Chu Wang Fei
Chapter 105 Part 1: Yiniang is Having a Difficult Birth and Mama Reveals Herself
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Chu Wang Fei
Author :Ning er
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Chapter 105 Part 1: Yiniang is Having a Difficult Birth and Mama Reveals Herself

"Premature? Is she already giving birth?" Yun Qian Meng asked, putting down the bowl in her hands.

"Not yet, xiaojie! But a while ago, some yatou in Feng He Yuan angered Su yiniang, causing her pregnancy some complications and the place is now in chaos! Wang mama called all the midwives in Feng He Yuan to Su yiniang's room, and even ordered someone to go call the physician. It's a huge mess in Feng He Yuan now!" Mu Chun said everything that she was able to find out.

Yun Qian Meng smiled and asked, "Did Wang mama order someone to inform father? Is there any news from Bai Shun Tang?"

Yun Qian Meng supposed that the entire xiangfu was aware that Su Qing was about to give birth. There were a lot of people concerned about her birth—those yiniang who were still without child, and the old madam, who did not want Yun Xuan Zhi to have any male descendants. Compared to her, they were more desperately hoping that Su Qing would not give birth to this child.

Sadly, for the past half year, Su Qing had mostly stayed in her room and seldom left Feng He Yuan. She also had Feng He Yuan securely guarded, and there were no chances for anyone to try something on her.

The only chance they had left was today, when Su Qing was giving birth.

Technically, Wang mama could not refuse people who came to visit Su Qing. One needed only to say a few words that could anger Su Qing while she was giving birth, then both Su Qing and her child would be in danger.

"Xiangye has already left for the morning court and might not be able to come back in such a short time! Regarding Bai Shun Tang, they've already gone to Feng He Yuan as soon as they heard the news. Now, Wang mama not only needs to take care of Su yiniang, but also needs to attend to the old madam. Xiaojie, are we going there now?" Mu Chun asked, looking at the sky outside.

"You musn't. It's better to wait for xiangye to come back before going there, to avoid being blamed for anything that might happen." Xia mama answered from her corner with fist clenched. Her eyes bore deep hatred and her words were fuming with rage. She might be thinking of when Qu Ruo Li was giving birth and felt even more outraged.

Yun Qian Meng slightly nodded towards Mu Chun and comforted Xia mama, "Mama, let's act according to the situation later. But you shouldn't harm yourself; otherwise, I will not go to Feng He Yuan."

Yun Qian Meng's words were calmly spoken, which made Xia mama's eyes open wide. She looked at Yun Qian Meng unbelievably and could not help but wonder how xiaojie had guessed what she was thinking.

Truly, Xia mama already had the idea of risking herself along with Su Qing.

After all, even back then everyone had been aware of Yun Xuan Zhi's love for Su Qing. Xia mama was uncertain that everyone would will believe in her about the incident after Qu Ruo Li's delivery more than ten years ago.

Moreover, Su Qing had killed everyone who had any knowledge of it. Aside from her, everyone else who served Qu Ruo Li had been killed. She was afraid that they might not be able to accuse Su Qing with just herself. If Su Qing were to counter them, xiaojie could be caught in the crossfire. She would rather use her life to prove her statements. Even if xiangye would not believe her, he would surely doubt Su Qing because of it.

This was the plan Xia mama had long thought of. She had not expected Yun Qian Meng to guess it right away. Aside from being shocked, she was also gratified and felt that xiaojie was really clever and observant.

"Xiaojie, the most important thing right now is to take revenge for furen!" though, Xia mama was already very satisfied to have seen Yun Qian Meng grown up in her lifetime. The only thing that remained was to exact revenge for Qu Ruo Li. After accomplishing that, her task was done and she could die without any regrets.

Hearing her words and seeing her firm expression, Yun Qian Meng unconsciously frowned. Her smile faded and her eyes grew serious. She stared at Xia mama and said clearly yet slowly, "Compared to mother's blood debt, I am more concerned with the people around me now. Mother is already gone. This is a fact that can't be changed anymore. Even if we're going to get revenge, we shouldn't harm ourselves to accomplish it. Otherwise, what would be the purpose of the revenge? Moreover, back then, mother told mama to pretend to be crazy to escape from Su Qing because she wished that mama could live happily without getting involved in these complicated matters. Now, it's already the biggest blessing for Meng'er that mama is still willing to go back to xiangfu with Meng'er to testify against Su Qing. How could I let you risk your life for me?"

The sincere words that came from Yun Qian Meng's heart made Xia mama burst into tears. She was deeply moved by Yun Qian Meng and looked at her with trembling lips. She was at a loss and did not know what to reply to that.

