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The unlocking sound of the door aroused Zhang Tie's attention as he instantly let go of the two bizarre energies that he had tried to gather for many times.

After that, Zhang Tie opened his eyes as he saw the two immortal generals of the Supervision Department who brought him here three days ago. 

"Zhang Tie, you could leave now!" one of the two immortal generals said politely with a smile. Both of them looked peaceful.

During the past three days, although Zhang Tie was in the cell, he was crystal clear about what had happened in Dragon Emperor City. During this short period of time, Zhang Tie would travel across those top boites in Dragon Emperor City at supper time spiritually and listen to what immortal generals were talking about at the table. 

Zhang Tie used "spiritual travel" to describe his special ability——travel across the neighborhood using his spiritual energy and observe everything silently. Being very vivid, this name became a new trump card of Zhang Tie.

Ruan Shaopeng the disciple of Elder Shi was denounced by Elder Shi in front of the others in Immortal Generals Department and was forced to enter secluded cultivation for reflection for one year.

As the culprit of this event, before fully recovering his wounds, Zhou Baifei had been allocated to a humble job outside Dragon Emperor City, staff in a small place called Baian City in the west of Dragon Emperor Big Domain. Therefore, Zhou Baifei's future in Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace was almost ruined.

In this event, the greatest beneficiary became Zhang Tie. Zhou Baifei might never imagine about this result. 

These days, Zhang Tie's name had been spread across Dragon Emperor City along with the news that a new immortal general of Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace slapped a disciple of one of the five elders of Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace and made him pass out in the street. Even commoners in Dragon Emperor City knew that. Therefore, Zhang Tie had become the most famous one among the new immortal generals of Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace.

In this event, Zhang Tie's image in the eyes of the public was not bad. He was domineering and flamboyant with integrity. Many immortal generals were speaking highly of him in boites.

The others were not influenced too much in this event.

Zhang Tie knew that Lu Tianqiang and Xun Zizhou were received by Elder Shi in the Immortal Generals Department. Elder Shi asked them some questions about Zhang Tie and they replied honestly. After they left, the Immortal Generals Department adopted them by delivering transfer orders to them. Lu Tianqiang and Xun Zizhou were neither put in important positions nor neglected. Actually, their jobs were better than Zhou Baifei. After being trained in Dragon Emperor City for a period of time, they would be dispatched to their positions outside the city. 


After being told that he could leave here now, Zhang Tie got off the bed calmly. After flicking his clothes, he nodded at the two immortal generals of the Supervision Department, saying, "Thank you..." After that, Zhang Tie walked out of the cell calmly.

The other 5 immortal generals who were "invited" in together with Zhang Tie on his sides were goggling at Zhang Tie as they had not imagined that Zhang Tie could leave here earlier than them.

"Ah, why did he leave here? It was he who started the brawl that day..." an immortal general in the cell complained loudly.

"Shut up. You are really shameless! Don't you know how big trouble has been made because of your battle qi smokes? If not out of the respect of Elder Shi, you should have been fiercely beaten..." The immortal general who smiled at Zhang Tie just now instantly turned solemn as he started to denounce them. As a result, all the 5 immortal generals became silent. 

"See you..." Zhang Tie smiled at the 5 immortal generals as he walked out of the prison under their gaze. 


The immortal generals led Zhang Tie to a parlor above ground, Zhang Tie met Guo Zhengxian the president of the Supervision Department of Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace. 

"President Guo..." Zhang Tie immediately greeted him after taking a look at the dragons in two golden threads on his sleeves as the two immortal generals of the Supervision Department had long told him about this person's identity.

He was slightly fat at his 50's and looked kind. Given his look, perhaps very few people could imagine that he was an influential figure in the Supervision Department, a wind immortal general who was pretty favored by Elder Xia. 

At the sight of Zhang Tie, Guo Zhengxian was also startled by him. Of course, he didn't know this immortal general was only at his 17's. Perhaps Zhang Tie had practiced some secret methods or taken some rare tonics. However, the young vigor in Zhang Tie's eyes meant that Zhang Tie was absolutely not old. 

"Not bad, not bad, Elder Xia is really right about you!" President Guo praised as he nodded. Closely after that, he invited Zhang Tie to take a seat as he put it straightforwardly, "Although you started the brawl, it's the opponents who offended you verbally first. Therefore, we only put you in prison for three days in the crime of street brawl. It's over now..."


"Before resigning, Huang Baimei had already recommended you to Elder Xia. Your deed was righteous and resolute. You don't fear powers. Elder Xia admires you very much. I'm here to ask you on behalf of Elder Xia whether you would like to join the Supervision Department?"

Everything was within Zhang Tie's anticipation. Therefore Zhang Tie nodded, saying, "Thanks for the recommendation of Head Huang and the favor of Elder Xia, I'd like to join the Supervision Department and work for Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace!"

"Good!" President Guo revealed a faint smile, adding, "If you join the Supervision Department now, your level and monthly compensation would remain unchanged. How about you're appointed as the director of Dragon Emperor Pavilion?"

