Celestial Overlord
132 Refuse to bow down
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Celestial Overlord
Author :Maou1226
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132 Refuse to bow down

"Did you take my words for a joke?" The Cold voice which could just freeze someone's body with fear filled the air. Old Su shook his head. As tears flowed.

Tian Lee turned towards the crowd standing beneath the stage. "Say! Did you all take my words for joke?!!". His voice was loud, filled with rage. " I gave you all, a second chance to live, to repent for your sins! To correct your path..... But....." The morning sky turned dark as if the heaven was angry. Lightning rumbled down, as the cold winds blew.

No one had the courage to look at Tian Lee. Especially the Nobles, almost all were shaking in fear. Cong, who was near could feel the pressure. His legs started to wiggle. An existence whose power was unimaginable was standing before him.

Not many had seen Tian Lee's normal appearance. But the form with the black mask was something they would never forget. The scene where the immortals were burned to ash flashed in front of their eyes.

Even in that atmosphere. Old Su tried his best to calm down Tian Lee. "Great one! My grandson won the crown with his own power" he knew only death awaits, but he had to tightly grab on any opportunity to escape.

Even though he was afraid, he did not want to die. "I have outlived for too many catastrophes just for this day! I can't die here! I definitely can't" he mumbled. The scarlet eyes which were looking at the crowd beneath the stage turned towards him.

The eyes caused Old Su to jerk in fear. "H-He w-won the competition, great one!" The words were not coming at. As he stood there dumbstruck. But Old Su could tell, that his words have only angered Tian Lee.

"So?" Tian Lee cold voice filled the air.

"Authority is not a weapon to oppress the weak, rather it is an responsibility..... But you have the nerve to, not only talk but justify your action" as he spoke. Tian Lee extended his hands. Cong who was shaking in fear suddenly felt a pulling force. The next moment his head was in the grip of Tian Lee.

The crowd beneath the stand could see Cong struggling in Tian's grip. There he was again saving them, what would we do if the great one was not here. We would have again fallen in the hands of the greedy people. The Demon race people had nothing but shame in their eyes. As they all bowed down their heads.

"How many days! Still how many more days... Do you all want to avert your gaze and bow down your head...."

"How many lives should die before you all realize... " a domineering voice covered the whole area. The bowed down heads of the people straightened up. As they saw Tian Lee standing on the stage with Cong in his grip.

"Tell me! " the voice continued. While the Demon race people felt burning anger in their heart. This was their place, where their loved ones live. This was their fight. The words made the nobles stumble as they looked at the angry mob in front of them.

"Tell me, what do you all wish to do with them!" Tian Lee spoke as his scarlet eyes glanced at the crowd. "They... They must not die a great one! They should suffer just like how we did, they should feel the pain of being at someone's disposal!" Someone in the crowd the shouted. "Yes! They must know our suffering.... Death is too merciful for them!" The people started shouting their thoughts out. The crowning ceremony turned into a public execution for all nobles.

Beneath the black mask, Tian Lee's lips formed a smile. "All your wish shall be granted!".


In a dark cave. A young girl struggled to get up as she looked at the unknown surrounding. Fear was evident in her eyes. " Where am I?" She mumbled.

But she immediately checked her surroundings. "They are not here!" She breathed in relief. "Where did I land?" She was uncertain as she stood up patting her dress. She took her hand phone as she flashed light. The place looked like a cave.

Beside her she could see ruins which were written in unknown language. "What are these?". Just then a tremor ran through out the place. As the cave started shaking.
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    《Celestial Overlord》