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Being the director of Dragon Emperor Pavilion was an easy job. He had nothing to do in the daytime and it depended on himself whether he was free in the evening. 

Before he took the office, this position had been vacant for many years. Over these years, there was no director in Dragon Emperor Pavilion; however, everything ran normally as usual. After Zhang Tie took the office, at his order, everything remained unchanged.

On this occasion, Dragon Emperor Pavilion was like a teahouse for Zhang Tie. He could come here whenever he wanted. It was fine if he didn't come here in business time. Because Dragon Emperor Pavilion was defended by immortal generals and a lot of guards under the gaze of so many people in Dragon Emperor City, nobody dared offend the "spiritual sacred" of Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace. Therefore, it was absolutely a title that was suitable to live out one's life in retirement and cultivation.

Everybody knew the title director of Dragon Emperor Pavilion. In others' opinion, Zhang Tie wouldn't give vent to anybody here.

Previously, nobody dared find trouble here. After Zhang Tie who beat disciples of an elder of Supervision Department fiercely and "furiously" took the office, those immortal generals preferred to detour around Dragon Emperor Pavilion in fear of stirring up Zhang Tie when they encountered him here. As a result, the Dragon Emperor Pavilion became more tranquil.

The small building in Dragon Emperor Pavilion was the "luxurious dormitory" of this new immortal general of Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace in Dragon Emperor City. However, Zhang Tie didn't live in Dragon Emperor Pavilion, but in Apricot Blossom Village. 

Since he registered in Dragon Emperor Pavilion, Zhang Tie would go to Dragon Emperor Pavilion from Apricot Blossom Village for work by flying lizard leisurely every day as long as it was a sunny day. When the weather was bad, Zhang Tie would not go there while nobody would criticize him. 

Even though Zhang Tie was in Dragon Emperor Pavilion, he would not care about the jobs of his subordinates. Everything about Dragon Emperor Pavilion remained unchanged. Xu Gang the garrison general of Dragon Emperor Pavilion was responsible for external affairs while Hong Yukun the internal guards head was responsible for internal affairs. Therefore, Zhang Tie didn't need to worry about anything.

Since Zhang Tie took the office, he would have some tea in his small building and chat with Hong Yunkun and Xu Gang. After listening to the anecdotes and gossips about Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace and Motian Realm from them, Zhang Tie would let them go. After that, he would lie beside the window and have a sound nap. After waking up, he would return to Apricot Blossom Village by flying lizard leisurely. 

After a few days, everyone in Dragon Emperor Pavilion had already figured out Zhang Tie's temperament. They all became relaxed then. However, those beautiful maids who had expectations about the new director were pretty disappointed as they started to look at Zhang Tie gloomily.

Hong Yukun was an immortal general, also an old scholar. Although being average in cultivation, he liked books and studying the lifetime experiences of legendary figures in Motian Realm. Therefore, he was transferred to the Dragon Emperor Pavilion as an internal guards head. He was more like Zhang Tie's adviser. He could almost provide some hints to all of Zhang Tie's questions.

Although being a military officer, Xu Gang was pretty smart. He had a lot of pals in Dragon Emperor City. He would always know everything that happened in Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace and Dragon Emperor Big Domain firstly.

After having a short talk with them every day, Zhang Tie would make a great achievement. 

As Zhang Tie was curious about the background of Jiang Ruoxin and Ji Yuelan, only after asking Hong Yukun which party had vendetta with Force Emperor Immortal Palace, Zhang Tie had gained half an hour's contents, during which process, the background of Jiang Ruoxin and Ji Yuelan was not a secret for Zhang Tie anymore. 

By far, there was only one sect being chased by Force Emperor Immortal Palace for many years in Motian Realm——yin and yang sect.

In Motian Realm, yin and yang sect didn't enjoy a good reputation. This sect focused on dual cultivation between male and female. Speaking of dual cultivation, commoners would imagine the dirty things between male and female at once; plus some unworthy disciples of a sect killed some people outside the sect. Although being a sect of humans, yin and yang sect was already listed as a heresy of humans, which couldn't see the light.

The vendetta between yin and yang sect and Force Emperor Immortal Palace started from the death of a disciple of Force Emperor by an elder of yin and yang sect. As for the details, Hong Yukun didn't know it either. No matter what, he knew that Force Emperor was driven mad after being told that his disciple was killed. He immediately swept over the yang branch of yin and yang sect, including all the elders and disciples. After that, Force Emperor Immortal Palace issued a wanted circular with a reward. As long as someone could kill one disciple or immortal general of yin and yang sect, he would get hundreds or tens of thousands of element crystals. 

After being damaged by Force Emperor and wanted by Force Emperor Immortal Palace, yin and yang sect gradually declined. As a result, the former yin and yang sect almost became yin sect alone. Over hundreds of years, male disciples of yin and yang sect had almost disappeared while the last time female disciples of yin and yang sect were found was over 200 years ago. Closely after that, they disappeared. As of now, many people even thought that yin and yang sect had already perished.

As for the relationship between Dragon Emperor and yin and yang sect, Hong Yukun didn't know it either.

Zhang Tie guessed that Dragon Emperor might have not mentioned it to anyone else besides those inside yin and yang sect. Therefore, even people of Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace didn't know that Dragon Emperor had defeated a forebear of yin and yang sect and taken something away from it. However, before he returned it to them, Dragon Emperor had already "disappeared"...

After knowing the background of Jiang Ruoxin and Ji Yuelan, Zhang Tie didn't have any negative opinion about Jiang Ruoxin and Ji Yuelan; because he knew that many gossips were unreliable. Take his master Zhao Yuan as an instance, according to the gossips, Alchemist Devil Zhao Yuan was a brutal devil; however, Zhang Tie knew that Zhao Yuan was actually a lonely and miserable old man.

'Dual cultivation, so what? It had nothing to do with you. As for assholes, each major sect had some.' Even Heavenly Fortune Sect which was known as being most strict and moral in enrolling disciples dared not say that there were no scumbags in it. As long as there were many people, some things couldn't be avoided at all...

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