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Not until all the 30,000-odd people left the airport did Huang Baimei, Leng Manxue and Xun Zizhou who had handled with the procedures come over here. 

Even being composed, Huang Baimei still didn't look good.

When Huang Baimei was approaching Zhang Tie, Liu brothers had been pushed aside by Ji Yuelan and Jiang Ruoxin. The two women were asking funny questions, which made Zhang Tie embarrassed.

"What did you eat these days?"

"Do you take care of your skin?"

"How do you make yourself look younger?"

Zhang Tie said he ate nothing; nor did he take care of his skin or know some method to make himself younger. However, the two women still watched him out of suspicion. 

"Liar, these days, I feel you look much better day by day while your skin looks increasingly brighter. If you don't eat something or have some recipe for skin-care, how could your skin improve even better than mine and xin? You see, we take care of our skin every day!" Ji Yuelan pouted her mouth as she looked at Zhang Tie.

Zhang Tie indeed looked different these days. However, it was definitely not caused by improving his state of mind. In fact, Zhang Tie assimilated almost half of the wind chakras of the red and blue devils and promoted to four change realm of a shadow knight. On April 1, Zhang Tie even slipped into Castle of Black Iron for the fruit of brilliance.

After promoting to four change realm of a shadow knight, Zhang Tie's overall strength was strengthened once again, including his speed, physical strength, defensive ability and spiritual energy. The fruit of brilliance that he took contained all the spiritual energy of the two heavenly knights, which caused a sharp increase in Zhang Tie's real spiritual energy. As a result, the brilliant light in his mind sea and his state reached a new height generally; especially Zhang Tie's spiritual energy. These days, Zhang Tie gradually sensed that his real spiritual energy was silently penetrating downwards from his mind sea like invisible water every day, which lubricated Zhang Tie's muscles, organs and cells as a whole. As a result, Zhang Tie experienced subtle changes all over. 

Take his skin which was admired by Ji Yuelan and Jiang Ruoxin as an instance, Zhang Tie's skin gradually turned as smooth and bright as jade as if it was giving out a brilliant light. Especially for women, who doubted that Zhang Tie was using a secret recipe for skin-care. 

Skin change was external which could be seen by people; by contrast, some changes could only be known by Zhang Tie himself. These days, Zhang Tie felt his bones all over being joined with each other firmly, his tongue redder, teeth whiter, defensive ability higher while his hands, feet, shoulders, back and abdomen appearing being softer. What was more, Zhang Tie felt his saliva was turning sweeter and fresher. His mouth felt fresh and fragrant every day. Zhang Tie was even obsessed with swallowing his own saliva.

Without exaggeration, Zhang Tie felt he was becoming more and more handsome these days whenever he looked into the mirror.

"One's look comes from one's heart? Really? What a fresh saying!" Ji Yuelan and Jiang Ruoxin exchanged a glance with each other as they started to believe in Zhang Tie's words.

"Trust in me. As long as you stick to it, after a period of time, you would yell about your beautiful look in your dreams. I yelled about my beautiful look in my dream every day!"

"Nonsense!" Ji Yuelan who had pouted her mouth finally revealed a big smile; even Jiang Ruoxin chuckled while covering her mouth by hand; meanwhile, she threw a pleasant glimpse at Zhang Tie. They always felt relaxed and pleasant being with Zhang Tie. Even if they knew Zhang Tie was talking nonsense, they still felt it was funny. 

Zhou Baifei was chatting with Lu Tianqiang and Liu brothers as he threw a glimpse over here every once a while. Zhang Tie directly ignored him.

Watching Huang Baimei walking towards them, Ji Yuelan and Jiang Ruoxin didn't ask Zhang Tie anymore as they hid their smiles, turning solemn. At the same time, Zhou Baifei, Lu Tianqiang and Liu brothers also approached them. 

"Ahem ahem, head, have you handed it over?" Zhang Tie asked Huang Baimei, although he had long known the result. 

"The followers from Heavenly Square City will be properly arranged. They've already built a new area outside the city. These followers from Nine Heavens Big Domain would soon resettle in the new residential area, restart their lives and join the immortal palace over here. Dragon Emperor City is complex in many aspects. We need to live in Dragon Emperor City for a period of time. As you've just joined Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace, your identities would be officially registered in the headquarters of Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace in Dragon Emperor City. After that, your titles would be fixed. Let's leave here now. They've already arranged a residential area for us..."

