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The extermination of Zi clan in Heavenly Square City didn't cause greater chaos in the city. After one night's curfew, by the next day, the entire city had recovered except for the gossips. And, it was said that Heavenly Square Building was burned into ashes in a fire accident last night, leaving smoking ruin over there. 

The extermination of Zi clan didn't pose too much influence on the commoners in the city. It was still Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace which ruled Heavenly Square City. The mere difference was that there were some more soldiers of Immortal Force Camp patrolling in the city. Additionally, it was said that those people being closely related to Zi clan had disappeared too over last night. 

After being intense overnight, those traders who converged in Heavenly Square City from all directions for the coming big trade fair found the city remained as same as usual. Those businesses were carried on as usual. Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace didn't restrict traders' freedom any longer. Traders could stay or leave for free. Therefore, they became reassured at a stroke as they started to ask about what happened in Heavenly Square City last night. As for businessmen in Motian Realm, besides trading commodities for profits everywhere, they had another function, namely communication. As for the clans or forces behind traders, sometimes information was even more important than profit. 

In Motian Realm, of course, the information about the relationship between two star-level immortal palaces was critical and especially sensitive.

Therefore, on the next early morning, all the boites, teahouses, stores and guilds in the city had been crowded with lads of itinerant traders or stores or people from all walks of lives who came here by airboats for news.

Despite being various, none of the news was accurate.

Someone said Zi clan and the branch of Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace in Heavenly Square City colluded with each other to trap those immortal generals of Star Emperor Immortal Palace who wanted to occupy Heavenly Square City in order to take revenge for the fact that Star Emperor Immortal Palace occupied Biyao City in Sun Shooting Plains of Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace a few days ago. 

Someone said that a wind immortal general of Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace arrived at Heavenly Square City and killed the owner of Zi clan and those immortal generals of Star Emperor Immortal Palace. 

Someone said that disguised demons slipped into Heavenly Square City last night. In order to deteriorate the relationship between two emperor-level immortal palaces in Motian Realm, it made a massacre in Heavenly Square Building and Zi Clan Castle. The latter news sounded more vivid and accurate. It was said that someone even saw that disguised demon kill an immortal general of Star Emperor Immortal Palace and fight people being dispatched to Zi Clan Castle by Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace. After injuring some immortal generals of Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace, the disguised demon fled away.

Someone said that other immortal palaces were involved in...

Facing this news, those information inquirers became muddle-headed as they didn't know which news was true. Even so, they could still confirm the following points.

First, last night, in the downtown, some immortal generals broke out a fierce battle in Zi Clan Castle; however, the battle was short. At least one water immortal general was involved. It was said that water immortal general came from Star Emperor Immortal General. However, the opponent of the water immortal general was anonymous. 

Second, like Zi Clan Castle, Heavenly Square Building was also a battlefield between immortal generals. The fire accident facing Heavenly Square Building was related to immortal generals. This early morning, some corpses were discovered from the ruins. 

Third, Star Emperor Immortal Palace suffered a great loss in Heavenly Square City last night as many people were killed. Zi clan in Heavenly Square City perished overnight. Today, none of the immortal generals from Star Emperor Immortal Palace could be seen across the city anymore; nor were people of Zi clan.

Fourth, it was a bit uncertain. Someone said the nine immortal generals from Star Emperor Immortal Palace were all cleared in Heavenly Square City; however, their corpses couldn't be discovered. 

What everyone cared most was the information about the people who fought Star Emperor Immortal Palace last night. There were many versions of that. One of the most popular was that some disguised demons slipped into Heavenly Square City, killed many immortal generals of Star Emperor Immortal Palace and created the turmoil in the city last night. This saying could be proved by the fact that Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace suddenly strengthened its check towards anyone accessing the city. Everyone accessing to Heavenly Square City should pass the test of the demon-detective needle. 


Whereas, Zhang Tie didn't know about these changes in Heavenly Square City overnight. After coming back to Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace and making a bloody pledge to join Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace officially last night, Zhang Tie was requested to stay in Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace for calm cultivation these days as the deputy head of the branch of Dragon Emperor Immortal palace in Heavenly Square City by Huang Baimei. 

Zhang Tie was frank; therefore, he just stayed in the branch of Dragon Emperor Immortal palace. No matter what, in the worst case scenario, he would be kicked out of Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace and face the revenge from Star Emperor Immortal Palace alone.

As for others, they might face a tragedy; however, as for Zhang Tie, it was not a big deal as he would not lose hair. Ordinary immortal generals were nothing but sh*t in his eyes. Even if the Star Emperor hunted him, given his ability, Zhang Tie could easily avoid his hunt by changing his look and identity.

Even some shadow demons could mess up these immortal palaces, not to mention him. By triggering body-changing bloodline, he could never be identified by people in Motian Realm.

'Whereas, given Huang Baimei's attitude, it's almost impossible for Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace to betray me. Otherwise, the brand of Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace could be thrown into sh*t. If the immortal general who fought for the immortal palace was kicked out, who else would work for it?'

As it was not proper for him to ask about that last night, Zhang Tie didn't do that. Nevertheless, Zhang Tie had made his decision to have a good talk with Huang Baimei when it was proper. He wanted to know the internal affairs about Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace in case of unnecessary troubles. 

Last night, Zhang Tie slept pretty well. It was almost the soundest sleep that Zhang Tie had since he came to Motian Realm. Before daybreak, Zhang Tie had woken up. After cleansing himself, he took out the map of Motian Realm that he bought last night and paved it over a desk before reading it carefully. He started to absorb all the knowledge about Motian Realm as much as possible like a piece of sponge absorbing water...

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