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"How great are immortal generals from Star Emperor Immortal Palace..." Ji Yuelan exclaimed. After that, she glanced at Zhang Tie and sighed, saying, "However, we've promised to hang out with this young brother tonight. If we stay here, this young brother would definitely not be happy. I'm so sorry. You've gotta get play yourselves..."

The smile of the youth in noble garment froze at once. After saying so much, he thought he could coax Ji Yuelan and Jiang Ruoxin; after making them drunk in the banquet at night, he would take the two beauties into his private mansion and sleep with them. He had not imagined that he could be so easily turned down by them. In fact, the two beauties didn't even care about him at all. Therefore, he was very embarrassed.


"You were talking alone. But I've not promised you anything!" Ji Yuelan said as she blinked her eyes. After that, she looked at the manager, urging, "Why are you still here? Quick, bring us drinks and dishes. As we came here first, you cannot order us to give way to you even if your boss is coming!"

After hearing Ji Yuelan's words, the youth in noble garment finally changed his face as he glared at Ji Yuelan before pointing at Zhang Tie and roaring, "Quick, drive these people out of here. Go fetch a team of street patrollers. I doubt these people are planning to do evil things in Heavenly Square City. The robbery of the warehouse in the WestCity district a few days ago might be related to these people. Take them down and put them behind bars. I gotta interrogate them..."

After hearing the youth in noble garment, those hatchet men behind him instantly charged at them like hungry tigers and wolves.

Liu Meng and Liu Yong had long been furious like a powder keg which was going to explode. When Ji Yuelan said, they tried not to lose their temper. However, when those b*stards charged at them by accusing them of robbers, the two brothers growled and finally rushed out.

The battle came to an end almost in the blink of an eye, accompanied by bone fractures and miserable shrieks. 

Facing the big palms of Liu brothers, all the hatchet men were sent flying out of the private room like kitties being rammed by a running rhino. Before the youth called Zi Gui responded, his neck had been grasped by Liu Meng's hand. Closely after that, he was thrown onto the ground. Before he uttered, Liu Meng had stomped onto his face, causing him to pass out at once.

Liu Meng's huge sole fully covered the youth's face. When Liu Meng removed his feet, a huge and pitch-dark footprint covered the youth's face from his forehead to his jaw. The youth's nose had become flat.

Liu brothers were smart as they didn't kill him; otherwise, Liu Meng had long broken the youth's head by foot.

"Pah..." Liu Meng spat his saliva onto Zi Gui's body as he complained, "F*ck, this son of a b*tch really made this father angry..." After that, Liu Meng glared at the manager who had been petrified. Closely after that, he grasped the manager's collar and urged, "What the f*ck are you doing here? Quick, bring us drinks and dishes. If you were too slow, we brothers would demolish your motherf*cking hotel today, along with your head..."

After being thrown off, the manager hurriedly slipped out of the private room. However, the Liu brothers were still furious. After turning around and finding that Ji Yuelan and Jiang Ruoxin were watching them, Liu brothers hurriedly changed their faces. 

"Ahem ahem...we're always as gentle as Brother Zhang. We aren't rude in general..." Liu Meng explained as he whipped his hair and kicked the youth off to one corner of the private room like kicking dumps. At the same time, he rubbed his hands with a bashful smile.

"Yes, yes. We rarely curse. We don't always stomp others' faces in daily life..." Liu Yong interrupted.

"Yes, yes, these people's faces are too fragile. You could easily break them by foot. After that, those disgusting contents would spray everywhere like a rotten watermelon. They even made my shoes dirty. It's boring and disgusting to clean them. Take those bandits that we met last year as an instance, that..."



After hearing Liu Yong's coughs, Liu Meng stopped at once.

Zhang Tie burst into laughter. The two brothers were really sweet. However, Liu Meng's kick won Zhang Tie's favor. Although the two brothers looked rude at that moment, they were still meticulous as they kept that guy as a living hostage. They were not fully muddle-headed. Zhang Tie then called the two brothers, "It's over; come on, take a seat. The manager would definitely serve us drinks and dishes as fast as possible without playing any trick..."

There were also noises and exclamations outside the private room as the two hatchet men being sent flying out of the private room aroused a bit of turmoil. Some diners in neighboring private rooms had recognized that the guardians being hurt were from Zi Clan in Heavenly Square City. After knowing that there might be big trouble here, they hurriedly left without even finishing their food. 

As for the manager, he had a servant report it to the relevant authority as he urged the waiter to serve their drinks and food. He wanted to stabilize Zhang Tie's group for the time being. If they left now, the manager would assume responsibility for the casualties as he couldn't prove his innocence anymore.

"Erm...are we a bit...a bit excessive..." Jiang Ruoxin slightly frowned as he threw a glance at the youth in noble garment at the corner of the private room. Previously, Jiang Ruoxin just wanted to scare them off by presenting their identities. Unimaginably, Liu brothers made it worse except for killing them. 

Zhang Tie asked Jiang Ruoxin with a smile, "Haven't you heard Zi Gui's words? If we're just commoners, we will not talk about the result facing three men of us, do you know your outcome? Try to imagine, our beauty Jiang is caught into the pitch-dark underground cell being tied to shackles. You couldn't move or get any help. You just cry miserably. After being full, this playboy Zi Gui comes to the underground cell with a foul smell, where, he watches beauty Jiang with erotic eyes and orders all of his lackeys to leave out of there. He then changes his foldable fan into a leather whip. Feeling amorous inside, he approaches you and would like to interrogate you with an obscene smile..."


A strange sound was heard in the room. The Liu brothers were swallowing their saliva forcefully...

