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Knights could fly at high altitude; however, for the sake of etiquette, knights would not directly appear in the others' core regions when they paid a visit; instead, they would always land outside the mountain gate and express their purpose of arrival before waiting for the clan elders or head to meet or receive them. 

Therefore, the behavior of directly showing up and speaking outside the palace was extremely presumptuous. 

No sooner had Mountain Lifting Hermit hear the strange voice did a shrewd light flashed across his face as he sprung up and would like to fly off. At the same time, all the elders at present looked furious. Raising his arm, Zhang Tie had Mountain Lifting Hermit sit down and remain calm. 

The voice sounded a bit strange for others; nevertheless, it was very familiar to Zhang Tie; because it was from Feng Yexiao the grand elder of Taiyi Fantasy Sect.

Zhang Tie threw a casual glance at outside with his lotus-flower eyes as he saw three knights standing in the air above Xuantian Peak, including Feng Yexiao, a bald, tough and valiant guy and a literati in black robe. They were all shadow knights.

They finally came!

Taiyi Fantasy Sect, Heavenly Holding Pavilion and Qionglou suffered a heavy loss respectively in the Dongtian of Great Wilderness Sect as they lost three deputy heads and a great handful of knights in total. In this case, of course Zhang Tie who didn't even lose a hair became the greatest winner of the Dongtian. How would the three sects think about it?

Now, the Dongtian of Great Wilderness Sect had belonged to Iron-Dragon Sect. Besides, Zhang Tie cooperated with Heavens Fortune Sect and Demons-kill Valey, two of the top six sects. Additionally, South Border belonged to his father-in-law and Zhang Tie was the savior of so many barbarian knights in South Border. Furthermore, in the past two months, Taiyi Fantasy Sect, Heavenly Holding Pavilion and Qionglou Pavilion were mired in the accusation of being the culprits of the extermination of the Great Wilderness Sect. Because of Royal Prince Changying's help and the fact that the three top sects were severely damaged by Yun Zhongzi, the three top sects were scared of the Dongtian of Great Wilderness Sect. Due to the above factors, Zhang Tie smoothly turned it into the Dongtian of Iron-Dragon Sect and had the other top sects accept the fact despite their reluctance.

Zhang Tie was aware that these top sects would never be reconciled to such a fact. Nor did he dream about having the Dongtian so smoothly.

The top three sects held that Zhang Tie picked the peaches while they planted the saplings and did all the dirty and painstaking jobs. Although sweating and bleeding, they had to bear suspicion and condemnation. How could they accept that? How could they stay calm?

Not to mention that there was already a sharp contradiction between Zhang Tie and the Imperial Alliance and the latter had long planned to screw him. Actually, both parties had already contacted due to the case of Zhang Taixuan. Finally, Imperial Alliance chose to sacrifice Huang Clan and Qitian Sect in Qizhou Province. This time, the contradiction between both parties broke out at a stroke due to the Dongtian of Great Wilderness Sect. After catching this opportunity, the Imperial Alliance would never have Zhang Tie feel good. In other words, the contradiction between Zhang Tie and the Imperial Alliance would definitely be tricky. 

Of course, superficially, the contradiction between the Imperial Alliance and Zhang Tie would not be involved with the above reasons; however, the Imperial Alliance must use a reasonable excuse to find him trouble.

It was not difficult for them to find such an excuse...

Zhang Tie had long predicted that the Imperial Alliance would find him trouble; however, he didn't imagine that the opponent could arrive on the first day since he returned to Iron-Dragon Sect. It appeared that the Imperial Alliance couldn't wait to do that.

The three shadow knights appeared to be here on behalf of their own sects, Zhang Tie believed that they were here for the Imperial Alliance.

Imperial Alliance might still think that their existence was a secret; however, they didn't know that Zhang Tie had long known the secret.

"Who the f*ck are you? Audacious! I know you could fly; but couldn't you see the wall of the other's courtyard? Even swallows have wings, they only stopped under people's eaves; instead of intruding in their house; someone couldn't even match such a bird!"

Zhang Tie let the other elders stay calm as he opened his mouth, which transfixed everyone in the palace. Even so, they all felt pretty comfortable.

Feng Yexiao came here on behalf of Taiyi Fantasy Sect. Previously, he thought that Zhang Tie would come out to meet him as long as he opened his mouth. With such a chance, he could weaken Zhang Tie's qi field and majesty. Unimaginably, Zhang Tie didn't even show up. After hearing his words, Feng Yexiao was so irritated that his face turned black at once.

Not only that that, but the two people beside Feng Yexiao both also looked pretty bad. Watching those low-level disciples looking up and pointing at them, even deriding them, the three shadow knights instantly lost the sense of supremacy as they felt being specimens hanging over the sky.

In this case, the three people exchanged a glance with each other as they landed outside the palace of Iron-Dragon Sect at the same time.

At the same time, they released a bit qi fields to frighten those ordinary disciples outside the palace of Iron-Dragon Sect. As a result, many disciples couldn't stand steadily as their faces turned extremely pale. 

Sitting in his throne decently, Zhang Tie continued with a faint smile, "Ah, it's Elder Feng from Taiyi Fantasy Sect. After separating from each other at the bank of Weishui River, we've not seen each other for a long time..."

"Harrumph!", Feng Yexiao replied as the three shadow knights walked towards the palace.

"Stop!" Zhang Tie stopped them as his smile disappeared at a stroke. At the same time, his eyesight turned as sharp as a knife as he gazed at the three uninvited guests coldly, "You're facing the palace of Iron-Dragon Sect. Have you received my consent on entering it? If you want to say something, just put it straight outside!"

When Zhang Tie spoke, Feng Yexiao and the other two had already come to the threshold of the palace, which was higher than 20 cm. When Feng Yexiao was going to stride over the threshold, Zhang Tie's words stopped three of them at the same time. As a result, their bad look turned as icy. 

Feng Yexiao and the other two shadow knights could not imagine that Zhang Tie didn't even allow three of them to enter the palace of Iron-Dragon Sect; instead, he asked them to speak outside it as if they were humble servants. That was pure humiliation...


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