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In this case, Feng Yexiao and the other two knew that it was nothing different than seeking for humiliation if they continued to be rude. Therefore, the literati who always remained silence spoke their intention loudly outside the gate of the Shrine Palace. 

"Within the Dongtian of Great Wilderness Sect, Celestial Moonreflecting the deputy head of Qionglou was killed by the two snakes. It's said that Immortal Qianji has already subdued the two snakes. Please hand out them for our disposal..."

"Yes. Besides killing Celestial Moonreflecting, the two snakes even killed many knights of Heavens Holding Pavilion. They even assisted Yun Zhongzi in killing Celestial Clouddragon the deputy head of Heavens Holding Pavilion. We have to avenge it for the fairness!" the bald shadow knight who was humiliated by Zhang Tie just now said loudly full of fury. 

Feng Yexiao gazed deadly at Zhang Tie as he gritted his teeth, saying, "The two snakes also killed some knights of Taiyi Fantasy Sect. Taiyi Fantasy Sect share the same stance with Heavens Holding Pavilion and Qionglou. If you don't give us the two snakes, Taiyi Fantasy Sect would never let it go!"

The threat from the three shadow knights made the Shrine Palace silent.

It turned out to be an excuse of Imperial Alliance for sanction. Zhang Tie finally figured it out. 

This reason was not shrewd as it had some defects. However, it could allow the top three sects to find Zhang Tie trouble aboveboard in the name of avenging for their deputy heads and disciples. From this perspective, the two snakes were actually two weapons. However, weapons wouldn't incur hatred and it was hilarious for the top three sects to ask the current owner of the two weapons for an explanation if their men were killed by the weapons themselves. Therefore, the top three sects treated the two snakes as mutated beasts. When two dogs were not fastened well and bit someone to death, the two dogs were both murders and should be punished to death. As for whether the people being bitten to death were dog stealers or not, it had nothing to do with the top three sects. 

Similarly, the two snakes also served as an excuse as it concealed the means that Imperial Alliance adopted to sanction Zhang Tie. If Zhang Tie subdued to them under their stress, it would be difficult to deal with. The top three sects would definitely be insatiable as they would fabricate other reasons and propose more excessive requirements until they completely conquered Zhang Tie.

As they had reliance and knew the means that Imperial Alliance adopted to deal with Zhang Tie, the three shadow knights were very presumptuous in the territory of Iron-Dragon Sect. Because they thought that Iron-Dragon Sect and themselves could never bear the combined power of the top three sects; instead, Iron-Dragon Sect could only apologize to them and accept their punishment. 

At this moment, Zhang Tie felt like sitting under the small tree in campus again——Glaze's lackey Sarlon walked to his front and dropped some plates to his front, telling him to wash them, chesting out...

This time, the plates became "very large". Glaze's lackey also turned into the grand elders of the top three sects. However, the two things were similar to each other. Unexceptionally, those who dropped the dinner plates would like to stomp him to their feet. 

Feng Yexiao and the other two gazed at Zhang Tie deadly. After finding that Zhang Tie squinted his eyes as if he was recalling something, Feng Yexiao couldn't wait to repeat his request. Closely after that, he glanced over all the disciples and elders of Iron-Dragon Sect at present.

"Head, we should never meet their request. They're bullying us too much. If head agrees with them and gives the destructive snakes to them, Iron-Dragon Sect would not only be crushed by the top three sects but also our reputation would be destroyed..." Mountain Lifting Hermit's voice drew Zhang Tie back to the reality from the remote memory.

Zhang Tie glanced around as he found all the knights and disciples of Iron-Dragon Sect were gazing at him; some with a bit tension; some with a bit fury or anxiety. Even Yan Feiqing looked pretty solemn.

The combined qi field of Taiyi Fantasy Sect, Heavens Holding Pavilion and Qionglou could be barely borne in this world. Because there were at least 3 sage-level knights, more than 10 heavenly knights and tens of thousands of knights below heavenly and a great number of local powers behind the three sects. Nobody could stay calm facing such great stress and coercion. Even Xuanyuan Hill had to deal with it at full spirits if the three sects combined with each other to go against it. 

Here came the largest crisis facing Iron-Dragon Sect since its founding with the triumphant return of Zhang Tie's group.

"How are you going to deal with the two snakes?" Zhang Tie asked calmly.

"Hahaha, Immortal Qianji, it's none of your business. As the two snakes had killed our deputy heads, it's not excessive even if we break them into pieces..."

"What if I don't?" Zhang Tie asked calmly as he touched the double-snake bracelet on his left hand.

Feng Yexiao then sneered with a confident look, "If not, Iron-Dragon Sect must be hostile to the three sects; we could only solve it by force as we've already shown our sincerity to you according to the rule on solving conflicts between sects in Taixia Country..."

What a pure threat of force!

"Immortal Qianji, may I know your decision?" the literati asked coldly.

"Fine, I will let you know my decision right away. You three watch my mouth and prick up your ears. My reply is..." Zhang Tie hid his smile as he said silently word by word, "F*!"

The three shadow knights changed their faces at once. After exchanging a glance with each other, they became silent. At the same time, each of them took out a black invitation card before throwing them towards Zhang Tie as fast as light. 

"100 days later, on the Yinhai Desert, 6,000 miles Gobi in the west of Taixia Country; hopefully, Immortal Qianji doesn't come late..."

After leaving the words, the three shadow knights immediately rushed into the sky and left the Xuantian Peak.

The three black lights didn't pose any threat to Zhang Tie. When they arrived in front of Zhang Tie, Zhang Tie had already stopped them using his spirit while the three invitation cards suspended in the air like being grasped by an invisible hand.

Frowning, Zhang Tie watched the three pitch-dark invitation cards made of pure iron. They looked weird and full of killing intent. Right on the three invitation cards, there were names and marks of Taiyi Fantasy Sect, Heavens Holding Pavilion and Qionglou in scarlet letters.

Zhang Tie didn't see them before.

"What are they?" Zhang Tie asked the other elders at present.

"They...they are black invitation cards from top sects!" Lu Zhongming said in a slightly quivering voice. 

Zhang Tie turned around and threw a glance at Yan Feiqing. He then found Yan Feiqing was also gazing at the three black invitation cards with a slightly pale face...

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