Chu Wang Fei
Chapter 88 part 2: That Evening
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Chu Wang Fei
Author :Ning er
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Chapter 88 part 2: That Evening

But before Yun Qian Meng could refute, a fancy expensive carriage rapidly advanced towards them.

The the carriage was several feet away from them before the coachman began pulling the reins to stop the carriage slowly.

A small yatou wearing decent clothes quickly came out of the carriage. She immediately brought out a footstool and carefully assisted the people inside as they came out of the carriage.

A delicate white hand slowly came out of the carriage, then five fingers were painted with a rosy purple and gold flowers that was particularly striking in the moonlight, with one look one could guess that the girl was from a wealthy family.

The gongzi who had yet to return to their fu immediately forgot that they had experienced a life and death tragedy after seeing the beautiful figure appear. They were suddenly very interested, so much so that despite their social backgrounds they obstructed the servants, one after another they shoved each other forward just to see the identity of the beautiful woman.

But Yun Qian Meng, Chu Fei Yang, and Jiang Mu Chen had long since guessed, just from the decorated carriage, the identity the lady.

The eyes of Yun Qian Meng were full of sarcasm staring intently at Hai Tian's carriage that was slowly leaving. Within her heart, she could not help but admire her spectacular entrance, only to be held hostage after. She did not expect that Hai Tian would have recovered so quickly. In the blink of an eye, she was already in front of Chu Fei Yang.

Since she stepped out of the carriage, Hai Tian's eyes that longed to conquer it's desire was staring intensely at Chu Fei Yang. Yun Qian Meng secretly frowned and immediately turned her eyes to Chu Fei Yang, only to find that he was watching her, so she quickly looked away to hide her embarrassment. A very light flush momentarily colored Yun Qian Meng's cheek, taking the opportunity to appreciate the gentle flow of the water, she turned her gaze to the lake, refusing to let Chu Fei Yang catch her eye or come face to face with her.

Hai Tian had clearly noticed those subtle interactions between Chu Fei Yang and Yun Qian Meng, and her pair of bright eyes flashed with angry intentions. Immediately regaining her dignified expression, with the help of the Yatou supporting her she went to go in front of Chu Fei Yang. With both hands on her waist side she presented Chu Fei Yang with the standard courtesies. Afterwhich, with a flowing voice she said, "Chennu thanks xiangye's kindness of saving me.”

But Chu Fei Yang at this time was preoccupied solely in in enjoying Yun Qian Meng's shyness, practically ignoring Hai Tian, and only carelessly answered, "Everything was entirely Chen wang's contributions, junzhu should be thanking wangye.”

With that, he had taken hold of Hai Tian and shoved her towards Jiang Mu Chen.

While at this moment, Jiang Mu Chen was still staring attentively at Yun Qian Meng, even though Chu Fei Yang's body was still obstructing most of the light. Sensing the change of atmosphere between the two, Jiang Mu Chen felt that the situation was far from good. The profound coldness in his eyes and the tightly-pursed lips showed that he did not appreciate Chu Fei Yang's words.

Hai Tian's presence had the ability to distract Chu Fei Yang's attention, and he definitely would not permit all of Chu Fei Yang's attentions to be on Yun Qian Meng's body.

"Yun xiaojie, what are you looking at? You've been unexpectedly lost in thought. Why not tell me what has distracted you so that I may also appreciate it." Seemingly having forgotten that they were in the middle of the woods and that the parties involved had had a disagreement, Hai Tian had weakly smiled. She moved a step forward to seamlessly approach Yun Qian Meng to “coincidentally” stand between Chu Fei Yang and Yun Qian Meng. Her fully decorated hair of pearl hairpins next to Yun Qian Meng simple yet elegant look were shoved into Chu Fei Yang's view. This made him subconsciously wrinkle his eyebrows and shoot a look at Hai Tian multiple times to stop her fidgeting.

"Junzhu must be joking. How can this scenery possibly compare to Hai wangfu? Hai wangfu's wonderful mountains with different stone inscriptions, painting of birds, flowers, fish, beasts all seem to be gifts that God bestowed, so how anything in the world can compare to it?" Yun Qian Meng was naturally aware of Hai Tian's actions, nevertheless in her heart she lightly smiled.

It looked like today, Hai Tian felt the need to squeeze herself fueled by the fact that she was saved by Chu Fei Yang.

