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Among the three uninvited guests, Feng Yexiao was a grand elder of Taiyi Fantasy Sect, the literati was a grand elder of Qionglou Pavilion while the bald knight was a grand elder of Heavens Holding Pavilion.

As grand elders of top six sects, they were even taken as VIPs in Xuanyuan Hill; they had already taken others' flattery and admiration for granted. Whereas, they had not imagined that they would encounter such a bad treatment——Being forbidden to enter the gate of the palace of Iron-Dragon Sect by Zhang Tie.

In the beginning, the three shadow knights thought they had misheard it. Nevertheless, when they saw Zhang Tie's icy eyes, they instantly realized that Zhang Tie indeed didn't allow them to enter the palace of Iron-Dragon Sect. 

Being stimulated by embarrassment and fury, Feng Yexiao burst into miserable and lunatic laughter as he said, "Immortal Qianji, you're too presumptuous. You even dare put on airs in front of Taiyi Fantasy Sect, Heavens Holding Pavilion and Qionglou. Good, Iron-Dragon Sect is really unrivaled; hahaha..."

"Only after you humiliate yourself could you be humiliated by others. As you intrude the mountain gate of Iron-Dragon Sect without notice, I've already shown my mercy to you given that you're human knights. If you want to enter the Shrine Palace of Iron-Dragon Sect, you have to ask whether I agree or not!" Zhang Tie said calmly. 

"Really?" the tough bald guy gazed at Zhang Tie with wolf eyes as he instantly raised his foot and intended to stride over the threshold of the Shrine Palace of Iron-Dragon Sect, "What will you do if I enter it?"

Zhang Tie replied with a smile as he peered at that bald knight in a despised manner, "Without my consent, if your foot trespasses it, I will chop off your foot; if your hand passes it, I will chop off your hand; if your head enters it, I could only behead you. If you're brave enough, you could try it; but don't blame me for not having noticed you..."

Zhang Tie's merciless words froze the bald shadow knight at a stroke. That guy fixed his eyes onto Zhang Tie deadly with a very serious look while Zhang Tie just looked at him coldly. At this moment, the threshold was like a dangerous pool which he dared not pass it at all. Under the gaze of so many people, he felt ashamed of being so rude and impulsive. Watching Zhang Tie's cold eyes and recalling the means that Zhang Tie used to kill shadow demon knights at the bank of Weishui River, the bald knight changed his face constantly as he struggled and became hesitant. Only after a few seconds, his forehead had been covered with sweat drops...

At this moment, the elders and disciples of Iron-Dragon Sect in the Shrine Palace had been blood-boiled by Zhang Tie's words. Someone held their breath while others' hearts were racing. They all wanted to see whether that bald shadow knight dared to enter the Shrine Palace of Iron-Dragon Sect or not. 

"Who's so audacious in front of Iron-Dragon Sect..."

When the bald knight was struggling and hesitant, a distant voice descended from the sky with the strong qi field of Yan Feiqing like lightning bolt. At the sight of the three people in front of the gate of the Shrine Palace of Iron-Dragon Sect, she waved her long sleeve towards the three uninvited guests as she scolded, "Piss off..."

Yan Feiqing's movement was extremely delicate full of boiling battle qi. Although others didn't know the power of her movement, the three shadow knights immediately changed their faces greatly. Before her sleeve arrived, they had already dodged away as fast as a lightning bolt, giving way to the entrance of the Shrine Palace of Iron-Dragon Sect. Yan Feiqing was a step for the three shadow knights. 

Her movement was as fast as a lightning bolt and as still as a mountain. After landing fluently as if nothing had happened, Yan Feiqing glanced over the three shadow knights as she strode over the threshold and entered the Shrine Palace, chesting out. 

Closely behind Yan Feiqing was Guo Hongyi who held a long sword with a cold look. Without even looking at them, Guo Hongyi directly followed Yan Feiqing in.

"Welcome, deputy head..."

Watching Yan Feiqing's arrival, all the elders and disciples at present bowed towards her as they saw her entering calmly, including Bai Suxian. 

In this case, a heavenly knight's majesty and qi field could almost suppress everything. Walking on the bright floor in midi dress, Yan Feiqing was like a proud queen. Under the gaze of Bai Suxian who was pouting her petite mouth, she came all the way to the chair of deputy head beside Zhang Tie before sitting down elegantly and decently. Guo Hongyi then came to the chair on the opposite of Bai Suxian. After exchanging a glance with each other, Guo Hongyi and Bai Suxian moved their eyes away from each other reluctantly.

"Qing'er, you'd better stay calm for the sake of our baby. You don't need to show up in such a trivial thing." Zhang Tie turned around as he told Yan Feiqing gently.

Yan Feiqing got pregnant when she was very old. Zhang Tie didn't ask her age in case of trouble. Perhaps others didn't believe in that; however, Zhang Tie really didn't know Yan Feiqing's concrete age. Although Yan Feiqing, being pregnant, didn't look anything different than Linda, Alice and Beverly, she still felt not that confident. Therefore, she did everything meticulously. After her lower abdomen gradually bulged, she didn't care about anything else but the cultivation and health maintenance. She even forbade Zhang Tie to touch her. After returning to Iron-Dragon Sect today, she didn't even feel like attending the congress of the sect; however, as long as she found the trouble here, she had arrived. 

"I'm your wife, also the deputy head of Iron-Dragon Sect. We share troubles and reputation together. Therefore, this case needs me." Yan Feiqing smiled at Zhang Tie. Closely after that, she told the three shadow knights with a cold look, "Why are you still here? If you want to say something; say it; if not, roll out of here. Are you waiting for me to drive you away? If you stir up me, I don't know whether you could leave here safe or not!"

What a couple! Yan Feiqing shared the same attitude towards the three shadow knights with Zhang Tie. Even though they knew that the opponents were grand elders of top three sects, they still didn't show any respect to them at all.

Gritting his teeth, Feng Yexiao watched Zhang Tie and Yan Feiqing in the Shrine Palace as he felt extremely hateful about them. He came here on behalf of Taiyi Fantasy Sect. Previously, he planned to humiliate Zhang Tie greatly in the name of Taiyi Fantasy Sect while Zhang Tie intended to beg for their forgiveness. He could even laugh out loud in dreams. Unimaginably, before the three people clarified their intention, the three grand elders of top three sects had been consecutively humiliated by Zhang Tie and Yan Feiqing.

Because of the sharp difference between reality and imagination, Feng Yexiao almost spurted out blood.

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