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Chameleon - My Real Face
Author :Piokilek
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56 Letter

"Dongmei, it's going to be alright. Don't worry." Wuxing threw the phone on the bed and assured Dongmei while hugging her tightly. He knew that after those two calls her emotions were definitely in disarray.

"Wuxing… What are we going to do now?" Dongmei asked worriedly, looking completely different than the usual confident Dongmei. She knew what her father could do if he wanted and that's what she was worried about.

"What do you mean by what are we going to do? It's alright, right? Your mother approves of our relationship." Wuxing pulled her away from him so he could look at her face as they talked. Her expression didn't look like someone who was calm.

"My mother does, but it's my father that has the physical power in the family… If he wants to kill you, he won't hesitate to do so…" Dongmei explained the reason for her worries but Wuxing only smiled as he kissed her lightly before caressing her cheeks.

"Why are you smiling? It's serious! My father doesn't like you already… Even if we run away, he will find us sooner or later. If he wants, he can also keep you in this prison forever and take me away by force. I don't want that…" Dongmei shook Wuxing's shoulders to wake him up, but Wuxing didn't stop smiling.

He simply planted another kiss on her lips and said, "You are really cute when you are worried about me like this, you know that?"

Dongmei immediately became suspicious when he completely ignored her worries once again but then she thought of something and asked while grabbing his chin, "You are not worried at all, so you must have a plan! Tell me now."

"Of course I have a plan. Do you think that I didn't know such a thing would happen?" Wuxing smiled playfully and lay down on the bed, relaxed, deciding to keep her a bit in the suspense before he would tell her.

"Wuxing!" Dongmei called out to him as she quickly sat down on his hips and pinned his arms to the bed, asking patiently right after, "What is it? Tell me already. Aren't you scared of my father?"

"He won't do anything to me. With the way he is behaving right now, I know that he loves you. It's just that you two have completely similar domineering personalities so you both argue a lot. He wouldn't do anything to me knowing that you care so much. I don't think he wants his daughter to hate him forever because he killed your boyfriend." Wuxing explained as he caught her hands and flipped her to the side, appearing on top of her.

Dongmei finally understood why Wuxing was so calm before but that still didn't fix the main issue. She looked at him, curious about his plan and asked, "But even if he won't hurt you, he still doesn't want us to be together. He will definitely do something to break our relationship."

Wuxing held Dongmei's hands and sat up, watching her naked body from up high before explaining further, "Oh, he definitely will. Your father will probably send someone over here to test me out first before trying to convince me to leave you. They will also try to threaten me by keeping me here. They might even try to beat me up so I listen to them."

Hearing his explanation, Dongmei's worry didn't lessen but instead, she got more worried. She asked with a confused gaze, knowing he will tell her eventually, "Then why are you not worried… Is that cause you know you won't give in to their blackmails?"

"Well, if I don't yield to your father, he will try until he completely destroys me and finally succeeds. I don't think he is the person who will stop what's on his mind just cause he lost the first few battles. His aim is on winning the war, which is getting rid of me. To make him leave me alone, the only solution is to surrender." Wuxing sighed, telling her the hard truth but after his last words, he could feel her body shudder, making him feel bad for keeping her in suspense for so long.

Seeing that her eyes started to water, Wuxing leaned over, trying to kiss her, but this time she dodged his lips by looking to the side and asked with hidden anger mixed with confusion, "Dummy… Are you planning to leave me…?"

"Of course I'm not going to leave you. Idiot, why would you even think about it?" Wuxing also pretended to be angry as he scolded her and forced a kiss on her lips this time while holding her face so she wouldn't be able to dodge it.

With how Wuxing was pulling on her already uneven emotions, Dongmei really wanted this kiss but even more, she wanted to finally know the truth. After only three deep kisses, she pulled him away and asked softly, "Tell me… What do you plan to do… If you keep me hanging like that, I might overthink once again…"

Everything he said was the truth, so she knew that he didn't plan on leaving her, giving her some source of reassurance. But if he didn't plan to leave, why would he surrender to her father.

Wuxing sighed, grazing with his fingers on her pretty body and continued explaining his plan, "You see… The situation came to this point where to keep you with me, there is no way I can keep my secret from you. I know that with my current identity, I won't be able to be with you as your father will definitely try to keep me away from you."

"What secret are you hiding…? I thought you told me everything…" Dongmei couldn't help but disturb him again.

Wuxing looked at her seriously and asked, "Dongmei, tell me, do you fully trust me? I have a plan in my mind, but it will only work if you trust me completely."