But it had been nothing more than kindness as there was no way of knowing if Chu Fei Yang would promise her his life's devotion.

Yun Qian Meng's gaze went over Hai Tian to look at Chu Fei Yang, carefully watching his expressions. She found that Chu Fei Yang kept his fierce stare at herself, so at that moment, Yun Qian Meng returned the same stare to imply to Chu Fei Yang not to use her as a shield.

Getting Yun Qian Meng's hint, Chu Fei Yang smiled inwardly, but in accordance to her wishes, he reeled in his gaze. Those deep bottomless eyes gradually moved to look at the serene water surface, only to see a broken river lantern but he showed no signs of his state of mind fluctuating.

"Yun xiaojie just doesn't understand. The circumstances are not good, just to depend on the people who are in the same place to enjoy! " Hai Tian faintly started to talk, actually looking to steal a glance at the Chu Fei Yang just like that!

Seeing Chu Fei Yang admiring the surface of the river, Hai Tian's heart immediately felt very pleased. She approached closer to Yun Qian Meng a step, her red lips leaned in close to Yun Qian Meng snow white ear, employing a voice only Yun Qian Meng and Chu Fei Yang would be able to hear and laughingly said, "Yun xiaojie truly has good fortune to be able to accompany the stern Chen wang to admire the full moon. That which is the desire of a number of unmarried women of Western Chu, Yun Xiaojie has accomplished with no difficulty! ”

Yun Qian Meng was looking straight at the nightscape. Hai Tian deliberately putting her and Chen wang together as a couple was very childish. Even though she did not wish to talk to Hai Tian, the words were an attempt to undermine her reputation and integrity, so she needed to respond in kind. Raising her gleaming eyes and with a smile on her face, she said, "In chennu's eyes, junzhu is much more amazing. In order to show gratitude to your savior, regardless of your health, you very quickly rushed over to express your thanks. One might even be able to stage a play of how you gave your heart away! But chennu is very curious, if today, the one who saved junzhu was an old man or perhaps an ugly man of a poor house, would junzhu still act this way?”

With that, Yun Qian Meng's attentively watched for the expression Hai Tian would be unable to hide quickly enough.

Seeing that her beautiful face was completely pale, unfortunately she did not have time to change her reaction. For a moment, it was very awkward that it destroyed Hai Tian's beauty.

“It's just that chennu is very curious, regarding this kind of beauty, is xiangye not willing to accept it?" Yun Qian Meng continued asking Hai Tian but was now directing the attention to Chu Fei Yang.

After all, if not for him, Hai Tian would not have targeted her.

Speaking of femme fatales, Chu Fei Yang at this moment could also be awarded this title, as even her own family's' Yun Ruo Xue and Yun Yi Yi very much admired him and immediately wished they could marry into Chu xiangfu. It caused her no end of trouble.

How could Chu Fei Yang not think of Yun Qian Meng when she had flashed through his mind so many times. But hearing Yun Qian Meng ask such a question, and see Hai Tian stand between them made Chu Fei Yang's heart unhappy, so he coldly said, "Junzhu is a blue-blooded noble, while benxiang is only a military man, how could there be any way to gain status through me? Yun xiaojie is very much not seeking to make benxiang happy. In all actuality, today, benxiang did save Yun xiaojie. Does Yun xiaojie not have anything to say?”

This fox's tail was wagging! Instead of defending himself, Chu Fei Yang instead went for an attack with both eyes glistening to watch attentively at Yun Qian Meng.

Chu Fei Yang's rejection of Hai Tian caused embarrassment to bloom all across her face.

She had not anticipated that Chu Fei Yang went so far as to degrade his status to a military man in public only for the purpose to rejecting her.

And to add her hate, a matter regarding Yun Qian Meng that was of no relation to the conversation was brought. When she heard what Chu Fei Yang had asked, she gnashed her teeth so hard and hidden in her sleeves both of her hands were clenched tightly into fists.


The tiny sound could barely be heard, but the smile on Yun Qian Meng lips grew deeper. It seemed that Hai Tian junzhu was very annoyed to the point that she forcibly snapped a beautifully polished nail.

In her good mood, with generosity, Yun Qian Meng sincerely said to Chu Fei Yang, "Chennu thanks xiangye for the kindness of saving my life.”

