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"After a short while, I will defend the two earth generals, you and three of them leave here first..." Jiang Ruoxin told Ji Yuelan secretly using her battle qi before taking a look at Zhang Tie. 

Zhang Tie's performance shocked Jiang Ruoxin slightly because he was still drinking Flying Pulp frankly and calmly. Not only that, Zhang Tie appeared to have not seen the seven immortal generals in front of him; instead, he just played his glass with half-closed eyes.

After glancing over the five people at the table, one earth immortal general among the seven people finally fixated onto Jiang Ruoxin as his eyes slightly contracted. He had not imagined that Jiang Ruoxin was an earth immortal general. They had received a message that the third young master of Zi clan broke out a quarrel with others when arranging banquet for them in Heavenly Square Building and was finally hurt by two immortal generals who were new in Heavenly Square City. After hearing it, the seven immortal generals realized that it was a chance for them to completely conquer Zi Clan by carrying forward their reputation and power in Heavenly Square City; therefore, they all came here aggressively; unimaginably, there was an earth immortal general among the five people.

Like the young master of Zi clan who had been stomped and passed out, Zhang Tie didn't arouse this person's attraction due to his young age, coarse and cheap garments. Therefore, this person finally fixed his eyes on Jiang Ruoxin who looked most powerful among the five people.

After taking a look aside, the other earth immortal general on his side had flashed out. Almost in one stride, that person had arrived at the corner and got the young master of Zi clan back to their side. The other immortal general on his side instantly took out a vial of a pill and fed one to the young master.

Zhang Tie's group didn't move during this process; instead, they just watched it distantly.

"Did you hurt the young master of Zi clan?" the earth immortal general asked coldly.

"You bet! That motherf*cking young master is beaten by this grandpa, so what?" Liu Yong and Liu Meng instantly sprung up as they replied in unison, chesting out. They gazed at the seven people with red eyes like bulldogs, pushing a face.

"Hmm, if you don't want to be beaten, you two had better break your hands. The others gotta go with me!" the earth immortal general said coldly as if he had taken in control of everything.

"Hahaha, you want me to break my own hands? It's the best joke I've ever heard." Liu Meng burst into laughter. Closely after that, he changed his face and gazed at that person, asking, "Why?"

"Because of the relationship between Zi clan and Star Emperor Immortal Palace. Isn't it enough?"

"Star Emperor Immortal Palace? There's no Star Emperor Immortal Palace in Heavenly Square City!"

"Heh heh heh heh, there would be soon. You should know the outcome of offending Star Emperor Immortal Palace. You could not escape from the hunt of Star Emperor Immortal Palace no matter where you are!" the earth immortal general said mercilessly, causing Liu brothers, Jiang Ruoxin and Ji Yuelan to change their faces.

After taking a pill, the young master of Zi clan slowly woke up. After touching his collapsed nose, he inhaled twice before springing up. Pointing at Liu brothers and Zhang Tie, he shouted, "You dare beat me? You dare beat me? Kill them; kill them; I want to break them into pieces..."

"I've just kept your life, do you have such a poor memory?" Zhang Tie put down his glass as he stood up, swaggering; watching the young master of Zi clan who was shouting madly, he continued, "It seems that you have to die..."

"Who are you?" The earth immortal general fixated onto Zhang Ti at once.

Zhang Tie completely hid his qi as an immortal general. However, the moment he stood up, he had aroused the attention of the earth immortal general from Star Emperor Immortal Palace. Meanwhile, the earth immortal general felt his heart racing.

Zhang Tie smiled, revealing snow-white teeth, saying, "It's meaningless for you to know that!"

"What do you mean?"

"Dead men don't need to know my name!"

After hearing Zhang Tie's words, that earth immortal general instantly contracted his eyes as he flashed towards Zhang Tie's group. Liu brothers, Jiang Ruoxin and Ji Yuelan had been intense. When they saw the opponent move, they moved too. However, one person moved faster than all of them. Before they left the table, Zhang Tie had appeared in front of that earth immortal general weirdly. Before the earth immortal general strode out the second step, Zhang Tie had already stepped onto his foot, causing him to fall on the ground from the air. 

That person changed his face as he released his battle qi and punched towards Zhang Tie's head.

Zhang Tie punched against his fist.

The air across Heavenly Square Building was frozen in a split second. Closely after that, all the surrounding air gathered around Zhang Tie's fist with his roar as if being exhausted by a wind tunnel. 

Zhang Tie's punch was like a mountain collapse. It was also a kinetic strike. Even if Zhang Tie didn't use a weapon, he could also realize a kinetic strike using his punch and body weight. Combining with his gnosis of fist skill, his punch became fiercer and more irresistible. 

Everyone at present changed their face. All the other six people from Star Emperor Immortal Palace launched a strike towards Zhang Tie at the same time. However, they were much slower than Zhang Tie...

Zhang Tie's punch collided with the earth immortal general's punch in a split second. Like how a fine steel bar inserted into a piece of soya bean curd, Zhang Tie's fist easily broke the entire fist of the opponent, then his forearm, arm, shoulder, protective battle qi and head in the end...

With a sound "Puffft...", the earth immortal general's head was broken like a watermelon being struck by a 10,000-ton iron hammer. His brains sprayed out, some of which even fell onto the face of the young master of Zi clan who was shrieking insanely...

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