Yun Qian Meng knew that although Xia mama had been persuaded, her loyalty to Qu Ruo Li was incomparable to anything else. It was impossible to change her decision with just a few words. Thus, Yun Qian Meng continued, "Mama, mother told you to stay alive, wishing that you could return to Meng'er someday and help Meng'er! If you followed your own way and used your life in exchange for father to only doubt Su Qing, Su Qing would only need to say some sweet words to father and all your efforts would be ruined. Compared to this kind of dumb idea, you should live your life and let Su Qing live in fear forever."

Recently, Su Qing kept having nightmares, possibly because of fear after knowing that Xia mama was still alive and had even entered xiangfu.

Compared to Xia mama's method to prove herself sincere with her life, this was a hundred times better. For an enemy that one could defeat without doing anything, why would one need to risk their life?

"Moreover, now that mama has revealed that you are in xiangfu, did you know that the people who wanted you to die the most are Su Qing and her family? If you died like this, they would even celebrate for eliminating an enemy without needing to take action. Does mama want to help them instead of us?" Yun Qian Meng finished speaking, but her serious face showed her heavy heart and complicated emotions.

Xia mama choked with sobs. The last few sentences had especially touched upon what Xia mama was most concerned about. Xia mama changed her mind and took the handkerchief Mi mama handed over. She wiped away the tears on her face and said firmly, "Xiaojie, nubi has learned a lot. From now on, there won't be such stupid ideas anymore! Xiaojie is right. Why do we need to do things that will make the enemy happy and the family and friends sad? Su Qing is doomed to destruction because of her evil doings. We don't need to do anything because she would surely be punished for her sins."

Seeing that Xia mama had thought things through, Yun Qian Meng regained her smile. She let Mi mama put away the breakfast and bring them some tea. She drank tea and chatted with Xia mama, as if nothing was happening, completely opposite from the chaos in Feng He Yuan right now.

"Faster! Faster! Bring the hot water inside, you idiots! You all seemed quite intelligent normally, why are you so lazy when it comes to this important day?! Why are you still standing here? Didn't you hear that yiniang is having a hard time?" Wang mama was busy doing everything on her own. Seeing a yatou who was bringing in a whole basin of hot water, she was so impatient that she pushed the yatou from behind, almost causing her to spill the whole basin of water.

The old madam, in the meanwhile, sat with Yun Yi Yi outside. Even though Wang mama was clearly so busy, she still had no plans of helping out and just sat on the chair with her eyes closed, resting. She felt that Su Qing's cries and screams were very amusing.

"Wang mama, where is sister? Why isn't she accompanying Su yiniang here?" Yun Yi Yi innocently asked Wang mama who was coming over with a roll of white cloth. She stayed beside Wang mama, not allowing her to move a step forward and kept staring with curious eyes at Wang mama, who now looked rather annoyed.

Wang mama glanced at the old madam and Yun Yi Yi. The two of them must have already known that furen was going into premature labor and thus had intentionally come over to laugh at them. Especially when Feng He Yuan was already in complete chaos, this Yun Yi Yi was such a nuisance. Despite knowing that she was already so busy, Yun Yi Yi still had the face to ask her such useless questions! This made Wang mama rather angry and her face suddenly turned gloomy as she said, "Fourth xiaojie! This is a woman giving birth! Second xiaojie is a xiaojie from a prestigious family. How could an unmarried lady come here to see this? Only someone as bold as fourth xiaojie would dare to do so, which is really impressive."

Yun Yi Yi originally wanted to bother Wang mama so that she could not attend to Su Qing, but she had not expected Wang mama to sneer at her instead. Her face turned red from anger and embarrassment. Coldness crept into her eyes as she retorted, "Wang mama, you shouldn't take your anger out on me even if you're worried that Su yiniang isn't able give birth! Today, I accompanied zumu to come visit Su yiniang. How could you treat your guest like that? Moreover, I am a lady from decent family, Su Qing is just a yiniang. It's a blessing for her to have me come here and visit her! When did a nucai like you have the right to tell me what to do? Be aware of your status."

Afterwards, Yun Yi Yi arrogantly went back to the old madam's side, while Wang mama was unable to say anything from her fury towards Yun Yi Yi. She could only despise the two of them in her mind: 'What decent lady? Just a daughter of the second master! Her name, Yun Yi Yi, isn't even included as an honorable xiaojie of xiangfu! Now, she even dares to call herself a xiaojie just because the old madam is here and furen is giving birth. Look at her attitude! People may even think that she was a wild yatou from the mountains.'

Yun Yi Yi's voice had been very loud and everyone could hear Su Qing's loud screams from her room. Yun Yi Yi's words might have already been heard by Su Qing, and must have screamed even louder in her anger.

Now, Yun Yi Yi was massaging the old madam's shoulders. Althoughthe old madam's eyes were closed, her lips showed a complacent smile.

