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Despite being a bit stupid, Liu brothers were not boring. Although the two brothers admired Ji Yuelan and Jiang Ruoxin very much, the two girls didn't have any feelings toward them at all. As a result, they kept a distance with the two brothers politely. On the street, watching the two brothers scratching their faces and wanting to flirt with the two beauties every once a while, Zhang Tie felt speechless about them.

Even so, as they would soon join Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace officially and become colleagues, Ji Yuelan and Jiang Ruoxin didn't make the two brothers embarrassed. As a result, the two brothers were pretty inspired as they grew more diligent towards the two beauties. This made Zhang Tie absolutely speechless.

Affection between male and female couldn't be realized without practice besides personal comprehension. Evidently, the Liu brothers lacked comprehension and practice. It was Zhang Tie's first time to see such muddle-headed immortal generals.

In Motian Realm, Heavenly Square City was a large city as it contained over 5 million population. Additionally, Heavenly Square City was a hub with advanced trade. After two days, at the beginning of the next month, traders from all directions would converge in Heavenly Square City. Therefore, it was pretty boisterous in Heavenly Square City recently. People from all walks of life could be seen here. It felt special when Zhang Tie wandered in the city and sensed the bizarre local customs.

Through communication, Zhang Tie learned more about Motian Realm from the other four. When they passed by a store, Zhang Tie bought a complete map of Motian Realm.

This map cost him the greater part of the crystal coins that Captain Shi gifted him.

"Brother Zhang Tie, what did you buy this map for?"

Watching Zhang Tie take out a map from the store, the Liu Brothers finally ended their description about their hardships in cultivation to Ji Yuelan and Jiang Ruoxin as they instantly shifted the topic to Zhang Tie as if they met their savior.

"Haha, I feel empty in mind. I couldn't remember anything; even where I am. Therefore, I bought a map to enrich my knowledge!" Zhang Tie said with a smile. The map looks to be made of leather. Even though it was put in a cylinder, it was also longer than 1 m. It would be a bit eye-catching in hand. Thankfully, there's a string on it. Therefore, Zhang Tie carried it on back.

Zhang Tie finally felt being inconvenient without space-teleportation equipment. Thankfully, space-teleportation equipment was also available in Motian Realm periodically. In the first day and the fifteenth day of each month, the special contracting force created by this space structure would decline to zero, during which period, traders across the Motian Realm would attend the trade fair. The first day of each month was called a big fair while the fifteenth day of each month was called a small fair. Most of the businessmen carried portable space-teleportation equipment which contained the most commodities. Actually, commodities couldn't be accessed to space-teleportation equipment except for the first day and the fifteenth day of each month. 

On the airboat of Captain Shi, Zhang Tie had known it. It meant that Zhang Tie could use Castle of Black Iron twice from the first day of next month although he couldn't use it freely like before. Therefore, Zhang Tie warned himself to not fight his enemies except on the first day or the fifteenth day of a month. In the two days, even if he couldn't defeat his enemies, he could still seek protection in Castle of Black Iron. If not, he might not return to Castle of Black Iron at the critical moment, which meant a tragedy for him.

After hearing Zhang Tie's words, the Liu brothers instantly had a sense of superiority as they chested out. Liu Yong burst out laughing as he said, "We both have a good memory. As long as we've traveled somewhere, we would not forget its location. If Brother Zhang has any question about the map, just ask us. We've been to many places across Motian Realm. We're definitely more effective than map, hahaha..."

Watching the two brothers' arrogant looks, Ji Yuelan rolled her eyes to them at once. Jiang Ruoxin directly turned around as she didn't want to see them anymore. Whereas, Zhang Tie didn't care about that; because he knew that the two brothers were just being straightforward instead of being a show-off or making him embarrassed. They just wanted to help him sincerely. However, they didn't find Ji Yuelan's response to them at all; instead, they kept telling Zhang Tie where they had been. Actually, neither of the two beauties were interested in the two brothers. Zhang Tie could only feel sorry for the two brothers inside. With such a low emotional quotient, it was more difficult for them to get beauties than promoting to immortal generals...

After a while, the night gradually fell. Watching Zhang Tie listening to the hubbub of Liu brothers about their experience with a great interest, Ji Yuelan finally couldn't stand throwing a glare at the two brothers before talking to Zhang Tie in a spoiled way with a smile, "I'm hungry, it might be the most famous Heavenly Square Building in Heavenly Square City in front of us. Flying pulp is their brand drink..."

"Great, let's go taste it!" Zhang Tie replied with a smile. Closely after that, he shook the remaining coins in his wallet, saying, "But I've not got enough money. I'm your guest!"

"You're all our guests, hahaha..." Liu Meng interrupted at once. 

"Hahaha, nice. I have no objection!"

"Brother Zhang is very interesting, hahaha..." Liu Meng burst into laughter as he forcefully patted Zhang Tie's shoulder after gaining Zhang Tie's "quick support".

Heavenly Square Building was a 7-storey high pavilion. Before the night fell, the Heavenly Square Building had almost been full. When the five people arrived, there was already no vacancy. Coincidentally, a servant of a major clan in Heavenly Square City ran over there and noticed the boss that they had to cancel off the order as their master had something important to deal with tonight. The boss then asked Zhang Tie whether they would "choose" the private room on the 7th storey. Because the seven private rooms on the 7th storey were the most expensive in Heavenly Square Building, ordinary people couldn't afford it.

As immortal generals, of course, Liu brothers didn't care about expenditure. Therefore, they instantly let the boss dispatch someone to lead them to the private room on the 7th storey.

Soon after they entered the private room, the boss had run upstairs flurriedly, sweat all over his forehead, and he said, "Five guests, I'm so sorry; I'm so sorry. This private room has been ordered by someone..."

"Someone? Aren't we someone?" Zhang Tie said with a smile.

"No...I don't mean that...five guests, how about waiting for a second? I will arrange another private room for you after a while. You could enjoy 20 percent off and some brand dishes of this store. We've got some VIPs..." the boss explained with an embarrassed smile.

"Pah..." Liu Meng slapped onto the table as he glared at the boss, "Break" He instantly stopped as he realized that it was not suitable to abuse people in front of two beauties. As a result, Liu Meng went berserk, "Do you think we couldn't afford you or what? We will stay here today. We will not go anywhere else. Quick, bring us drinks and dishes. If you're late, we brothers would demolish your sh*t store..."

"Who's so presumptuous? Who dare demolish our Heavenly Square Building?" a gloomy voice suddenly drifted from outside...

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