"A dog's mouth emits no ivory!" Jiang Ruoxin who used to be distant and calm finally threw a glare at Zhang Tie after hearing his words, face flushed. 

'A dog's mouth emits no ivory!' Zhang Tie burst out laughing after being silent for a second when he heard such a familiar sentence in Motian Realm...

Despite the sharp difference between this world and Taixia Country, the same human race using the same language would always make similar conclusions on their wisdom and experience no matter how two worlds developed. 

"What about me? If If you were that playboy and you caught me, how would you interrogate me?" Ji Yuelan asked Zhang Tie with a bit jealousy. Zhang Tie threw a glance at Ji Yuelan as he saw her watching him with a smile. 

"Ahem ahem, am I that kind of a person?" Zhang Tie answered with a serious look.

"I feel you're more evil than him!" Ji Yuelan urged in a mischievous and charming manner as she stretched out one leg and slightly rubbed Zhang Tie's crus by it...

"Your honors, here are the drinks and food..." The manager led some waiters to serve them food and drinks. When he entered the room, he glanced at the playboy of Zi clan lying at the corner of the room before hurriedly moving his eyes away. 

"The Flying Pulp is too less. Do you feel this grandpa is poor or what..." Liu Yong glared at the manager and slapped onto the table after noticing that small pot in the hand of the manager. The manager was so scared that he even quivered all over. 

"No, no, please enjoy it first. I will bring you big jars right away; right away; I promise you a drink; I promise you a drink..." the manager hurriedly explained with a smile. 


"Yes, sir; yes, sir..."

After a short while, there were already over 30 jars of Flying Pulp in the room. It appeared that the manager had moved all the Flying Pulp to here. 

Flying Pulp was indeed a famous liquor in Heavenly Square City. The moment its lid was opened, the entire room had been filled with a rich fragrance. Although Zhang Tie was not obsessed with drinking, nor tasting liquors, after having a sip, Zhang Tie felt that it was utterly different than those famous liquors that he had drunk in Taixia Country or Waii Subcontinent. The rich aura in the liquor rushed to his scalp the moment he took it. It felt pretty special. It lived up to its name. 

"It seems that the manager would like to make us drunk, hahaha..." Liu Meng burst into laughter.

"If so, they would not waste time fighting us. Stay clear-minded. We two females couldn't drink as much as you!" Ji Yuelan said as she squinted her eyes.

Jiang Ruoxin recovered her calm look once again. Even though the table was full of nice drinks, she didn't even have a sip. According to Ji Yuelan, Jiang Ruoxin shouldn't drink. However, Zhang Tie and Liu brothers didn't mind it at all. 

"He said he's inviting the immortal generals from Star Emperor Immortal Palace. I'm afraid that we might not be able to deal with them if too many of them came!"

"Don't worry. It's Heavenly Square City, the territory of Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace. The powerhouses dispatched by Star Emperor Immortal Palace would not surpass water immortal generals. Imagine, if a wind immortal general suddenly appears in Heavenly Square City, would Head Huang stay calm in the immortal palace in the daytime?" 

Liu Yong then slapped the table, saying, "If there's indeed a wind immortal general, we would cause chaos; I don't believe that Head Huang would watch people from Star Emperor Immortal Palace create troubles inside the city ignoring his existence..."

Watching the bright moon, Zhang Tie became poetic at once as it reminded him of the figures in the past. 

"When soldiers come, we tackle them using generals; when water comes, we cover it with soil. Don't worry about that. Come on, cheer up. With liquor, we gotta get a drink tonight. Don't break twigs alone when there's no blossom..." Zhang Tie proposed a toast while his lines shocked the rest again.

"That's great! That's great! Brother Zhang's words always sound nice. Damn it, that's awesome! We Liu brothers don't admire anyone but you, Brother Zhang. Brother, don't hide your talents in front of us. You gotta teach us so that we could also make poems freely..." Liu Yong screamed.

"With liquor, we gotta get a drink tonight; don't break twigs alone when there's no blossom..." Ji Yuelan repeated it as she watched Zhang Tie in a more fascinated manner. Raising her glass, she proposed a toast, "Young brother, this sister propose a toast to you for your poetic lines!"

Zhang Tie and Ji Yuelan then clinked their glasses before drinking it together. 

Liu brothers kicked up a fuss aside at a stroke. They opened the lids of three jars by patting their bodies as they urged, "One glass doesn't work. We brothers gotta get one jar to show our respect to Brother Zhang!"

"Alright, one jar!" Zhang Tie dropped off his glass as he picked a jar of Flying Pulp by one hand. After touching each other's jar, the three people raised their heads and poured the entire jar of liquor into their mouths. 

After putting down the three empty jars, the three men exchanged a glance with each other before bursting into laughter in unison.

As was imagined, before proposing a toast to each other for three rounds, the clatters of heavy footsteps of a large team had drifted into the private room. 

After a few seconds, a row of iron hooks being connected to ropes had been shot inside the door. Closely after that, the wooden door, the wall on the side of the door and the screen in the private room were pulled down from outside, revealing Zhang Tie's group to the public.

Seven men with star patterns on their collars were watching the five people who were drinking inside the private room distantly. Behind the seven men were two rows of street patrollers in Heavenly Square City. They all held weapons and surrounded the entire private room as if they were facing great enemies.

At this moment, the boite had been in chaos while all the other diners had already checked out flurriedly.

Watching the seven men outside, Liu brothers who were still drinking instantly stopped as they squinted their eyes. Ji Yuelan and Jiang Ruoxin exchanged a glance with each other with slight frowns. Given the faint qi from the seven men, the two women had known that two of them were earth immortal generals while the rest five were fierce immortal generals. The opponents were much more powerful than them.


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