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Being different than ordinary people, when Zhang Tie read a map, he kept visualizing the images and data about terrains on the plane into a huge three-dimensional sand table. In this way, he could bear everything on the map in mind for the rest of his life.

Whenever Zhang Tie wanted to use it, he could deepen into each detail on the map. Additionally, when in flight, Zhang Tie could match the coordinate on the map at any time. Therefore, he would not get lost no matter how long he had flown. Furthermore, Zhang Tie could match all the coordinates in mind and draw out the most precise map. 

After reading it, Zhang Tie realized the large size of Motian Realm. Those regions marked on the map were much larger than the world that he came from.

However, the size of Motian Realm was relative.

Strictly, the world where he came from was a celestial body, a vigorous yet trivial place in the complete universe. The world where he came from was connected to a vast world, which contained numerous celestial bodies, galaxies and lives. The world where he came from was just a small part of a larger world.

Motian Realm was very large; however, strictly, it was not a complete universe; but an independent, bizarre space. Although being large, to a certain degree, Motian Realm was very small, independent and incomplete. Additionally, Motian Realm was not a celestial body; instead, it was more like some independent "pieces" floating in the sky. 

Motian Realm contained many "pieces", large or small. All the "pieces' were called "domains" or "regions". There were three kinds of domains, namely, big domains, middle domains and small domains. Big domains in Motian Realm were like subcontinents, which usually covered hundreds of millions of square miles. Middle domains were smaller, the size of which ranged from 10 million to over 100 million square miles. As for small domains, their sizes ranged from millions of square miles to 10 million square miles. By contrast, regions were always less than 1 million square miles in size.

All the domains and regions were like islands floating in the air of Motian Realm, large or small. They were connected by airboat. 

Motian Realm had 9 big domains, 64 middle domains and 360 small domains and numerous regions. Given its population and land size, Motian Realm was featured by sparse population and vast land. 

Demons and humans respectively occupied 4 big domains while the last big domain was shared by two parties. As a result, the two parties always broke out wars for resources. Additionally, humans and demons occupied almost the same number of middle domains and small domains. In other words, humans and demons were well-matched in strength.

The three big domains that humans ruled were Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace, Star Emperor Immortal Palace and Force Emperor Immortal Palace. As was occupied by the three emperor-level immortal palaces, the three big domains were respectively called Dragon Emperor Big Domain, Star Emperor Big Domain and Force Emperor Big Domain. Besides the three big domains, the three emperor-level immortal palaces also ruled some middle domains and small domains and scrambled for many cities with demons in the last big domains. As for the 14 sage-level immortal palaces in Motian Realm, each of them ruled one or several middle and small domains. 

Zhang Tie was in the Heavens Big Domain in Motian Realm where humans and demons usually broke out wars. Additionally, given its size, Heavens Big Domain was the biggest domain in Motian Realm. The entire Heavens Big Domain was of the size of a military region of Taixia Country. Therefore, the wars between humans and demons were especially fierce here.

Besides, Zhang Tie was surprised by a vast ocean in Motian Realm called Yao Ocean. The entire Yao Ocean was at the bottom of the Motian Realm. Above the Motian Realm, there was an extremely high, ethereal place called Mountain Ruins, which was not marked on the map. 

As Zhang Tie was immersed in the map of Motian Realm, he almost forgot time. Not until he was awakened by the knocks at the door did he move his eyes away from the map.

Zhang Tie went off to open the door as he saw Leng Manxue the general deacon of the branch of Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace standing outside the door with a lot of items in arms.

The fiery outfit, undulated figure, sexy, long legs, beautiful short hair, bright eyes which bent upwards, forbidding qi field, this general deacon of the branch of Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace in Heavenly Square City was cultured. 

"Oh, General deacon Leng, what's up?" Zhang Tie asked with a smile.

Leng Manxue was like other strong professional women. Zhang Tie knew that she must dislike being called in an intimate way. Therefore, Zhang Tie didn't feel like joking with her. It was wise and easy to treat her as his colleague. 

After taking a serious look at Zhang Tie, Leng Manxue was instantly shocked. She had already been told that Zhang Tie was a water immortal general. Therefore, she couldn't stand observing him for a short while. Even so, this woman still didn't look very curious and shocked. She soon recovered her composure as she said, "Head asked me to send some exclusive sets of outfits to you as you have to get used to your current situation..."

As she said, Leng Manxue had already entered Zhang Tie's room.

After knowing that she had something else to say, Zhang Tie smiled as he closed the door from inside.

After entering the room, Leng Manxue directly went to the wardrobe and shoe cabinet before putting the pile of outfits in the cabinet. After that, she noticed that huge map of Motian Realm on the desk as she turned around and asked, "You're studying the map of Motian Realm?"

"Ahem...ahem...yes, as I couldn't remember the terrains in Motian Realm anymore, I bought a map to review them..." Zhang Tie disguised to cough twice as he hurriedly moved his eyes away from Leng Manxue's butts. Being attracted by her extremely rhythmic, twisting butt and waist, Zhang Tie couldn't stand taking a look at them. 

"This map is too crude. It's made by commoners. If you want, I can have someone bring you the complete jade map of Motian Realm. It's stored in our immortal palace!" Leng Manxue didn't look abnormal as if she had not discovered that Zhang Tie was gazing at her butt or just ignored it. 

"Thanks, general deacon!"

"Pleasure. As the deputy head of the immortal palace, you have the right to use these resources!"

Leng Manxue's words reminded Zhang Tie of something as he asked, "I wonder whether there're some other books in the immortal palace. If there is, please have people bring them to me too. I want to read them perhaps for the sake of my memory!"

"Previously, there were many books in the branch of Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace in Heavenly Square City; however, they were all taken away by the last batch of immortal generals. There were only a few left. If you want to read, perhaps you could when we return to the headquarters of Dragon Emperor Big Domain!" Leng Manxue said as she looked into Zhang Tie's eyes with a faint frown, "If not you're an immortal human general, I would even doubt that whether you were born in Motian Realm or not..."

"I was indeed not born in Motian Realm!" Zhang Tie said as he watched Leng Manxue seriously. After hearing his reply, Leng Manxue slightly squinted. However, Zhang Tie's following words defused the short solemn atmosphere at once, "You're far-sighted. I'm actually dispatched by God to save commoners especially beauties in Motian Realm. Additionally, I'm destined to be a perfect man. I always hide it well; unexpectedly, you discovered that. Promise me, don't reveal this secret to others!"

"Huh!" Leng Manxue uttered as she raised her eyebrows and threw a glare at Zhang Tie, "As the deputy head of the immortal palace, please watch out your words and image. If those followers of Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace saw you joking every day, their confidence and belief in the immortal palace would sharply decline. By then, if you were caught by the law enforcement elder back in Dragon Emperor Big Domain, you might suffer a severe punishment. Don't blame me then..."

"Head said that Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace is going to abandon Heavenly Square City, is that true?"

Leng Manxue nodded rigidly as her face turned gloomy.

"But why?"

"It's determined by the Church of the immortal palace. As Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace is on the verge of collapse, besides Heavenly Square City, we're also gradually giving up the other cities as all the strength of it would return to Dragon Emperor Big Domain..."

Before reading the map, he was confused about this decision; however, after reading it, Zhang Tie realized that it was a method that Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace adopted to contract its force for a better defense...

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