"I wonder about the responsibility of this position?" Zhang Tie asked. To be honest, he really didn't know what was this title; but it sounded something. 

With a pretty solemn look, Guo Zhengxian said, "Dragon Emperor Pavilion was the residence of His Majesty in Dragon Emperor City. As His Majesty has disappeared for so many years, many items that His Majesty had used should be guarded. It's the responsibility of the Supervision Department. The position of director of Dragon Emperor Pavilion is of great significance. It attracts the attention of everyone across Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace. The director couldn't make a single mistake. Therefore, Elder Xia selects you to do it!"

'F*ck, isn't it just a concierge? Additionally, it might be a relics center, f*ck...'

Zhang Tie swore inside. If he was a common immortal general, he might have long changed his face and turned on his heel. Whereas, Zhang Tie didn't care about it at all. No matter what, he didn't join Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace for wealth or higher ranks; instead, he had greater pursuit. After figuring out the opposite's meaning, Zhang Tie became composed at a stroke.

However, he should at least "think" about for a short while; otherwise, why would an immortal general who didn't pose any requirement on official ranks and compensation join Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace? It would be too suspicious. As the old saying went, if it was abnormal, something must be "weird". 

Zhang Tie didn't want to be "weird" in the eyes of the elders of Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace.

It was time to test Zhang Tie's "disguising" talent again.

Although being composed inside, Zhang Tie changed his face all of a sudden as if he wanted to spring up and turn on his heel. Although he didn't leave the room, he looked to be struggling and contradicting. After being silent for a few seconds, Zhang Tie nodded, "Well, please tell Elder Xia that I would like to be the director of Dragon Emperor Pavilion!"

When Guo Zhengxian saw Zhang Tie nod, he finally revealed a faint smile, saying, "Spare the rod and spoil the child. This position is not for a lifetime. You would know it later on. Elder Xia is testing you..."

Zhang Tie finally "relieved" his look as he nodded firmly, saying, "I see!"

"Here's the transfer order and letter of appointment from the Supervision Department!" Guo Zhengxian said as he took out a 30-cm long scroll and a jade plate. He directly handed them to Zhang Tie, saying, "You could prepare to take the office in Dragon Emperor Pavilion the day after tomorrow!"

"Fine!" Zhang Tie replied as he received the scroll and the jade plate.

The jade plate of deputy branch head had been taken away since Zhang Tie came to Dragon Emperor City. Now, this jade plate became his new identity, through which people could contact him. 


After a few minutes, Zhang Tie calmly walked out of the prison of the Supervision Department in the eastern district of Dragon Emperor City.

It was already dark outside just as same as when he was taken in three days ago. It was really a 3-day custody. 

"Ah, he's out..."

The moment Zhang Tie was set free, he had heard an exclamation as Liu brothers, Jiang Ruoxin and Ji Yuelan appeared in front of him at once. 

"What did I say? A boss is a boss! Soon after we left you that day, boss, your fame had been spread across Dragon Emperor City. You've become the No. 1 person among new immortal generals in Dragon Emperor City. We've heard about what you did that day. That's really cool! Much cooler than me..." Liu Meng thumbed up as he watched Zhang Tie with admiration.

To tell the truth, Zhang Tie's battle strength was absolutely among the best ones in Motian Realm. It was too normal for him to be outstanding. Zhang Tie did the same in both Heavenly Square City and Dragon Emperor City. No matter how low-key he tried to be, as long as he encountered something that he disliked, Zhang Tie would immediately become the most eye-catching one. 

"I thought you would be severely punished inside. But you look nice!" Ji Yuelan looked at Zhang Tie from his head to his toe with her beautiful eyes as she said, pouting her mouth. 

Zhang Tie didn't say anything. He just displayed the new jade plate in front of the four. The two words Supervision Department made all the others widely open their eyes.

"F*ck, boss, you've already joined the Supervision Department? That's too fast..."

"Alright. I'm wondering why you're set free so fast. It turns out you've already become a member of them..."

"I've just joined it!" Zhang Tie said as he looked at the sky. After putting away his jade plate, he touched his belly, saying, "I've not eaten any food for three days. Come on, you choose a place and be my guests..."

"Oh, what's your position in the Supervision Department?" Jiang Ruoxin asked out of curiosity.

"Director of Dragon Emperor Pavilion..."

Soon after they heard his words, Liu brothers, Jiang Ruoxin and Ji Yuelan had changed their faces. Liu brothers were apparently amazed while Jiang Ruoxin and Ji Yuelan became a bit stagnated before being surprised...

If not the exceptional discernment of Zhang Tie's disguising talent, he would not have discovered the trivial changes on the faces of Jiang Ruoxin and Ji Yuelan. 

'The term Dragon Emperor Pavilion might be special for Jiang Ruoxin and Ji Yuelan; otherwise, the two people would not look so strange.' Zhang Tie thought as he became curious about the purpose of Jiang Ruoxin and Ji Yuelan for joining Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace for the first time...

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