After leaving these words, Huang Baimei left the airport, followed by the others.

When Zhang Tie exited the airport, he looked back and saw people from the headquarters of Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace carrying crates of treasures that the branch of Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace in Heavenly Square City confiscated from Zi Clan Castle, who had stored hundreds of years. The moment those crates were unloaded, they had been sealed and carried away. The two immortal generals who had talked with Huang Baimei and Leng Manxue just now were gazing at those crates, leaving the immortal generals from Heavenly Square City alone.

'They're keeping wealth rather than people. How ironical it is!'

Zhang Tie sighed as he shook his head inside.

After hearing the complete talk between Huang Baimei and that person, Zhang Tie faintly felt that Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace might face more serious problems than he could imagine. However, it had nothing to do with Zhang Tie for the time being. Therefore, Zhang Tie didn't care about it...


Outside the entrance of the airport, a deacon of Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace was waiting for them with a vehicle. Watching them coming out, he respectfully invited them to get on the vehicle.

The vehicle was driven by the commonest animal in Motian Realm——flying lizard.

After realizing that they would take the same vehicle; instead of riding a flying lizard respectfully, they were all amazed except for Zhang Tie. However, watching Head Huang getting on the vehicle ahead of them, all the others just exchanged a glance with each other before getting on the vehicle with Huang Baimei. 

Being clean inside, it contained four rows of seats, each row for three people. However, it was far less than being luxurious. It was a popular traffic tool for the public, which was just a bit better than vehicles driven by ordinary lizards. Rich and privileged ones would ride flying lizards independently.

After getting on the vehicle, Zhang Tie found a seat casually. Ji Yuelan and Jiang Ruoxin were both next to Zhang Tie while Jiang Ruoxin neighbored the aisle. 

Liu brothers were behind Zhang Tie.

"That's too mean. Couldn't Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace prepare a flying lizard for each of us? We two brothers have not taken a vehicle for long!" Liu Yong couldn't stand complaining about it to Zhang Tie using his battle qi the moment he sat down. 

As Huang Baimei was also sitting in front of them, Liu brothers dared not complain it to Huang Baimei.

"Haha, it's fine. Better than having no vehicle. I'm afraid that the immortal palace wants to take us all to the residential area in case we get lost. You're a man, don't be so narrow-minded!" Zhang Tie replied.

Liu Yong then became silent. Among so many people in the immortal palace, Liu brothers admired Zhang Tie the most. Although Zhang Tie had not lost temper at them, the two brothers would always take his order. 

"Head, could we go now?" the deacon turned around as he asked Huang Baimei through a little window.

"Yes, please..." Huang Baimei nodded.

"Hmm, watch out, we're setting off..."

With a sharp whipping sound, the vehicle started to move at a medium speed...

Zhang Tie then enjoyed the streetscape of the Dragon Emperor City through the window.

"What did you say to Liu brothers!" Ji Yuelan asked Zhang Tie.

"They were complaining that the immortal palace is mean!" Zhang Tie replied with a smile.

"I notice it too. Do you feel that Head doesn't look good..."

"Hmm, I'm afraid that Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace doesn't live well recently. But it's none of our business for the time being. Just take care of ourselves..."

"Haven't you seen that? All the 100-odd crates of treasures that we confiscated from Zi Clan Castle might have been taken away..." Ji Yuelan asked out of fury, "It's you who swept over Zi Clan. The others don't know about it; however, Head should know about it. According to your meritorious deed, you should at least share 20% of the booties. How could they directly take away all the booties without your consent? Even Head doesn't mention about it!" 

"Haha, it's a little treasure. As immortal generals, we don't need such treasures!" Zhang Tie replied in a perfunctory manner. 

The red and blue devils must have done a lot of evil things in Motian Realm these years as the number of treasures in their space-teleportation finger rings shocked Zhang Tie too much. By contrast, Zi Clan Castle's accumulation of wealth was just an odd of that in the space-teleportation finger rings of red and blue devils. Of course, Zhang Tie didn't care about such a bit of loss. 

"Humph, you're so generous. But even immortal generals couldn't just live on element crystals..." Ji Yuelan continued to complain about it...

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