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There was an empty chair on Zhang Tie's left side which belonged to Yan Feiqing the deputy head of Iron-Dragon Sect; and an empty chair on his right side which belonged to Guo Hongyi, a big elder of Iron-Dragon Sect. 

In this case, nobody would feel it strange even though Yan Feiqing and Guo Hongyi were not at present; because they were Zhang Tie's family members. Actually, the other elders had learned to ignore Zhang Tie's domestic affairs. 

When Zhang Tie entered, he was shocked by the grand qi field of the palace of Iron-Dragon Sect. He felt it pretty exaggerated and wasteful. However, after taking his throne, Zhang Tie sensed the magnificence and majesty on this position and watched numerous awe-stricken eyes around him as he gradually recovered his composure.

Zhang Tie glanced at Zhang Su.

Zhang Su's face blushed slightly as his face and waist turned tight like a piece of iron plate, indicating his excitement.

Zhang Su was also sitting on an elder's chair at the end of the seats for elders of Iron-Dragon Sect; instead of standing like before.

Zhang Su's over solemn expression looked funny; however, Zhang Tie didn't laugh out given the current situation.

"Ahem...ahem...I want to declare that" Zhang Tie said as he glanced around, "From today on, Zhang Su, a disciple of Iron-Dragon Sect has promoted to a knight and officially become an elder of Iron-Dragon Sect; he could attend the elders' conference and discuss the major events about Iron-Dragon Sect together with us!"

As Zhang Tie finished his words, all the eyes in the palace fixated onto Zhang Su as everyone knew that the cousin of the head officially became an important figure in Iron-Dragon Sect from now on. 

Under the gaze of all the others, Zhang Su's face blushed more heavily like being drunk. At the same time, he sat up more straightly. 

"Zhang Su!"

"I'm here!"

After hearing Zhang Tie's summon, Zhang Su instantly sprung up. After giving a salute to Zhang Tie, he stood up well, chesting out. 

"You were responsible for the Treasure Exploration Palace before. But since you've promoted to a knight, your title should be adjusted. I want to hear your opinion about that."

"Zhang Su would strictly follow the orders of the head. I would never be negligent no matter what title it is!" Zhang Su spoke loudly. 

Zhang Tie nodded as he said, "Hand over your affairs of Treasure Exploration Palace; from now on, you're ruling Power Palace." At the same time, a token marked with the word "power" appeared in Zhang Tie's hand before flying towards Zhang Su directly.

Because Power Palace was committed to all the external force actions of Iron-Dragon Sect, to rule Power Palace meant to rule Fiery-Dragon Army. Previously, Zhang Su used to help Zhang Tie to manage the affairs of Fiery-Dragon Army; however, he was too weak and couldn't win people's respect at that time. If Zhang Tie handed the entire Fiery-Dragon Army over him, many people would not follow his orders. By contrast, after promoting to a knight, Zhang Su was qualified to do that. 

After taking the token, Zhang Su took in a deep breath as he bowed towards Zhang Tie, replying, "Yes, sir!"

"There're still many mountain peaks in vacancy among the 18 Xuantian peaks. You could choose one of them as your territory within Iron-Dragon Sect and have people build houses and mansions over there. Additionally, after being a knight, you should shoulder the responsibility to instruct your own disciples; you can do that!"

"Yes, sir!"

Finding that Zhang Su looked pretty serious, Zhang Tie finally laughed out. "It's nice to us all that you've promoted to a knight. Don't be that serious. From today on, I allow you one month's leave. You could go back home and negotiate with your family members about your chakra rotating ceremony. All the elders of Iron-Dragon Sect would attend your chakra rotating ceremony. You could come back when you finish it!"

After hearing Zhang Tie's words, Zhang Su finally looked a bit thrilled. Since he promoted to a knight, Zhang Su had been longing for flying back home to see his parents and brothers. Zhang's old mansion also had a knight now. It was a really glorious moment for Zhang ancestors. As Zhang Tie's words catered to Zhang Su very well, the latter's lips quivered as he watched Zhang Tie. Although he wanted to say thanks to Zhang Tie, he felt it was too superficial and couldn't express his sincerity at all. As a result, he uttered nothing. 

"Cousin, after coming back home; please go to the old man's tomb and tell him about that. If the late old man knows that you're already a knight, he must become reassured!" 

Zhang Su served as a pretty enthralling example for so many disciples of Iron-Dragon Sect around the palace.

"As I've won the Dongtian of Iron-Dragon Sect and signed contracts with Demons-kill Valley and Jiang Clan, we will have pills and liquid from them constantly for the sake of your cultivation. All the towers of time in the Dongtian would be open to all the disciples. Even now, two of them are accessible freely inside the Dongtian. All the seven-star indoor disciples or those whose contribution credit to the sect have met the request would be qualified to enter towers of time for cultivation and promote to knights within a short period. Hopefully, you could cultivate diligently and become knights as soon as possible so that you could glorify your own clans and our sect!" Zhang Tie encouraged all the disciples at present.

After the palace of Iron-Dragon Sect was renovated, Zhang Tie's voice could be automatically amplified by the rune arrangement inside the crystal screen behind his throne. Resonating across the square outside the palace, it could be heard clearly by all the disciples. As a result, more disciples became thrilled. 

Even though every key member of Iron-Dragon Sect had used towers of time for two times in the Dongtian in South Border, two towers of time were still in vacancy for emergencies.


"Hehhehheh, Iron-Dragon Sect is really rich. As Iron-Dragon Sect has gained so many towers of time at a stroke, we've not extended our thanks to Immortal Qianji yet!"

When Iron-Dragon Sect was jubilant as a whole, a jealous voice reached the palace and the square outside from the sky...

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