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"This is..." Zhang Tie stopped at once as he goggled at the brilliant bizarre fruit on the small tree full of excitement.

Being similar to the redemption fruit from the gratitude of golden uangs, this fruit was giving out a special colorful light, which, from afar, looked...looked...looked like a colorful bulb that kept changing their colors before the Catastrophe. 

Despite being similar in look, they were different in fact. This fruit reminded Zhang Tie of those fruits which granted him preliminary and medium-sized recovery bodies and waterproof bodies.

The fruit that granted him the preliminary recovery body was similar to the other fruits of redemption from the gratitude of earthworms. They were just different in colors. 

The fruit that granted him the preliminary water-proof body was similar to the other fruits of redemption from the gratitude of sandscale fish. They were just different in colors.

Therefore, only after a sudden shock, Zhang Tie had understood the significance of the new fruit.

It's the final achievement through setting free golden uangs.

Zhang Tie instantly rushed to the small tree from the entrance of the palace tree. Closely after that, he started to check the attributes of the bizarre fruit out of compulsive excitement.

——Fruit of redemption——strength of golden uangs. It has become ripe. Usage: Pick and directly eat it. Notice: The fruit cannot be taken out of the Castle of Black Iron. After twelve hours of having been picked off the tree, its energy and vitality will gradually decline.

——After taking this fruit, Castle Lord could increase your overall strength by 71.5 kg. 

——Golden uangs could at most lift an object 1,800 times heavier than that of itself. Therefore, the small tree could at most produce 1,800 fruits of redemption. Each fruit could activate 1/1,800 of the gene segment in your body which carries the same strength as that of a golden uang. 

——The current quantity of this kind of fruit——1,800/1,800.

——This is the last fruit of redemption from the gratitude of golden uangs. After taking it, the entire gene segment in your body that is related to strength would be completely activated.

——After that, Castle Lord, your body will promote to 1/2 immortal strength.

——Human body with 1/2 immortal strength are as follows:

1. The physical strength of Castle Lord would increase by 200%.

2. Besides that your muscles, bones and organs would be strengthened, your anti-striking capability could also be increased by 15%. Additionally, your digestive ability would rise by 10%. That means you could acquire energy from food faster.

3. When you're overdrawn or in some extremes, you could recover your physical strength 28% faster.

4. Your physical strength will keep increasing. At the same time, your overall body will be strengthened itself so as to adapt to the increasing strength. 

——1/2 immortal strength could further promote to the human body with complete immortal strength.

This fruit really brought Zhang Tie another surprise. As this fruit could almost double his current overall strength, Zhang Tie's strength would reach a terrifying level. 

Now, Zhang Tie's overall strength was already so large that he couldn't even find a proper weapon. What did it mean if his overall strength would increase by two more times?

The second and the third tip was pretty helpful and effective practically. 

The fourth tip counted most. After reading it twice, Zhang Tie finally confirmed that as long as his physical strength constantly increased, his body would adapt to this change itself. As for how, it had been interpreted in the second and third tips, namely, his organs, muscles and bones would be constantly strengthened as they would grow stronger. At the same time, his defensive capability, digestive ability and recovery ability would constantly enhance so as to adapt to the new strength.

The fourth tip strengthened Zhang Tie's understanding about the proverb "The greatest strength is close to the universal law". In another way, all the physical exercises attributed to the growth of physical strength, which would bring a holistic growth to ones' battle strength. 

The only part that Zhang Tie didn't understand was 1/2 immortal strength. 'This expression is a bit different than the preliminary recovery body that I've achieved. Shouldn't it be preliminary immortal strength?'

Zhang Tie finally couldn't stand to ask Heller.

"It's simple. As long as Castle Lord continues to set free earthworms, you would promote to medium-sized recovery body from preliminary recovery body. However, this fruit means that Castle Lord could not get any fruit or further improve your 1/2 immortal strength any more by setting free golden uangs. If you want to achieve the complete immortal strength, you should further activate the silent part of DNA concerning strength in your body..." Heller said calmly. 

After considering about it for a second, Zhang Tie's eyes shone as he asked, "It means that I have to set free another species whose strength could match that of golden uangs so as to promote to complete immortal strength?"


"What should I set free then?"

Heller answered with the same polite, modest and familiar smile which made Zhang Tie helpless, "Castle Lord, you should explore it yourself..."

After hearing Heller's words, Zhang Tie didn't ask him anymore. Watching those fruits hanging over the small tree, he immediately picked one fruit of redemption from gulf shrimp and started to take it.

After promoting to a heavenly knight, Zhang Tie found that he could digest fruits faster. Soon after engulfing a fruit of gulf shrimp, Zhang Tie had sensed the faint changes.

"Castle Lord, there're still two chakras of demon shadow knights in Castle of Black Iron. They still have complete battle strength. How do you want to deal with them?"

Heller asked Zhang Tie when the latter was chewing the fruit.

Star Emperor Immortal Palace sent him 6 demon shadow knights in the second round. One of them in 3 change realm was a supplementary gift. Zhang Tie had already promoted to a heavenly knight only after refining 4 water chakras.

"Throw them into the underground cells. Perhaps they might be useful in the future..." Zhang Tie said vaguely as his mouth was full of juice. At the same time, he reached the second fruit of redemption from the gratitude of gulf shrimp...

There were still over 10 fruits of redemption from the gratitude of golden uangs on the small tree. Of course, he would keep the fruit that could grant him the 1/2 immortal strength until the end. 


A few days later, on December 1st, Zhang Tie flashed back to the backroom under Jiaotai Palace from Castle of Black Iron. 

His substitute had already dissipated after staying there for a few days, leaving a pile of folded clothes in the wardrobe of the backroom. Over these days, if someone broke in the backroom, they would only think that Zhang Tie had long left the backroom through secret tunnels; instead of discovering anything special in the backroom. 

After taking a look in the backroom, Zhang Tie nodded as he prepared to sit on the platform and continued his cultivation over there. Unimaginably, the moment his hand touched the platform, the stony platform had been shattered into pieces. Zhang Tie watched his hand, then the platform. Finally, he shook his head helplessly as he murmured, "It seems that I have to adapt to this new strength for a period of time. Sometimes, when someone has great strength, he would also be up the creek. In the final analysis, I'm too handsome. Hahaha..."

After flattering himself for a short while, Zhang Tie changed a place and sat down once again. Closely after that, he entered the trouble-reappearance situation of Xuanyuan Hill as a destroyer, 'I should learn to release such great strength when I want to restrain it.'

This was Zhang Tie's experience.

During the short period of time, the sudden appearance of the immortal secret method had aroused an uproar across Motian Realm...

As the one on the back of this event, Zhang Tie completely ignored people's response; instead, he just stayed somewhere to improve his overall strength rapidly. 

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