"Wang mama, what are you doing? I told you to get the cloth! Why are you so slow? Don't you want your yiniang to be well?" Su furen, who had come from Su Qing's side, suddenly opened the curtain and angrily screamed at Wang mama with her face covered in sweat. Wang mama did not even have the time to bother with the two of them anymore and immediately ran into the room with the white cloth in hand.

But when the curtain was lifted then closed, the deep smell of blood immediately came out, makingthe old mada frown suddenly. It was too bloody here and since that might not be good for Yun Yi Yi, she said, "Yi Yi, you go back first. This place is not suitable for a lady like you."

But Yun Yi Yi had never seen a woman give birth. Especially since Su Qing was the one who was the cause of her father's weak body, how could she give up such good opportunity? She tried to convince the old madam with all she could and said, "What if they bullied zumu if I leave zumu alone? If Yi Yi is here, Yi Yi could still help zumu with your difficulties. Zumu, don't force Yi Yi to leave."

At her fawning words,the old madam's smile grew bigger. She patted Yun Yi Yi's hand and did not force her to leave anymore.

"Midwife, how's our furen?" Su Qing had already been in pain for more than two hours, but the head of the child had not come out yet, so Wang mama was very worried. She kept asking questions while following the three midwives.

This reaction was actually quite reasonable. Since this was already the second time Su Qing was giving birth, it should have been so much easier than her first. But looking at the situation now, she was only screaming in pain, but the child still was not coming out. Wang mama had a bad premonition at Su Qing suffering a lot of pain.

Su furen angrily glared at Wang mama then said, "This is how you take care of her? When I left yesterday, she was still pretty fine, how come she's giving birth prematurely? Do you know that premature children are always harder to raise? You wasted all my efforts in going back and forth every day! You all-"

Before Su furen had not even finished her words and she immediately felt cold rays aimed at her from behind. Su Qing's screams had also stopped.

Su furen slowly turned around and, as expected, saw Su Qing tightly biting her lips and glaring at her coldly. She could not help but tremble under the cold stare. Thus, she tried to smooth things out by currying favor, "What have I said! This child is already 9 months old. He surely is a plump and healthy little boy! Qing'er, just do your best in giving birth, there's no need to worry about anything."

Afterwards, Su furen did not dare to even took look at Su Qing again. She went behind the midwives and urged them to think of some other way to help the delivery.

Su Qing, in the meanwhile, let go of the cloth in her hand and reached towards Wang mama, beckoning her to come closer.

Wang mama immediately wrung out a warm cloth, and sat on the edge of the bed. She comforted Su Qing while wiping away her sweat, "The most important thing now for furen is to give birth to the child. It's not too late if furen recovered first before taking care of other matters. Don't be bothered by other people's words. This also won't be good for the child."

Su Qing nodded with great effort. She was surely suffering from severe pain. She was drained and did not even have the energy to speak.

But no matter how Wang mama comforted her, Su Qing knew that she would surely have a difficult birth this time; otherwise, why did the child's head not come out yet after so long?

Su Qing had already been shouting herself hoarse the whole morning. At lunch, Wang mama had someone bring noodles in, and made Su Qing eat almost half the bowl while pinching her philtrum, so she was able to recover some energy. But she was only had the strength to breath now. The hardships of giving birth had already taken all her energy. No matter how strong the child in her body was kicking, Su Qing still could not exert any force.

The three midwives were already drenched in sweat from their anxiety. They immediately told Wang mama to get some ginseng slices to make a ginseng tea then pinched Su Qing's nose to forcefully pour the tea into her mouth.

Strangely enough, after drinking the ginseng tea, Su Qing regained half her strength back. She held the cloth and started to give her best shot again.

The old madam and Yun Yi Yi, who were originally sitting outside, thought that it had already been so long but Su Qing still had yet to give birth, thus, happily left the Feng He Yuan for a while. They went back to Bai Shun Tang to have lunch and rest, then went back to Feng He Yuan energetically and continued to listen to Su Qing scream.

Wang mama had never seen people with such thick skin. She ordered a yatou to wait in the front yard and, once Yun Xuan Zhi came back, immediately bring him over.

After giving her orders, she went back to the room with a gloomy face.

Although Su Qing was giving birth, she was very aware of what was happening outside. Though Wang mama was always smiling in front of her, the anger in her face as she entered the room had been seen by Su Qing. Su Qing let Wang mama take the cloth from her mouth and said, "They're… here again?"

Since Su Qing had already guessed, Wang mama could only nod. She then comforted, "Furen doesn't need to be worried of those people. If furen gives birth to the legitimate son of xiangfu, there would be tons of chances to pick at their mistakes. Let them remain arrogant for a while. Nubi doesn't believe that that fourth xiaojie would stay beside the old madam her whole life, unless she doesn't intend to ever have a child."

Hearing Wang mama's words, Su Qing coldly smiled. But the severe pain from her stomach made her scream loudly again.


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