"Mhmm, I do. As long as we don't need to separate, I will trust you." Dongmei also turned serious and nodded, sitting up while keeping him closer on her thighs.

"Do you have a pen and a paper? I want to write something." Wuxing asked as he looked around the room to which Dongmei quickly rushed towards her drawer and pulled a notebook with a pen attached to it for him.

He pulled away from her for a moment and started writing on a clean page. When Dongmei tried to look at the content, Wuxing raised it so she wouldn't see and said, "Don't look yet." Dongmei could only sigh and sit patiently, waiting patiently for him to finish. He was writing quite a while so she lay down on his lap, relaxing comfortably. No matter what he thought of, she was fine with it as long as she could stay with him.

After Wuxing finished, he ripped the paper from the notebook and folded it in half before giving it to her, saying, "Alright, I finished. You said you will trust me, right? I want you to keep this letter safe without looking at the content for now."

Dongmei looked at the pink paper, having a huge desire to open it right now out of curiosity but stopped herself, complaining cutely, "Why are you playing games with me...? Can't you just tell me? What did you write there?"

"It's my secret. For my plan to work, I need your genuine reaction so that we can trick your father." Wuxing rubbed her shoulders, adding the mystery to the letter with his words.

Seeing that she needed more cuteness to convince him, Dongmei sat up, hugging into Wuxing's chest and asked while looking at him with a cute pout, "Wuxing~! Tell me!" After Dongmei spent some time with him, she learned what expressions worked on him and which didn't. He had a soft spot for her so she planned to use it.

"Hah, I planned to tell you anyway." Wuxing kissed her, pacifying her pout and added the last bits of crucial information, all in one breath, "I want to leave the prison on my own and change my identity so that your father thinks I'm dead before climbing the ranks of Seven Stars to prove that I am worthy of you."

Dongmei was definitely shocked by what he just said, but he continued explaining his thought process, "I know it sounds crazy but you have to trust me. Everything is written in the letter there. It will help you find me in the future. I want to start with a clean record and after I climb high enough, convince your father that I'm right for you. He won't be able to tell that I'm the very same Wuxing."

"So you plan to leave me now and want me to later find you in the Seven Stars Special Forces ranks? I don't like it…" Dongmei finally understood what he decided to do but she didn't like that plan at all. It would mean they had to separate for a while which was clearly something she didn't want.

Dongmei looked at him unhappily but he only smiled gently, explaining after calming her with a kiss, "It will be only for a few days… You can ask your father later to help you get into the Seven Stars camp to work as a doctor there. I don't think they would have any issues with that, knowing that you wouldn't come for me."

Seeing that Dongmei was still not fully convinced, Wuxing added while gently holding her face with both hands, "We will still spend the next few days together… If you have any other idea, I can change my mind, but I think this solution is the safest."

Dongmei didn't mind the idea but she thought that Wuxing didn't think it all through. She quickly asked multiple questions that bothered her, "How are you going to leave prison? Will you use my father's help? What if he won't help you and instead just takes me away from you by force? How are you going to change your identity? My father will definitely hire someone to supervise you all the time until he is sure you are not meddling in my affairs anymore…"

"I can't tell you now. I wrote it all down in the letter. After you read it, you will understand everything. After I'm gone, take it out and read it." Wuxing shook his head and pointed at the letter that was laying on the side on the bed.

"..." Dongmei glanced at the letter and suddenly pushed Wuxing away, diving towards it while calling out, "I will read it now!" Fortunately, Wuxing was prepared for that and caught her right before she reached it, hugging her tightly so she couldn't move.

"Let go of me~! I want to read it!" Dongmei struggled inside of his arms trying to reach the letter with her feet but Wuxing stopped her once again, wrapping her legs together with his.

"I thought you trust me? Were those just your empty words? Do you want me to spank you?" Wuxing hugged her into his chest together with his arms and gently slapped her butt to assert his dominance.

Dongmei finally stopped struggling and laid gently on top of him muttering quietly, "No, I trust you, but you made me curious. Do you want me to stay put and torture me for so long?"

"Yes. But I can fill that time for you with lots of love and pleasure so you will not have to think about that too often." Wuxing rubbed her back sensually while swarming her with kisses before adding, something that he didn't think he would say so soon, "Because of you, I'm thinking of making a family earlier than I planned. I'm serious, you know? Once you learn my secret, no matter if you want it or not, I will not let you go. Just trust me for now, okay?"

"Fine… We will see how good that love and pleasure is… If I don't like it, I will kick your butt…" Dongmei sighed, finally accepting his terms, making sure he will fulfil what he promised.
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