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At the same time, the door of the private room was pushed open from outside rudely while a youth at his 20's swaggered in. With a foldable fan in his hand, he was followed in by some bodyguards.

Elevated eye corners; a bit bluish black bags under eyes; abnormally white face; fickle footsteps. At the sight of him, Zhang Tie had known that he was indulged in liquor and sex. The four bodyguards behind the young man were all tough guys; however, they were at most LV 14. Therefore, the five people didn't fear them even if 10,000 more bodyguards like them were at present. 

When the youth in brilliant garment entered the private room, his eyes instantly turned bright like two will-o'-the-wisps at the sight of Ji Yuelan and Jiang Ruoxin. He directly ignored Zhang Tie and Liu brothers. As Zhang Tie looked too young and was in very cheap clothes, he was like a trivial lackey. Although Liu brothers were immortal generals, they were more like hatchet men given their look due to a shortage of personalities of bosses. 

What was more, the youth was lower than LV 11. When Zhang Tie's group was low-key, he couldn't even find that they were immortal generals; instead, he only took them as commoners. How could a playboy like him respect such "commoners"?

"Hahaha, I see two beauties. I see; I see..." the youth in brilliant garment said in a fickle tone as he opened his foldable fan in a handsome way with a sound "Shhua". At the same time, he revealed a smile and told Ji Yuelan and Jiang Ruoxin, "Two girls, you look strange. I've not seen you in Heavenly Square City before. It must be your first time to Heavenly Square City."

Jiang Ruoxin didn't speak; however, Ji Yuelan replied as she smiled like an innocent little white rabbit, "Yes, it's our sisters' first time to visit Heavenly Square City!"

'First time; sisters.' The youth instantly seized the key information as he looked at Ji Yuelan greedily. After looking at her plump breasts, his throat moved as he felt a bit warm, continuing, "I think you have just got acquainted with the three men today?"

"Yes!" Ji Yuelan answered as she blinked her eyes as if she had determined to cheat the youth to death.

The youth in noble garment instantly revealed a generous look as he said, "As the big trade fair would kick off in two days in Heavenly Square City, people from all walks of life have been here. As a result, it's a bit messy here. Since you're new here, you'd better watch out when making friends. You'd better stay away from those ruffians and humble people in case of being trapped. Otherwise, you would regret. A few days ago, I took some patrollers to catch some liars in the streets and put them behind bars..."

Weirdos existed everywhere, even in Motian Realm. Zhang Tie had not imagined that he could encounter such a weirdo soon after entering Heavenly Square City. After hearing this guy depreciating others, speaking highly of himself blatantly and threatening him and Liu brothers, Zhang Tie was not angry; instead, he waited for this guy to continue his performance. By contrast, Liu brothers had long been infuriated. If not Ji Yuelan interrupted them, the two brothers might have long stomped onto the youth's face fiercely for dozens of times. 

"Aah, dude, you could take patrollers to catch ruffians on streets. May I know your identity..." Ji Yuelan asked with a "surprise" as her eyes sparkled.

"Heavenly Square City previously belonged to Zi Clan. I'm Zi Gui!" The youth became more pleasant after being bewildered by Ji Yuelan's performance. As a result, he squinted his eyes and exposed his identity at a stroke. Closely after that, he struck the iron while it was hot, "Ladies, given your good looks and qualities, you should make friends with people of the top class. After a while, I will invite some people here. They're all top figures among immortal generals. If you agree to stay, I could introduce those immortal generals to you after a while..."

"Doesn't Heavenly Square City belong to Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace? Is there anything to do with Zi clan?" Zhang Tie instantly asked Jiang Ruoxin secretly using his battle qi soon after the youth finished his words. Because he was new here, he was still confused about the situation facing Heavenly Square City. 

"Heavenly Square City belonged to Zi clan previously. However, Zi clan sought for Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace's protection over 300 years ago. As a result, Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace could build immortal palaces and immortal halls in the city. The two parties cooperated with each other for their own needs..." Jiang Ruoxin explained it to Zhang Tie secretly as she tried to not laugh out. 

"Aah, dude, you even know top immortal generals? Don't lie to me..." Ji Yuelan said with a curious look as she patted her plump breasts.

"Haha, they're immortal generals from Star Emperor Immortal Palace. Lady, if you stay here, you would see them soon!" the silly youth continued pleasantly.

Zhang Tie finally understood that Zi Clan in Heavenly Square City had long prepared to seek for Star Emperor Immortal Palace's protection. Therefore, Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace was recruiting immortal generals these days. 

"Does Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace know anything about Zi clan's blatant deeds in Heavenly Square City? I'm afraid that the Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace have long known Zi clan's plan. However, they just bore it. No matter what, Star Emperor Immortal Palace is too aggressive. Given Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace's weak power, it might be exerting its utmost effort to avoid from contradictions with Star Emperor Immortal Palace. Perhaps, the powers of Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace are thinking about stabilizing the current situation."

"The contradictions could barely be avoided. A few days ago, Biyao City the largest city where Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace's branch was located in Sun Shooting Plains was merged by Star Emperor Immortal Palace. It's said that Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace suffered casualties. Now, the immortal generals of Star Emperor Immortal Palace have arrived at Heavenly Square City and stay with a dude of Zi clan. Their purpose is clear to us all. Nevertheless, Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace didn't make any response to it."

Zhang Tie had known some laws when he was in the Seventh National Male Middle School in Blackhot City. In campus, as long as a male student was bullied, he should immediately fight back even risk bleeding in case of more troubles. 'How come some big figures don't understand it?' Zhang Tie sighed for Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace in his heart...

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