After that, without waiting for a reply, she stood up to leave while perking her head up with a smile at Chu Fei Yang.

This rarely seen attitude gave Chu Fei Yang pause as he stared blankly after her, but he was not satisfied with Yun Qian Meng's manner of saying thank you so half-heartedly, so he slyly opened his mouth, "Granpa loves your cooking, Yun xiaojie. If you really wanted to repay your debt of gratitude, come to Chu wangfu to make a simple home-style meal when you have spare time. Won't Yun xiaojie accept this proposal?”

After hearing Chu Fei Yang's words, strained expressions appeared on the two people near him. For a while now, Hai Tian's eyes had been full of hatred. In order not to lose herself in front of Chu Fei Yang, she had no choice but to brace herself.

On the other side, Jiang Mu Chen's hands tightened around the reins until his knuckles were bone white. In his heart he was nervously staring at Yun Qian Meng, waiting for her to answer.

Yun Qian Meng was aware of Hai Tian's expression, but also felt very annoyed with Chu Fei Yang's request. Though Chu Fei Yang mentioned Chu wang's interest and he did not say Chu xiangfu, even if Yun Qian Meng went to Chu wangfu, would that not that not invite the same criticism to her going to Chen wangfu? With a hint of warning in her smile she said, "For wangye to be fond of chennu's skills is naturally an honor for chennu. In this very small matter, chennu will do exactly as you bid.”

As her voice dropped, Chen wang's body suddenly froze, and Hai Tian eyes frosted over.

Jiang Mu Chen looked at Yun Qian Meng as if very agreeably. Recalling how she had properly and politely declined his offer, he sneered, "Yun xiaojie is quite biased. You are willing to go to Chu wangfu, but not Chen wangfu.”

"Chen wang seems to be acting like a spoiled child, to even go as far as to say that Yun xiaojie is biased." Chu Fei Yang immediately tauted with a cold snort.

Jiang Mu Chen sat immediately sat straight up on his horse, eyes burning straight at Chu Fei Yang's back, wishing he could drill a hole in his body.

Hai Tian smiled mockingly and was quick to ridicule, "Yun xiaojie is girl from a wealthy family. It is crude to do to that kind of lowly work. How can a well-bred young lady from a prestigious family do that for no reason and stain her own reputation? What's more, this behavior of going to Chu wangfu is really inappropriate. Isn't staying in your chambers the proper conduct of a xiaojie?”

In actual fact, in her heart and mind she extremely hated Yun Xiaojie who was so blessed with good fortune that Chu Fei Yang unexpectedly allowed her to go to Chu wangfu.

Since Chu wangfei had died ten years ago, Chu wangfu had closed its doors and declined all visitors. They ordinarily did not receive any guests, but Yun Qian Meng could easily go, how would that not attract jealousy?

"Junzhu is correct, but Chu wangye has only married one Chu wangfei throughout his life. After she died ten years ago, he did not marry again so chennu naturally believes that wangye considers his moral values as precious, so I have no misgivings. Moreover, in the end, Qian Meng is not afraid of being judged. Actually, trying to hide it would make it more conspicuous. The more one tries to hide something, the more one will be unable to hide it, which is quite funny." From Hai Tian's words, one could see that Hai Tian yearned to go to Chu wangfu. Unfortunately, she as could not get close to Chu Fei Yang, what way was there for her to enter Chu wangfu that was more heavily guarded than the palace?

Before Hai Tian could get in another attack, horse hooves from afar came through, only to cause Chen wang's brow to tense and wrinkle up, while Chu Fei Yang, without restraint, silently laughed.

The horse came to a stop in front of their group. The person riding on horseback immediately jumped off from the horse and advanced towards Jiang Mu Chen before they respectfully got down on one knee. "This humble servant is here to see wangye.”

"What is it?" Jiang Mu Chen sounded very cold the look in his eyes were full of austerity but fear in his heart, having already guessed this man's purpose.

"Wangye, taifei had heard of Hai Tian junzhu's misfortune. It is already very late and Hai wangfu is very distant. Taifei invites junzhu to stay the night at Chen wangfu to rest." The man quickly explained his purpose and immediately stood up after. Searching for Hai Tian, he bent to bow, "This humble servant is here to see junzhu.”

Hai Tian eyes flashed a look of panic and immediately looked to Chu Fei Yang, but only to see him smiling. Her mood suddenly took a dive...


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