as this one; instead, it was just average. After Zhang Tie issued the new deals and left Iron-Dragon Sect for a few days, those elders of Iron-Dragon Sect felt that the palace of Iron-Dragon Sect should at least match Zhang Tie's status; instead of being too shabby; therefore, they made a new one.

Take the same class 9 purple crystal screen behind Zhang Tie as an instance. Weighing hundreds of tons, it was cut off from a huge cluster of purple crystals and carved by masters. The value of this screen was greater than any major clan in Blackhot City. Nevertheless, it was nothing for Iron-Dragon Sect.

Like people should be disguised in clothes and Buddhas should wear gold foils, the entire palace of Iron-Dragon Sect instantly looked something after such a simple renovation.

Sitting on his throne, Zhang Tie looked awe-inspiring. Even though lying there, he still looked as forbidding as a king or a lord. There were seats on two sides of Zhang Tie where elders of Iron-Dragon Sect were sitting.

Bai Suxian was watching Zhang Tie with beautiful, sparkling eyes while the other elders were watching him with reverence.

As the head of Iron-Dragon Sect, Zhang Tie had brought great changes to Iron-Dragon Sect, which could be sensed by everyone; especially this time, Zhang Tie won the Dongtian of Iron-Dragon Sect from a sage-level knight of Great Wilderness Sect and made a solid foundation for Iron-Dragon Sect at his own efforts, which enabled the other elders of Iron-Dragon Sect to make further progress rapidly on cultivation. Such a head won the loyalty and reverence of all the disciples and elders of the sect...

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