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The five-color plum blossoms outside the windows were fully open. Twitters could be heard every once a while. Two black invitation cards from top sects in Taixia Country were placed tidily on the crimson table beside a window which was made of pagoda wood. Additionally, Zhang Tie was fiddling with one by hand. 

"No more look, according to the tradition of Hua people, iron is a vicious metal. Therefore, black invitation cards from top sects are made of iron. Despite its ordinary material, its meaning is unusual. Across the country, only the top six sects were qualified to deliver black invitation cards by far..."

Since the event of Gold and Power Law, even Yan Feiqing had not regarded it as a top sect in Taixia Country, not to mention that Gold and Power Law had been denied by the top six sects as a sect. 

In the attic, Yan Feiqing was introducing the background of black invitation card in an unprecedented, intense tone as she gently stroked her lower abdomen.

"Black invitation card is a pattern of war declaration for the top six sects, which targets at a sect or clan in Taixia Country. As long as the top six sects send black invitation cards, the receiver only has two choices, either to surrender or to fight!" 

"Fight?" Zhang Tie moved his eyes away from the black invitation card as he fixated on Yan Feiqing with a frown, "You mean both parties would mobilize all of their members for a duel like how gangs do in downtown?'

"Of course not. It's unnecessary for knights to do that. Actually, the black invitation card is the product of the compromise between the powers of top sects and royal households of Taixia Country. The top six sects need to shape their prestige; however, they should not influence the power of Xuanyuan Hill. The top six sects could show off their forces on the premise that large-scale battles by force between sects were forbidden; otherwise, the stability of civilians and local regions would be weakened together with the power of the royal households. The combat after black invitation card refers to the duel between powers among sects at fixed time and place by force. The combat would not come to an end until nobody in a party could continue to fight the opponent. After receiving the black invitation cards, we have 100 days for preparation..."

"They're really considerate..." Zhang Tie mocked. As for the top six sects which owned sage-level knights, their black invitation cards were purely overwhelming for the receivers. Even knights couldn't make essential progress in 100 days even if they could cultivate in the tower of time. After the sect receives the black invitation card, they could only prepare for their funeral ceremony or stay in panic, "Did the top six sects send black invitation cards before?"

"In past hundreds of years, Taiyi Fantasy Sect had sent black invitation card for six times; Heavens Holding Pavilion 4 times; Qionglou 2 times; 12 times in total..."

"What are the results?"

"Most of the sects or clans who received black invitation cards have dissipated. Some of them became the branches of top sects! The situation facing us has not happened before!"

"Haha, I feel lucky. One-fifth of the 15 black invitation cards that top three sects sent over the past hundreds of years are here..." Zhang Tie smiled as he threw the black invitation card onto the table casually, saying, "We'd better keep the three black invitation cards well. In the future, we could display them in Iron-Dragon Sect, telling our disciples how Iron-Dragon Sect develops..."

"Don't you worry about that?"

"As you said, it's just a duel between powers. I don't worry about that as long as they don't come for me together!"

Yan Feiqing gritted her teeth in a speechless way as she said, "But you have to face three sage-level knights. It would take me many years to promote to a semi sage-level knight; not to mention promote to a sage-level knight. Across Taixia Country, there're very few sage-level knights. Don't you worry about facing three sage-level knights? You know that there're still two levels between a heavenly knight and a sage-level knight."

"Worry, so what?" Zhang Tie shrugged as he continued, "Do you think it's time for me to surrender to the top three sects?"

After glaring at Zhang Tie, Yan Feiqing said with a bad mood, "There's still time. As long as you admit your fault in front of the three sects on the Yinhai, Gobi Desert under the gaze of all the others and meet all of their requests 100 days later, we would be forgiven!"

Zhang Tie became stunned as he watched Yan Feiqing for a while. Finally, he rubbed his face in an embarrassed way, saying, "Erm...I'm afraid that the baby in your womb might not think so even if I admit fault. Do you want our baby to know that his dad is a douchebag? Additionally, as long as we admit fault, Iron-Dragon Sect and Jinwu Palace would dissipate or become subordinate to the top three sects. That's absolutely unacceptable!"

Yan Feiqing turned kind as once as she heaved a sigh, saying, "If so, you should prepare to deal with the three sage-level knights; you know, sage-level knights are a top power in this age. In such a combat, the three sage-level knights would never show mercy to you. This combat is absolutely different than the compromise that you've made with Yun Zhongzi in the Dongtian of Great Wilderness Sect!"

Zhang Tie watched Yan Feiqing amazingly as he had not imagined that Yan Feiqing had seen through what Yun Zhongzi and he had done in the Dongtian. 

"Don't look at me in that way. As we've lived in the tower of time for six decades and I've got pregnant, do you think that I couldn't find any bit of your secret?" Yan Feiqing let out a sigh as she continued, "I don't know how Yun Zhongzi and you compromise with each other, but I'm sure that you've not experienced the real power of a sage-level knight in the realm of Yun Zhongzi. You're just a shadow knight, even though you're also a divine dominator, you still have a very low chance to win against more than one sage-level knight..."

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